What are the Best Radar Detectors Under 300? – Complete 2020 Reviews

13th Mar,2020

No one likes having to be on edge and on the lookout for radar detectors on the road while driving. It takes the driver’s attention away from the road which could increase the risk of accidents.

Everyone should have a radar detector to do the job for them, and some can come at quite an affordable price. Let’s take a look at the best radar detectors under $300.

Best Advanced Features
Whistler CR93
Best Overall
Escort Passport 8500 X50
Best for Beginners
Cobra iRad
Whistler CR93
Escort Passport 8500 X50
Cobra iRad
Aside from excellence in laser and radar detection, the CR93 boasts of real voice and bilingual alerts, TFSR, internal GPS, RSID & LSID, and advanced speed detection with is POP mode feature.
Featuring an auto sensitivity technology, this detector can guarantee very few false alerts while offering top performance in signal detection and quick alerts. It's the best you can get for much less than 300 bucks.
Thsi user-friendly detector allows beginners easily have a protected ride with its iRadar app, smartphone connectivity, voice alerts, and bright OLED display. It's quick to setup, as well.
Best Advanced Features
Whistler CR93
Whistler CR93
Aside from excellence in laser and radar detection, the CR93 boasts of real voice and bilingual alerts, TFSR, internal GPS, RSID & LSID, and advanced speed detection with is POP mode feature.
Best Overall
Escort Passport 8500 X50
Escort Passport 8500 X50
Featuring an auto sensitivity technology, this detector can guarantee very few false alerts while offering top performance in signal detection and quick alerts. It's the best you can get for much less than 300 bucks.
Best for Beginners
Cobra iRad
Cobra iRad
Thsi user-friendly detector allows beginners easily have a protected ride with its iRadar app, smartphone connectivity, voice alerts, and bright OLED display. It's quick to setup, as well.

Top Radar Detector Under $300

1 – Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector

Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector

This Escort radar detector under 300 has a small digital screen that will display all the important information when you come across a radar alert. Why buy or use a radar detector if you cannot trust it?

False alerts are also something Escort devices can fall victim to. Once that happens, your tickets can start piling up.

To help make sure the Escort Passport is always accurate, the product uses auto sensitivity technology to weed out false alerts by analyzing incoming alerts and police radar signals.

Escort also offers a digital signal processing technology for fast detection of police radar bands.

  • This Escort device offers voice alerts to keep your attention on the road.
  • Comes with DSP technology for faster performance
  • City mode or highway mode feature
  • Comes with a case and USB charger.
  • Receives long-range for X-band, K band, Ka band and POP.
  • Intelligent Escort radar detector understands the difference between a speed radar gun and other signals.
  • Reduced false alarms

  • Issues may happen within the first few months.

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2 – Whistler CR93 High Performance Laser Radar Detector

Photo of Whistler CR93

All products from the Whistler CR65 to this Whistler CR93 radar detector are under 300, but the Whistler CR93 offers the best performance. It can detect all speed radar guns used, which eliminates false alarms and is one of the best because it uses 360-degree protection.

Get alerts on the OLED display or enjoy audio prompts. This Whistler best radar detector has a great bilingual feature in the system. It speaks the two official languages of the USA (English and Spanish). Whistler also offers a city mode and highway mode.

  • Comes with six filter modes to filter out regular radar traffic monitors.
  • Bilingual device with both English and Spanish alerts.
  • Eliminates false alarms.
  • Features city and highway modes
  • Comes with GPS to notify you of traffic camera locations in North America.1

  • Might not be very durable

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3 – Cobra iRad Laser Radar Detector

Cobra iRad Laser Radar Detector

Cobra is a good and well known name in the radar detector community and it’s no wonder they earn a spot in the best radar detector under 300 list. It uses something other run of the mill detectors might not have provide – bluetooth connectivity!

Not only that, it outdoes the Cobra RAD450 by having the great ability to sync with your phone. They send out warnings via voice alerts and the app will alert you what’s on the road ahead of you in real-time. The OLED display will show you the radar band ID and signal strength.

This product will also alert you of speed traps or red light cameras ahead. An IVT filter means false alarms are reduced!

  • Bluetooth connectivity features
  • Can be synced with your phone
  • Offers audio and app alerts
  • Will display strength of signals
  • Red light camera, speed cameras, and speed traps detection
  • Features OLED display with radar band information 
  • Comes with IVT filter to reduce false alarms

  • The detection range may not be as advertised
  • May not last long

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4 – Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector

Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range

This good radar detector from Uniden features long range detectors and built-in GPS for early detection and location of all police radar guns. Get all-around protection with the 360 degrees signal processor and receive all the information on the OLED display.

This model also has a great K False filter feature that reduce false alarms well.

All these features plus the affordable price of under 300 makes this one of the best radar detectors you can use. It offers GPS, that means red light cameras will no longer be a threat because you will see (or hear) them coming from light years away!

  • Built-in GPS and long range sensors
  • A radar detector with 360-degree sensors
  • Features bright OLED display with information on the bands
  • Reduce chances of false alerts
  • GPS for speed and red light camera alerts

  • The detection could be inaccurate
  • Might not last long

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5 – Uniden DFR1 Long-Range Laser and Radar Detection

Uniden DFR1 Long-Range Detection

The display on this radar detector is very easy to read with colored indicators on a black screen. The signal strength meter bars will show you how strong the radar signals are even from a long way away.

The radar and laser detector is undetectable and a DC charging cable is included in your package. The Uniden signal detector also advises you to reduce speed when you step too hard on the gas pedal and get your vehicle targeted.

This model acts as an invisible guardian to avoid traffic tickets!

