Whistler Elite PRO3750 Review

07th Apr,2019

What is it about the Whistler lineup of products that makes it so desirable? Seriously, do you know how hard it is to get your hands on one of these detectors? They’re often unavailable and Whistler can’t keep up with the overall demand. The Whistler Elite PRO3750 Radar Detector with Laser and GPS modules is also one of those detectors that’s hard to get a hold of.

This was quite a surprise because we thought there’d plenty of them due to the price but people still keep buying them up despite that. What makes this model so popular and is it worth it?

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The design of this particular model looks professional. This is one of the sleekest models we’ve ever seen and it shows where a lot of the money in the production of this detector went to. The display feature of this model is fancy and displays everything you want in a very easy to read manner.

We give the display feature of this particular model a solid 10 out of 10. Then, we have the buttons which we don’t care for the curved text but they’re all easy to reach and they’re not too hard to read, so no complaints there. (Trivia: it’s brother, the Pro-3700 is one of today’s best hidden radar detector!)



Over the other previous Whistler radar detector models like this unit, the PRO3750 has been upgraded to so many different degrees, that we don’t even know where to begin. First of all, the overall design has been upgraded over previous models. Then, you have the level of detection that this thing can detect, which is a huge plus compared to the previous models like the Z-11R we reviewed earlier.

Also, this model includes some GPS improvements along with some laser targeting improvements to give you a lot less false positives that very early previous models tended to do.

Field Sensors

One thing this detector excels at is constantly scanning the field and making sure that you’re provided with accurate information. When you’re driving, this detector is constantly scanning and making sure that you’re being provided with up to date information that’s going to help save you money on tickets.

It helps reduce the number of false errors you get and limiting them to nearly zero. Most people never even report getting a false positive with this detector.


For people who like to have the option for bi-lingual language, this detector can speak in both English and Spanish which can be useful for several reasons. It’s just great to see a bi-lingual detector and it’s not something we’ve seen a lot of.

This is one of the first detectors we’ve seen that includes that option, alongside Whistler CR93, so we think it’s kind of great.


One of the key elements of a good radar detector is the amount of information that’s displayed on the screen and how that information is displayed, which is why Whistler Elite PRO3750 displays possibly everything you would ever need to know, including battery voltage, your speed, nearest band and many more. All the information you need is displayed on a screen that’s clear and very easy to read, no matter how bad your vision is.

  • You can select the bands that you’re specifically looking for so if you know your city has more of one type of band than another, then you can put the detector into search mode to hunt those specific bands
  • You can enable quiet mode with this detector which won’t bug you or alert you of certain alerts, which is great for when you’re on a phone call or you don’t want to be disturbed by alerts
  • The outdoor temperature can even be displayed by this detector, which some people might see as useless but we think it’s very helpful in determining some of your plans for the day because if it’s too hot, you might have to re-adjust your plans
  • This unit detects even the hard to detect radars and even some of the so-called stealth mode detectors that modern vehicles are equipped, so no matter what kind of equipment the police have in store for you, this will detect it

  • The only kind of complaint we could find is the pricing point of this particular model because it does seem a little high but we’ve also seen a lot of praise for this model despite the price from real customers

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Q: How small is this product?
A: When we say this is one of the smallest detectors we’ve ever seen, we’re not joking. The overall dimensions of this radar detector are seriously only 6 by 6 inches. Also, this detector only weighs 11.4 ounces, so when you get it, it weighs less than a pound. How is this possible you might ask? We’re not entirely sure and we don’t know exactly how they made it so easy to ship.

Q: Does this product come with a warranty?
A: We’re not 100% certain on whether or not the PRO3750 comes with a specific warranty or what Whistler offers with it but one thing is for certain, if you have any questions or concerns, you can easily contact Whistler and they’re always there to help you.

We’ve never seen a single complaint about their customer service or getting help from them. They’ve been nothing but respectful and of the utmost professional, so we can easily recommend their customer service.

Whistler Elite PRO3750 Review Conclusion

So, is the Whistler Elite PRO3750 worth the price you pay and worth the purchase? We’ve looked at a lot of real customer reviews from people who have purchased this item and if those are anything to go by, then yes, it is most definitely worth purchasing.

People are in love with this radar detector. People love how far the range is for this product and how much of an edge it gives them over the police. People hate getting traffic stop tickets so if you’re one of those people, we can easily recommend this product to you without hesitation.

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Whistler Elite PRO3750 Review
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