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5 Best Escort Radar Detectors

No one likes speeding tickets. The hefty fines you have to pay plus the points on your driver’s license costs money and causes hassle. While you should not go over the speed limit wherever you’re driving, there are times when you need to go somewhere fast. Obviously, you don’t want to see red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Thankfully, there are radar detectors that will alert you if there are any police scanning the area so you’d have time to slow down and keep your speed in check.

When it comes to radar detectors, Escort has always been a favorite brand of many because they are easy to use and equipped with highly convenient features. You need not worry if you’ve never used a radar detector before since they’re beginner-friendly. Escort offers a complete array of radar detectors, from entry-level to high-end. So whether you want a basic functional unit or a premium bells-and-whistles radar detector, you can never go wrong with Escort.

This buying guide puts together different radar detectors from Escort that is sure to satisfy different types of users. In search of the most reliable Escort radar detector, we highlighted each device’s primary features and outlined their pros and cons as well. 

Top 5 Escort Radar Detectors – Reviews & Comparison

1 – Escort Max 360c – Best Overall

Radar detectors work to save you from speeding tickets, so it makes sense to buy one that’s already high in quality. After all, they kinda pay for themselves by helping you avoid expensive fines. So if you’re willing to invest in a great detector, the Escort Max 360c is the one to get.

Brimming with convenient functions, the Max 360c boasts a robust feature set that even the most meticulous drivers will love. Long-range performance is a given with a detector in this price range, so that’s a no-brainer for the 360c. What sets it apart from its competitors is the best-in-class false alert filtering. It accurately detects stationary false alerts that may come from various sources like speed signs, automatic door openers, and even those orange digital construction signs. If you’re not new to using a radar detector, you’d know those false threats are very annoying.

The AutoLearn Technology on the Max 360c automatically locks out stationary false alerts that can you frequently encounter. So if you pass by a certain place on your everyday commute that gives off erroneous alarms, this radar detector recognizes that signal and filters it out. Other radar detectors need you to manually press a lockout button to shut off incorrect alerts, but the Max 360c does it automatically. Pretty convenient, huh?

Directional arrows on the screen also help determine where a threat is coming from. That way, you’ll know whether you’re approaching or have already passed a police officer. Knowing where the speed gun signal is originating from is useful for both experienced and inexperienced users.

In addition to radar detection, there are also built-in alerts that notify you of red light and speed cameras ahead.

But what really makes the 360c shine is its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions. That’s actually the reason why it’s called Max 360c, as “c” stands for “connected”. Cloud integration is one of the great things about this radar detector because it can update its firmware and red light/speed camera database all on its own through Wi-Fi. No more unplugging your detector and connecting it to your computer just for updates. And with the Bluetooth function, you can connect the 360c to your phone and access the Escort Live app. This allows you to get real-time updates and warnings from other Escort users about incidents on the road, introducing you to a community of drivers with the same goal of avoiding speed tickets. If you have Wi-Fi installed in your car, it would be even better since you don’t need your phone to connect to Escort Live. The 360c will do that on its own.

Overall, the Escort Max 360c is an extremely reliable and durable radar detector that’s worth every penny. It’s priced at $579.95 as of writing. 


  • Long-range
  • Accurate false filters
  • Automatic GPS lockouts and updates
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


  • Expensive

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2 – Escort iXc – Best Value

If the features of the Escort Max360c got you excited but you don’t want to speed too much on an Escort radar detector, then the Escort iXc is perfect for you.

The iXc is actually an improved version of the Escort iX. Unfortunately, the company announced late last year that the Escort iX was being discontinued in light of the introduction of the iXc. Better sensitivity and refined accuracy are the primary enhancements of the iXc, thanks to the new M4+ platforms that make it 3-4dB more sensitive than its predecessor. Nevertheless, it’s not as good as the devices in the higher spectrum of Escort radar detectors — just something to keep in mind.

