Best Radar Detectors Under $100 Reviewed

If you are looking for a convenient way to avoid any road-related infractions like speeding tickets, there are a few things that you can do. While there are some spots that most city inhabitants know to be infested with speed traps, you will find it difficult to catch all of them before having to deal with an inevitable ticket.

One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t have to deal with any issues with speeding tickets is to invest in a radar detector. These products allow you to detect any radar signals which are emanating from police equipment; this will make it much more difficult for you to be hit with a speeding ticket.

These devices sometimes may be an expensive investment and most people think that low price radar detectors have less features and lower performance.
However, this is not the case, there are awesome radar detectors priced below $100 and $200. Buying one of these radar detectors below, which are priced cheaper than the more expensive known models is a great investment if you are tight on budget.

What is the best radar detector under 100 for your specific driving needs and budget?
To find out we putted together series of the best detectors in this price range and compared them. The industry sales amounts say that most of the best-selling radar detectors included in this list now retail for under $100 and sometimes cost less than $70. Here’s a look at some of the best radar detectprs in this price segment:

The Best Radar Detectors Under 100 Reviews

1 – Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Performance Radar/Laser Detector


  • This radar detector cannot be spotted by dedicated equipment
  • Features icons which display the pinpointed radar band
  • This product can also identify any lasers
  • Features a meter which allows you to know the distance of the target radar signal
  • Features 360 degree detection LaserEye
  • Comes included with a power cord and a mounting bracket


  • Features a shorter range than some other options
  • The display may be impacted by direct sunglight


Cobra ESD7570 will provide you superior service among all other radar detectors and if you want to have a precise distance of the radar – it’s a prizewinning appliance. The Cobra ESD7570 tops our list for best radar detectors under 100. It’s ideal for city drive and users who are driving on short relations. The detector comes together with auto mute, safety alert and possibility to change to city or highway mode.
If you want a radar detector which is more convenient than many other options, you will find few better models than this product from Cobra. This radar is so much easier to use because the user interface is much more manageable than the interfaces you will find on other radar detectors and that’s why it has very good user reviews.

The icons, which are easy to interpret, ensure that you will always know what kind of radar bands are being used in your area and whether or not you have to worry about them. The meter underneath each of these bands ensures that you will also be able to estimate their range.

The ability to spot lasers ensures that you will not get caught by any laser speed trap backups for radar guns. This detector is a very comprehensive defense system for drivers who are not too fond of speeding tickets. If you want versatility in your radar detector, there are few better options.
Cobra ESD7570 can be purchased on the official manufacturer’s website Cobra Electronics.

The only downside that we have found for this radar detector is that it features a relatively short range when compared to other models. If you are hoping to drive on more open roads, you will find that there are radar detectors which are better options than this particular model. This is our favorite, the best radar detector for urban use.

2 – Whistler CR75 High Performance Laser Radar Detector


  • Features a blue LED display for improved visibility.
  • Provides superior range when compared to most competing models.
  • Features speed detection radar for the identification of quicker signals.
  • Capable of recognizing a wide range of radar bands.
  • Features adjustable volume for more comfortable use.


  • A little more expensive than some options.


With Whistler first-class quick signals detection you will have the most powerful detector among others which will last you for years. If you want a radar detector which is more capable than many other top radar detectors under $100, there aren’t many choices which are more viable than this model from Whistler. The blue LED display ensures that you will never have issues seeing the screen of your radar detector, even in the harshest of glare.

This is an excellent choice of radar detector for the countryside as it features superior range when compared to other models in its category and price range. The Whistler offers you the ability to detect quick signals ensures that this model will not be outdated for years to come unless radar detection bands change. This detector is an excellent choice for the countryside.

The adjustable volume for this detector means that you will not have to deal with any of the issues that you get with most other radar detectors that can tend to get annoying in the car. In fact, the whole user interface of this radar detector is simply a joy to use, unlike other models.