  • Comes with great power and performance
  • Gives you an alert if you are going too fast
  • The radar detector is undetectable
  • Features an easy to read display
  • Shows signal strength on the easy to read indicator

  • The range isn’t long.
  • Won’t pick up a lot of red light cameras and speed guns.

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Best Radar Detector Under 300 Buying Guide

Different detectors are capable of different things. What is it you are most susceptible to in your city? Do you need a reminder when you put too much pressure on the gas pedal or more for when cops are hiding in the bushes?

Let’s take a look at what features a radar detector can have.


When we say type, we mean mount type. There are corded, cordless and permanent mount options. 

The corded ones are very common and sit on your windshield by the power of suction cups. Yes, this keeps it out of your way but it doesn’t make it very portable. If you have one camera for multiple vehicles, it’s well to look into the cordless options.

Since they do not have an attached cable, you can move it easily from one vehicle to another and they are much easier to install. The permanent mount design will secure the radar detector so it will last long.


The best radar detectors have 360-degree protection. This means they have more than one sensor that can detect signals directly in front of you and from all sides. This greatly decreases the chance of any unpleasant surprises while in traffic.

These devices are becoming increasingly important, and although 360-degree protection is pricier, you can get them with a radar detector under 300! Why invest in something that costs a few hundred dollars if there is still a chance of a ticket?

Unfortunately, these devices aren’t always legal. In some cities or states where these devices are against the law, police officers may have technology that can detect your radar detector.

To counter this, manufacturers have come out with models that are shielded, making your new radar detector undetectable. So if you know that it’s illegal to use these in your area to avoid a ticket, make sure you find one that’s shielded.

Voice Alert

Many devices have a display for necessary information or to emit some sort of alert (like a beep) if something requires your attention.

However, with audio alerts you don’t have to keep glancing at the signals on your radar detector. This makes you a safer driver if you ask us.

Also, some detectors can have visual alerts or a mute function. Mute it in case you have sleeping passengers but don’t want to miss a prompt.

This feature isn’t usually found in less than $100 detector products, so prepare a bigger budget if you want it.


The best radar detectors can now come with built-in GPS. GPS is used to give you even more accurate readings while also pinpointing the location of the red light camera,  speed cameras, or speed traps.

One big advantage a GPS radar detector is they can alert you how fast your vehicle is going as well as when you need to slow down.

A best GPS model can sometimes tell switch and adjust their sensitivity which helps depending on if you are driving through the suburbs or city.

GPS radar detectors (like the Escort Passport 9500IX) are “smart” devices that have the ability to remember areas you’ve been to. They automatically recall that information and let you know of camera locations it’s used to and speed limits.

Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth connection is essential if you want smartphone compatibility. Sometimes you can be a good samaritan and log where the cameras are in the vicinity for other drivers using the same device and app. 

You can also get the alerts sent to your phone so the radar detector remains invisible. See, control and set everything in the system via your smart device if your best radar detector under 300 offers bluetooth.

Radar Detection Range

Range is everything. You want to be able to get ahead of the game and not even register on the police radar gun. So you need to know it’s there before you’re in range.

A radar detector with long-range capabilities can alert you of the radar gun’s signals even before they know you are there, allowing you to slow down. Short range ones are almost redundant since they won’t go off until you’re being pulled over – yikes!

Highway/City Mode

What is this function you ask? It involves sensitivity. If you enable the city mode in urban areas, your radar detector will lower sensitivity so false alerts from small things like car alarms won’t set it off. The latter turns up your radar detector’s sensitivity to give you advanced warnings.

Radar or Laser Sensitivity

Gone are the days when police officers wait in the wings with a radar gun that’s already on. Now there are instant-on devices that turn on the instant or right before you pass, not giving your X band only detector the chance to act.

Find a device that can sense K bands. These K band detectors provide great sensitivity to detect instant-on radar guns.


For technological devices, we always suggest looking for a warranty of at least a year and maybe a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re lucky.

You never know if you will receive a defective device or if some component goes haywire in the near future. Being protected keeps your purchase risk-free.

Are Radar Detectors Under 300 Worth It?

Yes! Just because a radar detector doesn’t hit or come close to the 500 mark doesn’t mean it’s any less functional.

Sure, the more advanced and pricier device designs could come with fancier features such as the highway and city modes, K-band detection and stealth mode, not all of those features are vital to a good radar detector.

If after going through our buying guide made you feel like you need to use these capabilities, you can probably find a rare deal where a camera is one sale for less than 300.

We were actually quite surprised how well made and capable radar detectors under 300 can be! They still have the revered long-range capability to alert you of an enemy waiting in the wings from meters away.

Some for this affordable price even come with built-in GPS and bluetooth! Yes, for a radar detector under 300, you can use some of the best ones that are reliable, and will offer their services for many years to come.

If your budget is a hundred bucks short for this list, we also have a list of under $200 detectors.


Radar detectors are very important, especially if you think the grounds of the ticket are unfounded. Although we find that the main purpose of having a radar detector is to help you avoid tickets altogether.

There are many great choices for the best radar detector under $300 on the market, so there is no need to overspend—just get the detector that will give the best value for your money.

Our Top Pick – Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector


Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector

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Our top choice among these options is the Escort Passport 8500 X50.

This Escort radar detector makes it to the top because it does have the ability to sense K-bands and that gets you out of plenty of tickets. The auto sensitivity sensors in Escort understand the difference between a radar gun and a false alarm, so there will be virtually no false alerts.

If you are looking for the ultimate choice of functionality with nothing too fancy for a reasonable price, then we suggest the Escort Passport. Have you added it to your cart yet?

We also reviewed the Escort Redline 360C, which you can read all about next!

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