The Escort iXc can detect X, K, and Super Ka bands faster, giving you more time to go below the speed limit. It can also detect POP radar guns, which release extremely short bursts of radar. POP radar is designed to effectively catch overspeeding individuals by using these short bursts so it will be too late for drivers to slow down by the time their radar detector sounds an alert. The iXc goes around that so you’re fully protected on the road.

Escort’s patented AutoLearn tech is also in the iXc, so false threats are automatically canceled out. Escort takes it a step further by having the In-Vehicle Filtering Technology (IVT) — another patented feature. The IVT filter works together with AutoLearn by blocking out blind-spot monitoring systems (BSM) and advanced driver-assistance systems. Many radar detectors in the market haven’t improved on this, causing a lot of annoying false alerts on the road. The iXc is one of the Escort radar detectors that possess remarkably accurate false alert filtering systems so you won’t be bombarded by beeps all the time.

Like the first detector discussed in this buying guide, the iXc also has a bunch of automated features that make driving convenient. For one, the device’s sensitivity levels automatically adjust depending on your speed. If you’re driving on the highway, the sensitivity is increased. If you’re going at a low speed, the sensitivity is reduced. This radar detector also mutes itself when you’re driving slow, further lessening unnecessary noise. Automatic GPS lockouts have been discussed previously, but it’s worth another mention as one of the “smart” features of the iXc. All in all, these features help a lot in shutting off false alarms that many radar detector users know all too well.

Now let’s get into the connectivity options. The iXc follows the steps of the Max 360c with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions. With Bluetooth, you’re able to connect your phone to the radar detector and access the Escort Live app. You get valuable crowdsourced information on road conditions and speed trap locations so you get real-time protection while driving. That being said, it’s not necessary to connect your phone because the iXc is Wi-Fi compatible, meaning the radar detector itself can connect to the app if you have Wi-Fi in your car. Again, more convenience on your part. 

When it comes to updating the firmware, Wi-Fi also plays a crucial part. The Escort iXc is able to update itself automatically. You don’t have to take it out of the car and plug into your computer at home to update the firmware and database. This radar detector does that all by itself. 

The iXc is $100 cheaper than the 360c, so what’s the difference? Definitely, the latter is superior when it comes to range and sensitivity. There are also no directional arrows on the iXc, but that’s not a dealbreaker if you want to save some cash. But the most striking distinction between the two involves the alerts. Usually, with mid-range Escort radar detectors, alerts start with a loud beeping and slowly weakens until the signal is no longer a threat. There are also customizable voice alerts that help you focus on the road. The iXc, however, has alerts that are quite loud and don’t automatically drop. That can be annoying for some drivers, but it doesn’t necessarily make the iXc unworthy of attention.

On the whole, the Escort iXc is a radar detector that gives you the best value for your money. It’s an improvement on the Escort iX, but it doesn’t quite have the same power as those in the Max series.


  • Better sensitivity than the Escort iX
  • Common bands and laser are detected
  • IVT and AutoLearn technology effectively filters out false alerts
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Can be used with an Escort dash cam


  • No directional arrows
  • Alerts don’t automatically drop

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3 – Escort X80 – Best Budget

Escort’s mid-range and upper range radar detectors do deliver consistent performance to ensure you don’t get that dreaded speeding ticket. But if you’re not much into all the extra features and you’re searching for an Escort radar detector that fits the budget, the Escort X80 is one of the best budget radar detectors in the market.

An improvement on the discontinued Escort X70, the X80 features Bluetooth-compatibility, quick detection, and audible voice alerts. By design, the X80 has an OLED multi-color display similar to the previous detectors in this buying guide. External controls are easy to understand and operate as this radar detector is made with the beginner in mind. It also has a solid dual suction cup mount that keeps the detector strongly in place on your windshield.

The X80 promises lightning-fast response times in detecting X, K, Ka, Super Ka, and Pop bands, delivering reliable protection quickly. Its sensitivity to different kinds of bands has a drawback though, as its false filtering systems are not so good. The device tries to compromise by having Ka-band segmentation, but that has limitations too. As such, the X80 is not exactly the best radar detector for reducing false alerts.