The adjustable volume for this detector means that you will not have to deal with any of the issues that you get with most other radar detectors that can tend to get annoying in the car. In fact, the whole user interface of this radar detector is simply a joy to use, unlike other models.

Most of the users noticed that this Whistler is very good at recognizing false signals. The number of radar bands that can be caught by this model is quite impressive. Some of the newer radar bands, which are meant to be more difficult to pick up, are much easier to spot with this model. If you want a radar detector which is versatile, modern, and useful, this product is a great purchase that is worth your money. It comes with clip mount, windshield mount, and power cord. It can be purchased either on Amazon or at Walmart.

3 – Cobra Electronics RAD450 Radar


  • This product can detect radar signals, VG-2 detector signals, and lasers
  • Lasers can be spotted from both the front and the rear
  • The filter system can be updated by the user to reduce false positives
  • Features an alert system with voice alerts
  • Features an instant-on capability which improves the ease of detection


  • This model is a little more expensive than some of the competition


According to Cobra RAD450 you may forget about false signals and with extra money get the best class radar detector among similar detectors under 100 bucks. If you want a radar detector which is powerful enough to get the job done with ease and you don’t mind spending a little bit of extra money, you will love this product from Cobra. This detector comes with an anti-false circuitry, OLED display and voice alert. The ability to uncover signals of all types, not only various radar bands, but also VG-2 detectors and lasers, makes this product very versatile.

This radar detector comes included with a filter system that allows it to disregard any signals that could raise false positives. For example, collision detection systems and certain types of cruise control can set off other radar detectors. You are better off using a detector which can avoid these false positives. This Cobra might be your best radar detector under $100, if the price and the quality matters to you.

The Cobra detector gives you a list of radar sources which create false positives can be updated manually by the user to ensure that it is always up to date. This makes your radar detector much more useful in the real world as you can always be relatively sure that a radar source is a reason to slow down, and not anything else.

This model also features a voice alert system. This system ensures that you will always be able to pay attention to the road and your radar detector at the same time without putting yourself at risk. Safety is always an important consideration, and this is a relatively safe product.

Cobra is one of the better makers of radar detectors, so you can rest assured that this product will provide you better service than some of the competition. Among the price range, customers say that Cobra RAD450 is a solid and very useful radar detector. The product can be purchased online through Cobra Electronics website.

4 – Whistler XTR-130 Laser Radar Detector


  • Available at a much more affordable price point than other models
  • This product is capable of detecting radar, laser, and VG-2 emissions
  • Will not be detected by other detectors
  • Features blinking lights which warn you of detected signals
  • Features a choice of modes depending on where you are driving
  • Features an automatic shutoff option


  • Can only detect four radar bands


The XTR Whistler’s line is created to bring the best features together and the XTR-130 has some of the very good features. If you are looking for a radar detector which is a little more affordable than some of your other options, there are few choices which are better than this product from Whistler. While Whistler may not be known as the maker of the best quality radar detectors, you will find that they are good at making models which are priced reasonably.

This Whistler detector offers you a choice of modes depending on where you are driving, so you can make it more sensitive on the highway than on regular roads. If you often drive through a variety of different street types, you will find this useful as it will diminish the number of false positives you have to deal with. The radar detector provides 3 city modes and a quiet mode.

The automatic shutoff capability of this product can be adjusted to conform to your needs, so you won’t have to deal with any annoying shutdowns when using this product. The inclusion of blinking lights on top of the body of the detector ensures that it will be able to warn you even when it has been muted. Users find it very affordable and it can be purchased at Amazon or Walmart website.

While this product can encounter X band, K band, Ka band, and laser wavelengths, you will find that it cannot detect anything else. This limited band selection means that you may have some issues with undetected radar emplacements. If your local police department is equipped with more modern equipment, you may wish to opt for a different model.

