What is the best radar detector under $200?

There are couple of choices of radar detectors under $200, and that will make you decision process much more complicated than it should be. Consult the buying guide for more info before purchasing. We have also reviewed the best products below for even more shopping help. If you’re still not sure whether radar detectors do work or not, check this article.

What is the best radar detector under $200 for your specific driving needs? Whether you looking for cheap low cost radar detectors or expensive ones, the latest radar detectors come with bluetooth connection, GPS and higher detection range than olders models even under the $200 price point.

The industry sales amounts shows that most of the best-selling radar detectors in 2019 retail for under $200, therefore detectors priced below $200 are some of the top radar detectors. Here are some of the top 4 radar detectors in this price segment – with some more extra options.

7 of the best radar detectors under 200 reviews

We would have provided the top 6 radar detectors- its seems like one more option would really help!

1 – Escort Passport S55 Performance Pro Radar and Laser Detector


  • Features an automatic sensitivity setting mode for optimal adjustments
  • Features superior range to much of the competition
  • Capable of detecting K and Ka bands at longer ranges
  • This product is capable of automatically filtering sources of false alarms
  • Features an option for the omission of X band transmissions
  • Connects to ESCORT live, a network which updates the detector automatically
  • No issues with microwave loss


  • A little more expensive than some of the other options
  • No ExpertMeter display and AutoSenitivity mode like in the Escort S2 cordless radar detector


The Escort Passport S55 is a powerful radar detector, so if you want a radar detector which is able to work in most situations and you don’t mind spending a little bit of extra money, you will love this product from Escort. This company makes some of the best radar detectors which are available to consumers (check here), so you can rest assured that this model is worth your money even when sometimes they have products with power cards hanging around the dashboard.

Some users say that the long range of this model makes it ideal for use on the highway, where you know that you will get the most use out of your radar detector. While there may be a few radar traps within the city, you will find it difficult to get as much use out of a radar detector within the confines of smaller streets.

The ability to connect to the ESCORT Live network means that you will be able to get updates for your detector whenever you need them, and even using it from your smartphone. This network ensures that your radar detector will always be working at peak performance levels, every additional radar detector on this network makes every connected device more effective.

There are also many included features that make this product much more convenient than other, competing models. For example, you can automatically omit the cluttered X band frequency, if you so desire. The only downside to this model is that you may end up having issues with the price that it is sold for.

2 – Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector


  • Features an autoscan system which reduces the likelihood of false alerts
  • Cannot be detected by VG-2 systems
  • Features a quick-release mount for use on your windshield
  • Offers a choice of highway and city modes
  • Features a mute capability which can be accessed with ease
  • This model comes available with a red LED color, and there is also a blue option


  • X band functionality is rather limited
  • Misses SmartCord function


Many drivers vouch that the Beltronics RX65 is the perfect radar detector, if the price is no worry for you.
This is one of the older models on this list, but it is much more capable than you would expect from a piece of equipment that is nearly obsolete. This product comes available in a choice of red or blue LEDs, and we opted for the model with red LEDs because it seemed to be more visible.

Regardless of the color that you choose, you will find that the display on these models tends to be far more visible in dark conditions thanks to the superior brightness. It is not the same as the dark mode with the BRT switch and AD, HD, CD like in Beltronics V955. While the visuals are certainly effective enough, you will find that the audio features an excellent design as well, with crisp, clear sound quality.

When you don’t want to hear your radar detector, you can always make use of the mute functionality, which can be conveniently accessed on the body of the device. You can also use the AutoMute function that is located on the cord to ensure that you don’t have to reach too far.

Unfortunately, there are a few minor downsides with this product. You will be subjected to a hefty number of false alarms when you first start using this product. This is usually due to the X band functionality. You will want to avoid X-band detection as it is obsolete and it will clutter up your detector. Unlike the Beltronics Pro 200, this one doesn’t suffer at specific bands like Ka-band at 34.7GHz.

