Beltronics V10 Review

24th May,2018

This product has been discontinued by Beltronics, for updated options that will save you from expensive speeding tickets, check those:
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Beltronics V10 radar/laser detector identifies laser and radar signals from distance features of AutoScan technology and voice alerts to keep you up-to-date. The actual programmable design lets you customize the device to meet your needs and thus you can drive safely and save money with the V10. Beltronics V10 has the lightning-fast microprocessor which can detect and process a signal in 500
milliseconds even.beltronics v10 review test

No other detector provides the industry-leading crucial response time with instant-on radar according to the research done while doing this Beltronics v10 review. The V10 includes full X, K, SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System radar capability, front and rear laser detection, digital signal processing (DSP) for superior range and reduced false alarms, our patented Mute and AutoMute, audible and visual band alerts, and all the performance you’d expect from Beltronics. Besides, the V10 introduces a new level of revolutionary performance and innovative features that include but not just limited to.

Note: We issued a very low amount of false alarms compared to other radar detectors reviews in this Beltronics V10 Review, which is one of the most important things when choosing a radar detector.beltronics v10 review package

Beltronics V10 Review of top features:

  • A comprehensive range that allows the device to detect faraway radar and laser signals
  • AutoScan technology that ensures maximum performance and drastically reduces false alarms, plus Highway and City settings, probably the top feature according to our Beltronics v10 review.
  • Digital voice alerts that let you keep your eyes on the road while driving
  • Programmable design that allows you to adapt the detector to your driving style
  • Superior long-range radar and laser detection, including new “POP” mode alert – 10x Range”
  • Multi-Sensor Laser Protection with digital “POP” Radar Alert
  • Clear Digital Voice or Audio Alerts and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Virtually Eliminates False Alerts
  • Easy-to-Use Options and Controls
  • Advanced Programming lets you customize 7 selectable features
  • Ultra-Bright High Definition Display and Brightness Control with Dark Mode
  • V10 comes complete with Smart Cord with Alert Lamp and convenient Mute Button, Quick release Windshield Mount and Protective Carrying Case
  • What’s included in the pack: You will get one Beltronics V10 Radar/Laser Detector, Smart Cord, quick-release windshield mount, one soft travel case, and Beltronics v10 manual.

Beltronics V10 Review of Specification:

  • Beltronics v10 is of height 1 inch, width 75 inches, depth 4.75 inches, and weight is of 8 pounds
  • City/Highway Modes
  • Windshield Mounting Style
  • Mute Function with VG-2 Alert and Voice Alert
  • Laser and X-Band & K-Band Radar with 4 bands


The factory default settings of Beltronics v10 will indeed suit you well, we used them for this Beltronics v10 review. To change the detection mode between City, Auto, or Highway, use the CITY button to minimize X and K radar false alerts. Also, read out the v10 user’s manual for more information about its settings.

If you have an iPhone or Android-based smartphone then you can also use the V10 with our Escort Live smartphone app. Although we haven’t used this feature in this Beltronics v10 review, it is highly suggested. A special Bluetooth equipped Smart Cord Live power cord will wirelessly interface the V10 with your smartphone. Using Escort Live with your V10 you will be able to eliminate false alerts, receive alerts to red light and speed cameras, and receive alerts in real-time from other Escort Live users.

beltronics v10 in action

Beltronics v10 review from a real user:

I have those awe moments where you hustle through the city trying to get to one destination because once I was getting when about to start. Beltronics radar detectors can help get there without a speeding ticket attached. Radar detectors have been used for many years and they provide coverage all around you to indicate when there is a radar or laser present. The Beltronics RX65 can be attached to your windshield and sit wherever you place it with its suction cups. You never have to worry about the volume being too loud or the voice becoming annoying as you can mute or turn down the volume whenever you need it. The Beltronics STI is easy to use and comes with instructions to set it up and a power cord so that it is always ready to use. The buttons are easy to press and indicate what the action is. You never have to worry about whether or not the radar is on because the system tells you when it is.

Beltronics - V10 Radar/laser Detector - Platinum

Beltronics V10 Review
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