The absence of a GPS chip also means it can’t automatically lock out any stationary false signals. You also can’t expect notifications if there is a red light camera or speed camera in place. However, you can go around the GPS issue by connecting your phone and going on the Escort Live app. There, you can use your phone’s GPS and get sharing abilities plus red light/speed cam warnings. You can also get real-time road news and updates through the app, as these are provided by a large network of Escort users. If you’re worried about false alarms, you can always teach the X80 the manual way by pressing the lockout button in the app or pressing the mute button on the radar detector itself.

Despite some drawbacks, the X80 is otherwise a great budget choice for a radar detector. It has reliable radar and laser detection, Bluetooth-connectivity, access to the Escort app, and clear voice alerts. You will hear what kind of alarm is going off so you can act accordingly without looking at the screen. 

If you’re not a power user and you’re only looking for something that will keep the speeding ticket away, then the X80 is a good product among the line of Escort radar detectors. Read RRD’s full review here.


  • Fast signal detection
  • Bluetooth-compatible
  • Audible warnings so you can keep your focus on the road
  • Affordable price in the Escort lineup


  • Not very good at filtering false alarms
  • No GPS

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4 – Redline Ex – Best Stealth

While a radar detector works to detect speed guns used by the police, there are also what we call radar detector detectors that work to detect if you’re using a radar detector. Take note that radar detectors may be illegal in some states, so make sure to consult your local state laws before purchasing one.

Moving back, radar detector detectors are used by the authorities to catch individuals who are using a radar detector while driving. You can’t underestimate their technology either. They now use something called Spectre, making users of detectors more susceptible to radar detection. Thankfully, companies like Escort continue to innovate, and they’ve stepped up to create undetectable radar detectors.

The Escort Redline Ex is a top of the line detector that’s made for ultimate stealth. It’s equipped with a patented TotalShield RF technology, making it entirely undetectable by VG-2 and Spectre models, even the Elite. Other detectors may have their own cloaking features, but Redline Ex remains the king of invisibility.

Undetectability is not the only good thing about the Redline Ex. It actually has a robust feature set that makes it one of Escort’s most-loved and positively-reviewed units. For starters, the Redline Ex has dual antennas located on the front and rear, giving you full 360-degree protection all around the vehicle. This placement significantly helps for early warnings of any radar recognition. Amazingly, the Redline Ex is also capable of detecting MultaRadar, a relatively new radar gun that’s difficult to distinguish. 

Like the radar detectors on the higher end of the Escort Spectrum, the Redline Ex has the intelligent AutoLearn feature that accurately rejects false alarms. An IVT filter is also built-in for added protection. A bunch of automatic features is also packed into this detector, including auto-display brightness and auto-sensitivity adjustments for high-speed and low-speed driving.

Finally, Bluetooth connectivity allows access to the Escort Live app so you can get info on camera locations, speed traps, and real-time road updates from fellow Escort users.


  • Undetectable
  • 360-degree protection with dual antenna
  • IVT filter
  • AutoLearn
  • Bluetooth


  • A bit expensive
  • No Wi-Fi
  • No directional arrows

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5 – Escort Solo S4 – Best Cordless

Yes, you read that right. Escort has a cordless radar detector.

The Escort Solo S4 runs on a pair of AA batteries, although you can plug it in, too. This is just a convenient power option if you’re someone who switches cars or uses rental cars a lot. With the Escort Solo S4, setup is made a whole lot easier. Simply attach the radar detector to the windshield or dashboard and you’re done. No ugly cable hanging down.

Power conservation is the highlight of this radar detector from Escort. Battery life spans 30-40 hours before you need to replace the batteries. It also conserves battery by automatically switching off after the vehicle has stopped for more than 25 minutes. 

However, the attractive option to go cordless is met with some drawbacks. The Escort Solo S4 is not the most dependable as far as range and sensitivity levels are concerned. With a pretty basic feature set, the Solo S4 is also not outfitted with modern false alert filters like its upperclassmen in the Escort lineup.

