Radenso Radar Detectors


If there’s something that Radenso is good at, it is to manufacture devices that help motorists and drivers concentrate and enjoy driving without worries. The main goal: provide the best ticket prevention technology.

Radenso entered the American market from Europe’s Genevo, founding the noLimits Enterprises’ in 2012. Since then, the brand specialized in the manufacture of all-around radar detectors that would let the user dodge any police threat along the way.

So what aspects of a highly sought for detector can a Radenso radar detector can offer?

On incredible performance, Radenso offers Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) systems that alerts the driver when a lane-change maneuver through radar detection. By only tweaking some settings, maximum performance can be achieved through the different modes in the radar sensitivity. Speed cameras and red light are easily detected through GPS.

On false alert filtering, the GPS feature on Radenso radar detectors can determine a real threat from an automatic door openers. And once detected, it will remain quiet for the next time you will encounter the same radar signal.

On construction and convenience, different features like great mounting system, alert mute button, smartcord, Radenso clip and others. These make the experience of using a Radenso detector hassle-free.

In many ways, Radenso impresses like a real winner in the radar detector industry. They have different radar detectors based on the main goal of the driver who will use it. There’s Radenso Pro M that will give the best false-alert filter feature, while Radenso SP is a great option for a more modest budget. And if you’re looking for a very capable all-around radar detector, you can have Radenso XP for all the good features.

There are definitely many things Radenso can offer and the reliability of their detectors have been tested by many fans and users. But above all these, the company gives the Radar Ticket Free Guarantee to back up any driver, which shows Radenso’s confidence in its company and its devices.

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