Radar Detectors

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to just get on your car and drive freely to places? Or if you have experienced that already, wouldn’t it be nice to have that same experience daily, even when you’re just hurrying to your office, going to places, or doing some quick errands in and out of the city?

Well if there’s one thing that we love here in Rated Radar Detector, it is driving with freedom. And we know for a fact that daily driving freedom and enjoyment isn’t impossible to attain. However, it doesn’t come for free, either.  It comes with a device—a radar detector. And such a device is something you would want to invest research, money, and time on, to ensure you get to fully enjoy driving without the strict limitations and constant traffic ticket threat. Other than radar detectors, there is an option to get a license plate cover – check our article.

So, along with our love for driving is our great interest in radar detectors and what they do to help improve every driving experience. We share our fascination with radar detectors through our comprehensive radar detector reviews, our list of the best ones and why, plus a lot of different articles about radar detectors and topics surrounding them. Everything we write about comes from our research and experience and often start from our inquiries about speeding tickets, dashcams, police radar and laser, best radar and laser jammers and radar detectors.

And if there is something we generally would like to suggest to all newbies, average users, and enthusiasts of radar detectors, here it is: ASK QUESTIONS. Be inquisitive, even just to yourself. There’s always a question to be asked about radar detectors, especially with the continuous development of technology added to these devices.

Here are some important questions we believe you should ask:

  1. Are radar detectors necessary?

If you’ll be spending money and effort in finding a radar detector to use, it is important to ask yourself (and maybe an expert too) if you would need radar detectors in your life. Some detectors could leave a hole in your pocket, so you should decide whether getting one will be worth it.

  1. Are radar detectors legal?

It’s important to ask this question because the legality of radar detectors varies per state or country. If you use a radar detector in a state where it is illegal, you will get a ticket and your device will be taken from you! In some states, you can own a radar detector, but there are limitations to its use. In other states, you can use it, but it cannot be mounted on the windshield. The best way to solve this issue is to research or talk to a police officer in your state and get all the information you need to know.

  1. How much does a radar detector cost?

The budget is probably the most important thing to consider when deciding what radar detector to buy. There is quite a wide range in prices for radar detectors. And usually, the more expensive a device is the better quality and features you can get. Simply said, if you buy an expensive radar detector, chances are high it will be a lot more effective than some cheap alternative. But note that there are cheap options that perform great as well.

  1. Which radar detectors in the market are best for me?

This one is self-explanatory. Of course, you have to know the best radar detectors out there and see if they would fit your needs and driving habits. Often, the top #1 radar detector varies per type of driver, but it’s good to know that you would be picking from the “bests.”

  1. What brands can I trust?

You don’t want to start your radar detector experience by buying a rip-off device from a brand that just made its first radar detector months ago. Your whole radar detector experience can even be ruined by picking a bad brand. Get to know the pioneers, well-known and most trusted brands in the radar detector community. There’s Beltronics known for undetectable devices, Escort for cutting-edge technology, Uniden for great range, and many others like Cobra, Whistler, Radenso, Stinger VIP and Valentine One. All these brands can give great features and advantages, you just have to determine which one would be the best for you.

  1. Which detector warnings are important?

Ideally, most of the warnings from a detector are important. However, false alerts can never be fully gone in every radar detector. Radars that are similar to the signal (radio waves) emitted by radar guns (e.g., automatic doors) can be detected as a threat, and while many modern detectors can distinguish this, you have to pay attention and scrutinize the alerts. If this happens a lot, in the same place, you can treat this as a false alert and simply do not pay attention to the alert signal. On the other side, if you hear alert for the first time in some place, hit the brakes.

By asking these basic questions, we’re sure you’ll be able to get to know radar detectors better and see if they would fit you and your driving style. More importantly, we hope to see you using these questions to expand your knowledge about the device and be full-protected from any police radar threat.

Join in on our fascination with radar detectors and the never-ending quest for the best radar detectors of today. We also test and review police scanners as they are popular almost as radar detectors. We’re sure you’ll have a helpful info discovery and interesting learning moments right here, at Rated Radar Detector.