Beltronics Radar Detectors

Beltronics Radar Detectors

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We’re all concerned about following traffic rules. But occasionally, we slip in favor of making it to that appointment because we left late, are preoccupied with the list of errands we have to accomplish by the end of the day, or just become absent-minded out of nowhere. It happens, we know—and it’s not all the time that we have a companion to snap us back to reality or turn our eyes on the road either. So what’s a driver to do?

Get a handy radar detector, that’s what. No, they’re not illegal, and no, they’re not meant for those intending to break the rules. Their primary goal is protection, both from accidents that can happen due to overspeeding or fines from doing so that may cause us to tighten our budget. And that is what Ohio-based Beltronics is all about. Safety comes first.

Beltronics and her brother Escort have been a leader in reminding drivers to be safe since it came to be in 1967. Largely operating in North America, the company has overseen the design, manufacture, and marketing of radar, laser as well as safety detectors in the region. It also continues to revolutionize the technology even in seemingly minor ways.

Take for instance the system it introduced in newer models from its Professional series, the STiR Plus. Such technology has high capabilities for stealth for both radar and laser. What’s more, Beltronics also guarantees a more responsive device. You can thank its Ka-band feature that does selective programming.

With Beltronics, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of its TotalShield™ Technology. Incorporated in models such as the new STi Magnum, the technology leaves you undetectable by any type of radar detector without compromising its capability to recognize incoming signals. While this is poised to earn the company some rewards, it has already garnered the approval of the fellow innovators and customers. The Consumer Technology Association previously bestowed upon it the prestigious CES Innovations Award in the last decade.

It also has as its strength the variety of its selection. From the top-rated Pro 550 and the Pro 300 we reviewed, that could detect trouble from miles away to the best value for your money V8 that is also intuitive and all-encompassing, Beltronics has a device you can configure to your needs so that you can be reminded not to speed. But service does not end there for Beltronics, as it provides excellent after-sales assistance. You can trust that the brand is intent in giving you peace of mind, both in your finances and while on the road.