3 – Cobra XRS9670 15 Band Radar/Laser Detector


  • Xtreme Range Superheterodyne design ensures superior detection range
  • Capable of detecting POP mode signals
  • This model can detect the Ku radar band, which is often used by European police
  • Intellimute system automatically mutes false alarms
  • This model will shut down automatically when being detected
  • Capable of detecting 7 radar bands and 6 laser bands types
  • Invisible to police radar detector detectors


  • This product is more expensive than some of the other models on the market


Tons of consumers claim that the Cobra XRS9670 provides the best detection among all, so your money will be worth it.
If you want a radar detector which is able to detect more than the other options around, this is a very versatile choice. For example, you can detect up to 6 different laser beam types and 7 different radar bands, including the Ku band, which is used by certain American police departments as well as ones all over Europe.

As with most newer models, this product will shut down automatically if it starts getting detected by a radar detector or laser sensor. This will help you avoid any awkward moments if the device is banned in your jurisdiction. This product is also much easier to use than most other radar detectors.

When it comes to user interface, you will want to ensure that your radar detector is simple yet comprehensive. There are few things that are more frustrating than being unable to set your radar detector because you don’t have the instruction manual with you.

You will usually want to ensure adequate functionality at a moment’s notice with one of these products. A radar detector which is difficult to use is one that may not end up working at all and it may even end up costing you another speeding ticket. You will want a product which is as intuitive as it is reliable.

There are different modes to keep you away from false alarms. You can use different filters to make sure you don’t mix up proximity sensors and lane markers from radar guns. There are some technologies in Cobra’s products that were previously only limited to military.

4 – Whistler CR90 Laser/Radar Detector


  • Features protection in a 360 degree radius
  • Features a range of laser protection options
  • Has both radio signature ID and laser signal signature ID systems
  • Features six different filters which cut down on false alarms
  • Features a traffic flow signal rejection system for less false alerts
  • Features an internal GPS which gives you a map of ticket cams
  • Can detect signals like Superwide, X band, Ku band, K band, Spectre I and IV+


  • This is one of the more expensive models on this list


Most Amazon consumers feel that the Whistler CR90 offers the greatest among the top radar detectors under $200.
If you need a radar detector which is as convenient as it is powerful, there are few options which are as capable as the Whistler CR90. This radar detector can spot radar guns at ranges that other models cannot even hope to reach. If you find yourself on the highway relatively often, this model is a perfect investment.

You can also protect yourself from several different laser types, which gives you a more comprehensive suite of options to cut down on the number of tickets that you get. There are also several measures in place to eliminate many of the false alarms that plague other models.

For example, the inclusion of a traffic flow rejection system means that you will be able to know when other cars are causing the occurrence of false signals. Like in most quality radar detectors, you will be able to adjust your options so your device can handle false alarms in different ways.

The inclusion of an internal GPS allows you to keep track of all of the different cameras in your area and this database can be updated regularly online. All you have to do is connect your radar detector to your computer with a USB, cable and you will be ready to head out with your new map.

5 – Radenso SP Radar & Laser Detector


  • Features top-tier false-alert filtering
  • High-visibility bright OLED display
  • Antenna with Low Noise Amplifier
  • 260+ voice alerts
  • Invisible from VG2 and Spectre
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Comes with noLimits Enterprises Radar Ticket Guarantee


  • No GPS
  • Low speed muting isn’t one of its features
  • No red light camera alerts


Radenso SP is a real-deal radar/laser detector that is just like Radenso XP, minus the GPS. Its level of performance is almost the same as that of much more expensive Radenso model, yet for hundreds of dollars less than the XP model, this one offers a great deal already.

The Radenso SP was initially offered for $249, which was way cheaper than XP’s $399 price point. But with the brand’s discontinuation of this product (it will still be supported and updated, and available thru many sellers), its price has been slashed off to $199.99. With such an amazing price for the features that Radenso packed into this simple black case, it is an impressive radar detector to own.