5 – Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector


  • This product offers coverage in 360 degrees.
  • This model can pinpoint up to 14 different bands.
  • Features longer range than many other models.
  • Offers a choice of city mode or highway mode.
  • Specter Alert mode will auto notify you of any surveillance.
  • Features VG-2 detection capabilities.
  • Features an LED display and audio alerts.
  • Easy to install when compared to other models.
  • Has built in memory function
  • Safety Alert function to notify the motorists of emergency vehicles


  • This product is slightly less sensitive than some of the other models available.


Very reliable Cobra XRS9370 is an outstanding choice compared with the most advanced radar detectors under $100 and extremely rich with extra features like sweep circuitry. This is another great choice if you are looking for a radar detector which is slightly more expensive than many other models. While this product can be found available for a reasonable price, it is not as affordable as other radar detectors. There is a difference between a product which can be purchased for its durability and reliability, and one which is cheaply made. The detector comes with windshield racket kit and power cord.

This product can be installed into your car with relative ease, so you don’t have to take an hour screwing everything into place. This makes it easier for you to get this radar detector into your car as soon as you receive it so you can take it out for a test run and see how it works and how well it does its job.

While this product may be more expensive than other models, you will find that it provides a significant number of extra features. The ability to detect VG-2 signals makes this radar detector superior to most other products which are found below this price range, since they tend to only detect radar and lasers. Some of other features are bright data display, auto and manual mute and city and highway filtering modes.

The inclusion of an LED display also ensures that you will not have to rely solely on audio warnings that there is a radar about to reveal you. Having to rely solely on hearing cues when you are about to be caught by a speed trap is inconvenient as you may end up missing it and you will not know when to slow down. Users are satisfied with the alerts, but they are suggesting to pay attention to lower volume after the initial reception of the radar detector.

6 – Cobra Electronics SPX 5300 Ultra-High Performance Radar/Laser Detector


  • Uses modern technological advancements to improve effectiveness
  • Reduces background noise for optimal signal tracking
  • This detector is much smaller than comparable models
  • Features a meter which displays the strength of the signal
  • Provides cloaking against detection by other law enforcement detectors
  • Much more sensitive than other radar detector models


  • POP mode reduces the effectiveness of this radar detector
  • Features shorter range than high-end radar detectors


Sensitive is the winning word for Cobra SPX 5300 which makes it outstanding in comparison with the greatest radar detectors under 100. If you want a radar detector which is still reasonably affordable but is more capable than some of the bargain models which are available, this is one of the better options that you’ll come across. While this product may have a bit of a shorter range than some of the most expensive detectors, it is also much more affordable.

The components used in the construction of this radar spotter are much more advanced than the ones that you would typically find on detectors which are priced similarly. There are many parts of this radar detector that use military technology which is better than most other things you will find on the market. Except the very high detection range, this detector has laser detection and VG-2 detectors and plenty of extra features that users like the most about it.

This detector provides an ultimate sensitivity. It is a very sensitive radar detector that will usually give you a reading before you come across a police officer. It is difficult to get a speeding ticket from most typical sources while using this detector, although speed signs may give you a few more issues as you will have to look out for them in advance.

Keep in mind that this radar detector does have a few downsides that you should account for. To give you an example, you will find that some of the features that come included with this product are not worth the trouble of being used. Features like this include the POP feature and the X band scanning option. This radar detector comes with windshield bracket kit and coiled power cord and it can be purchased online on the manufacturer’s official website.

7 – Whistler Pro-78SE High-Performance Radar Detector


  • Gives you a choice of three modes for result filtering
  • Features an Auto-Dim feature, to make the display easy to read under changing light conditions
  • This model is compatible with an intellicord
  • Features a battery saver option
  • Allows you to pick and choose the ideal band for your needs
  • Features periscopes which alert you when there is a detected radar
  • There are three city modes available in addition to a highway mode
  • Features a stay alert mode which can be used for late night drives


  • This radar has some issues with false alarms


The greatest feature that make Whistler PRO-78SE stands out among all other detectors is a stay alert mode that will help you with a long night drives. If you want a mid-range radar detector which can do almost anything that you may end up needing for a much more reasonable price, you will love this model. This product allows you to filter your radar detection by band, so it allows you to optimize it for some of the most common frequencies in your area. The 50% of the users said they would choose this radar detector again.

