Whistler Radar Detectors

Whistler – The Pioneer In the Radar Detectors Industry

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Whistler may be in the market for different automobile accessories now such as dash cameras portable jump starters and flashlights, but one category distinguishes itself from the rest. First introduced in the 1970s, Whistler’s radar detectors remain bestsellers for the brand as well as a point of pride for the general acclaim they garner from consumers.

Being an innovator is part of Whistler’s DNA, as proven by almost half a century of topnotch electronic products. On its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, and offices in Littleton, Massachusetts, and China, Whistler ceaselessly pursues innovation and excellence in its products for a simple reason: it desires for life to be a little easier for its customers, both loyal and new. Another great brand which is a bit newer is Uniden.

This aspiration has led to wins for Whistler, who in the years leading to today has had many patents to be proud of and top rankings on performance from market testings. Many of its products are well-reviewed across the board, and that is to Whistler’s advantage considering the array of radar detectors it has on offer. Some superior models are updated every time to keep up with the fast pace of technology, and we realize how a hassle that could be. Still, it manages to do a swell job such as in the case of the Whistler CR90 which is generally regarded as one of the best the company has that is available for purchase. Its execution is exceptional—it has almost everything you need, such as an interior GPS framework, but it is done with care. The alerts aren’t maddening to understand, nor are they irritating every time they detect a signal that may be pertinent to your driving safety.

The brand’s radar detectors are available at different price points but the value for money is impressive. The Whistler XTR-140 and Z-11R, which are two of the cheapest in the market, is surprising in its efficiency against police radars. And in the off chance that they fail, Whistler has the best and longest customer support around. A single purchase entitles you to two years of warranty.

This is why you can’t dismiss a Whistler radar detector as just any detector even when what you have is from the more accessible range. Whistler has been synonymous with quality and ease of use through time. And you just know that the company does not take that lightly when holding the equipment before your eyes, or honestly, even when your sight is kept on the road (as it should be). It checks off quality, instinctiveness, and affordability just to make your life easier, and that’s all of what you should want for in a brand.