It was introduced as an “entry-level” detector, but its performance has proven that it’s more than that. While it lacks the GPS feature, it is still a much able competitor within its price range. It has a quality standard K-band BSM filtering, reinforced with traffic sensor rejection and Ka band segmentation, to ensure less inconvenience brought by false alerts.

Another noteworthy feature of Radenso SP is the various Voice Alerts that notifies the driver of alerts and other information needed. Its high-contrast OLED display makes reading and viewing very easy too, even in the poorest or greatest lighting condition.

6 – Uniden DFR5 Long Range Radar/Laser Detector


  • Features superior range to other models
  • This model can’t be detected by Specter detection systems
  • This product is less sensitive than much of the competition, which reduces false alarms
  • Though it is less sensitive, this product is adept at long range detection
  • Features a cable which is easy to conceal on your dashboard
  • Much more affordable than competing models


  • Has difficulty detecting some traffic cameras and other detectors which operate using low power
  • Features fewer functions than most other models in its price range


Uniden has a handful of radar detectors under $200.
If you want a quality radar detector that can be found for a more reasonable price, this model from Uniden is a great option. If you are sick of your other radar detectors popping endless false alerts, this may be the best option, as it features a detector which is less sensitive to radars which are often based on civilian cars.

The cable, which is designed to be concealed with ease can be plugged into your cigarette lighter outlet, but you can also splice the wire into your car’s battery if you suffer from cord fatigue. Otherwise, you may wish to leave the more complex installation methods to a mechanic or electrician.

While this product is capable, it is not what we would call flashy. This radar detector model does not come equipped with the same array of other features that you will find on some of the competition. This is also a rather stealthy radar detector, as you do not have to worry about systems which counter it.

There are some downsides to this model. While it is affordable, it is not the best radar detector in its price range because it has some difficulty picking up weaker signals that are used on signs and other methods of detection which are more passive. Regardless, most of the experienced users reported they were satisfied with this product.

7 – Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar/Laser Detection with GPS


  • Long range detection
  • Features blind spot monitoring (BSM)
  • Quiet driving due to Low speed muting (Quiet ride)
  • Features GPS lockouts for false alert filtering
  • Red light camera (RLC) and speed cam alerts


  • Can be loud and distracting
  • No auto-learn feature for its GPS


The Uniden DFR7 is targeted by the brand for long range detection, and it does exactly that. Especially in the popular US radar frequency, 34.7, this model really performs impressively and can even be compared to high-end ones. Sometimes, it can perform even better that Escort Max 360 or Valentine One.  Just an important note though: while it has a good record in detecting signals on that frequency, it we can’t say the same when it comes to others like 35.5 and 33.8.

When it comes to filtering out fake alerts like blind spot monitoring systems (BSM’s) of other nearby vehicles, just a quick K Band Filter enabling can already do a great job. GPS lockouts can also significantly help in the filtering process, so you’re assured that there are no automatic doors disturbing your drive.

If you’re more inclined to drive really quietly, you can use the Quiet Ride feature of this device when driving slowly. Pressing the Mute button twice can activate this feature, ensuring your rise is nice and quiet the entire time. The Uniden DFR7 also offers alerts for Red light camera and speed cameras. This feature can be easily updated through the brand’s website: http://unidensupport.com/DFR7.

With these features packed into a $169 radar detector, you know that you’re getting a product that’s worth your money. And if you like all the features of the Uniden DFR7 with a cheaper price tag, you can opt for its GPS-less brother, Uniden DFR6 save some money in the process.


If you are willing to spend a little bit more money on your radar detector, this list of models should make it easier for you to make a decision. We have chosen from a variety of models so we can ensure that all of our readers find something that they are interested in while they read this list.

We hope that our reviews have been comprehensive enough for your needs, feel free to let us know what you think down in the comments section.

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