The inclusion of a stay alert model allows you to ensure that you don’t fall asleep on longer drives, as it will play a warning sound at full volume if you do not interact with the unit. While this may not be directly related to radar disclosure, you will find that it is ideal for other uses.

It can be adjusted between different modes, one for the highway, and three options to further optimize the spotter for city use. While it may not seem like these modes change the performance of your radar too much, they help reduce false positives. It has some great features like Ka Max mode, total band protection, 3 city modes and real voice alert.

Speaking of false positives, you may have some difficulty dealing with them. This occurs because this radar detector is so much more sensitive than competing models. You will have to adjust the settings to ensure that you don’t get too many false positives while you are driving around.

While this radar detector is much more capable than many other models, you will find that the price does not reflect this performance difference. It may be a little more expensive than some other products, but this radar detector is not priced unreasonably. The bottom line, this is one of the very best radar detectors under 100. If you are interested to purchase this detector, you can do it on Amazon.

8 – Uniden LRD750


  • This device can provide 360 degrees of protection from all radar and laser guns
  • It can filter out false signals through the city and highway mode options
  • This products stays invisible from many common radar detector detectors (RDD)
  • Features voice alerts and an alpha-numeric dot matrix display for clear warnings that can be easily understood by the driver
  • Feature a POP™ Mode Detection


  • There is a tendency for alerts to lag, with the slow warning processing of this product.


Invisible and with high 360 degrees protection, Uniden LRD750 is your winning choice offered for the similar price range, and probably is the best radar detector under 100 dollars. If you want to get a good radar detector out of a humble budget, then this model is the perfect choice to keep your driving secured from speeding tickets. Right off the bat, you’ll be impressed with the bright display of its OLED screen, which makes reading of alerts a quite nice experience. For hassle-free warnings, this device features voice alerts too.

For a radar detector with its price, this model fare quite well in keeping its presence undetectable by the police. This detector offers the best possible range. It cannot be encountered by VG-2, Spectre I and Spectre IV RDDs, which is impressive as even pricier ones do not give such wide-range protection. Four out of five customers say they would recommend this radar detector.

Although, it’s important to know that the alerts of this device aren’t 100% right on the dot, with its slow feedback and warning processing. The lag time is only usually a few seconds, but it can affect your experience.

Note that despite the slow warnings, this product has a good system that filters out false alerts. This takes away the stress of dealing with too much alerts and noisy car rides. It can also mark locations where you usually get many radar transmissions, to remind you next time you pass by that same area. The radar detector can be purchased online on Amazon or Walmart store.

9 – Uniden LRD450


  • This device has a capability to reveal signals even from a long-range
  • Features two City Modes and a Highway Mode
  • Can be kept on the down low with the auto and manual mute options
  • Gives the user the option to choose between audio only or visual only alert system
  • This product can go undetected by Spectra 1 and IV and also stealth from VG-2


  • This model has limited rear detection


For the satisfactory needs Uniden LRD450 is one of the finest radar detectors under $100. If you are looking for a sleek radar detector that would not hurt your pocket, then this device it a perfect match for you. Designed by Uniden to have long range radar and laser uncovering capability, you will find that it comes in handy for your daily drive.

This model easily detects radar gun emission, prompting an audio alert to warn you of the radar gun presence. As this device can detect a wide range of bands, such as X, K, Ka, or L, it will then determine which frequency type is being detected.

For city drives, two options can be chosen from the city mode, while there is only one option for the highway mode. This is how this detector filters out any unwanted false signals, in order not to bombard the driver with numerous erroneous alerts. Most users find it very easy to use and with a sufficient range.

