Whistler Z-11R Review

One of the most affordable radar detectors out there, Whistler Z-11R has garnered quite a bit of attention ever since its launch. At first impression, it does look like a small power packed unit that can fool anyone with its low price. The product manufacturers claim that the Z-11R radar detector provides 360-degree coverage and it’s fitted with Pop Mode Detection that enables rapid response to brief radar bursts. This Whistler Z-11R review will uncover more things about this unit so that you can make a well-informed purchase decision. Let’s start with the product benefits.

Whistler Z-11R Review: Product benefits

Unlike other similar Whistler products that are notoriously known for false alerts, this unit has been fitted with three city modes and one highway mode along with auto quiet audio alerts to reduce the instances of false alerts. When more than one signal is detected, the alert priority system also alerts users of the most important signal. Moreover, the Icon Display is set to show visual symbols of the alerts received by the unit.

Users are allowed to personalize some of the settings as per their needs. The personalized settings are automatically stored when the device is turned off by the user. The display brightness can be controlled using the Dim/Dark options provided within the unit.

Inbuilt with a safety warning system, it alerts drivers about all the transmitter location at the highway. Furthermore, the high gain lenses ensure good and long range detection.

One can also enjoy improved battery life with the Z-11R because the unit shuts off automatically when not in use. Depending on where you buy, the power cord and windshield bracket are a part of the sale as well.

Last but not the least, the product is backed by an exchange warranty, which means that users can get the product exchanged within the warranty period if they are unhappy with the existing delivery due to any reason.

Product drawbacks

As such, there are no major drawbacks about this product unlike the PRO-78SE. However, users should use the correct mode depending upon the driving route to avoid false alerts. For instance, use the City Mode in the city and use Highway Mode when you are driving on a highway.  By doing so, you won’t go crazy listening to all the false alerts.

Whistler Z-11R Review Conclusion

Overall, Whistler Z-11R radar detector is worth a shot. The low price combined with the added features makes it a killer product in its niche.

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Whistler Z-11R Review
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