Despite some limitations, the Solo S4 still works to provide sufficient coverage in the city and other urban environments. You can also set the detector to different driving modes including Auto, Highway, and City. This helps to identify the appropriate range that the Solo S4 must use. 

In a nutshell, if you’re after the convenience of constantly relocating your radar detector, the Escort Solo S4 is a good choice. Armed with primary detector features, this device is enough for drivers who don’t go above the speed limit very often.


  • Cordless
  • Offers convenient setup and transfers


  • Limited range

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Our Top Pick – Escort Max 360c

If you absolutely want the best radar detector that Escort can offer, go for the Escort Max 360c. It provides great range, remarkably accurate filters for false alarms, automatic GPS lockouts, and solid performance. Bluetooth compatibility and Wi-Fi function both open up more usage possibilities for this radar detector. Escort Live app also allows you to access a network of fellow Escort users who share real-time updates about road conditions. You can either choose to use your phone for the app or let the detector connect to the cloud all by itself. Firmware and database updates are also automatic with this device, significantly reducing the hassle of manually connecting your device to a computer at home. 

The 360c is one of the premium devices in the market that delivers on its promises. Albeit the hefty price tag, this radar detector is worth every penny. It brings to the table some of the most beneficial features you can ever ask for in a radar detector. Without a doubt, the Escort Max 360c deserves the spot as our top pick for the best Escort radar detector in the market.

How to Choose a Radar Detector

Choosing just one radar detector can throw you into confusion and information overload, as there’s an ocean of brands and models out there. They’re not exactly cheap either, so you must think carefully about which one is most suitable for you. Here are some of the things to consider before making a final purchase:


Better range will give you more time to slow down, giving you better chances of avoiding a speed ticket. The coverage usually depends on the quality of antennas. So if you want the longest range possible, a radar detector with dual antennas would be the way to go. Some radar detectors are able to detect as far as 5 miles

Ability to detect false alarms

Roads are flooded with false signals that can send your radar detector going off. It’s not only speed guns that give off radar signals, but also automatic door openers, BSM, ADAS, and more. If you don’t choose a radar detector with systems in place to filter out these fake alarms, you will likely experience annoyance and frustration.


A well-designed radar detector may make or break your entire user experience. Sometimes, it can even affect the performance of the device. Choose an Escort radar detector that has a well-lit screen and good-feeling controls for easy operation.

Customer service and warranty

Escort radar detectors all come with a 12-month warranty that could be extended for up to 36 months. But a great option that the company provides is that some models have a limited ticket guarantee. This means if you get a radar or laser speeding ticket with their device, Escort itself will pay for it. That’s incredible demonstration of the company’s confidence in its radar detection technology!


Radar detectors are available at different models. Some units cost below $100 and some can go higher than $500. As always, do your research and check the quality of the detector you’re going to buy. Cheaper models often don’t have the same modern features of the more expensive units. Then again, there are more affordable radar detectors that can match higher-end detectors.




Speeding tickets are one of the frustrating things on a driver’s list of things they don’t want to happen on the road. Radar detectors help avoid that by effectively identifying speed gun signals to alert you of any cops checking if cars are following the limit.

Now, there are many radar detectors out there. Of the numerous brands in the market, Escort is one of the reputable and most trusted ones in the radar detector playing field. Choosing an Escort radar detector will definitely be a wise move on your part. They offer reliable performance, patented features, innovative technology, and robust features to give you accurate alarms and notifications. 

All of the devices in this radar detector buying guide will help you choose which one fits your needs. Also, remember to keep our tips in mind on how to choose a radar detector so you can efficiently evaluate a product first before making the decision to buy it. 


This article is written by William Johnson, the founder of RRD. William is passionate about radar detectors. His interest in reviewing and testing radar detectors from different brands started nearly 10 years ago, when his own radar detector then (a cheap and brand-less detector he bought online) failed to detect and radar gun nearby.

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