Uniden provides also an invisibility modes.The invisibility features of this model can be found mostly on higher-end devices that cost way more money that its price. Some models from the lower price range also features the same feature, but this detector stays incognito from VG-2, Spectre I and Spectre IV, effectively.

Other practical features of this device include the advanced K filter, mute option, setting saver and a one year manufacturer warranty. The product can be purchased on the manufacturer’s official website.

10 – Whistler XTR-140 Laser/Radar Detector


  • Offers a full-brand protection from laser and radar guns.
  • This device determines the signal with higher priority when multiple alerts are present
  • This product has a Quiet/Auto Quiet mode for a disturbance-free driving
  • Twin Alert Periscope – Visual alerts are shown through the dual alert LED periscope using flash lights
  • It features 3 city modes to match your driving needs in various places


  • This model has less sensitivity than other detectors, especially higher priced ones


Whistler XTR-140 is your best radar detector under 100 if you are enjoying the drive and want a machine that will emphasize your delightful driving experience. If you are looking for a detector that will assist you effectively throughout your drives, then this model is a great option for you. It was created with features to make your driving experiences hassle free and safe from lurking radar and laser guns, constantly alerting you to potential hazards in your path.

The best thing this model offers is the Alert Priority. A unique and very useful feature of this model is the Alert Priority, which distinguishes which among a handful of alerts should be your highest priority. This way, false alerts do not take the place of the genuine ones, keeping you informed on what you should be warned about. Most user reviews are saying that this detector for the low price has all features like as expensive radar detectors.

This device also ensures that its assistance do not fully block your attention from driving with its Quiet and Auto Quiet Modes. A visual mode of alert will replace the audio ones, which aptly suffices, due to this product’s good display.

Just like any other radar pointer, low-end or high-end, this model sometimes have flaws and errors in detecting in long distances. However, for usual casual drives, it performs very well for its affordable market price. The detector can be purchased through Amazon. It comes with windshield and power cord.

11 – Cobra SSR 50


  • One of the cheapest radar detectors from a well-known brand
  • Provides protections from 4 radar signals, 4 laser signals and 1 safety system
  • Has a very sleek silhouette that looks like that of a high-end detector
  • Gives users the freedom to select the preferred operating mode
  • It can detect laser signals both from front and rear end


  • Tends to detect false positives while driving in the city


Cobra is one of the best radar detector’s manufacturer and with this product they made an ideal combination of best features and price. If you are looking for a handy, sleek-looking and a useful device that is very cheap, then this model is what you are looking for. With its detection capabilities, this product will keep you informed and alert about the possible presence of laser and radar whenever you go for a drive.

False detections in the city are pretty normal for many radar detectors, so it isn’t really new for a device to have flaws in picking up non-legitimate signals. This model tries to balance that tendency with its driving modes, enabling the device to lessen the pickups of false alerts by picking city/highway mode.

The ability to meet radar and laser signals, as well as a safety system of this device is reinforced by its immunity from Spectre I and VG-2 radar detector-detectors, making it a really effective tool to assist you when you are driving. Most users say it’s a perfect match – the price and the detector’s features.

This device has to offer two types of alerts. This device also gives off alerts through the bright LED display to keep the drivers swell-informed of clear warnings. Audio Signal Strength Level gauge really helps the driver know the estimate proximity of the encountered signal.

This product is definitely a steal for its price, being able to do many of the things that other detectors from higher price range perform. It is great for newbies as an entry-level radar detector, for sure. The Cobra SSR 50 is one of the best radar detectors under $100, and can even be compared with higher price range radar detectors. You can purchase it online through Cobra Electronics website.


If you want one of the most affordable radar detectors around but you don’t want something which amounts to an overpriced paperweight, this guide should help you out. We hope that we have managed to give you a good idea of how effective these individual models are, feel free to ask us anything in the comments below.