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Whistler Z-11R+ Review

Update: Unfortunately, after testing this product for a while, it’s outdated and not working well at all. Please check this page for better options.

Are you in need of a radar detector that would not have you breaking the bank? Or are you new to the world of free of speeding tickets, made possible partly due to the use of radar detectors? Whistler provides a solution in a basic model, the Whistler Z-11R+. The company promises to give you the most value out of your money with its useful features such as a decent range for radar detection and a dependable false alert filtering system.

Whistler Z-11R

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Here are some of the other things it can offer to make the decision-making easier:


The Whistler Z-11R+ is a medium-sized radar detector. It is not far from the size of other Whistler models such as the Whistler CR85 and the Whistler CR90, with the Z-11R+’s dimensions listed as 1.23” x 2.85” x 4.44”. It does not weigh that heavy either as it is only .34 lbs. It is not a hassle to install and uninstall this on your car given its size and its weight.

The display should be easy to understand even with little information on radar detectors beforehand. It is highly legible like its fellow Whistler models, and you can easily pick up the information transmitted with its distinct icons and through its screen without squinting or waiting for a more preferable lighting condition.

Brightness could be adjusted up or made dim or dark, the last especially beneficial if you want to slightly mask your radar detector from onlookers. The two LED signals on top of the radar detector pose a little more difficulty in hiding as it will shine brightly when the model detects radar threats. Tone alerts are also as dependable as the display.

While it is intended to be usable right off the box, its user can modify some of its settings to better fit both their environment and driving style. Of course, you do not need to change this every time it is turned on; the machine retains your preferences even when not in use. No need to fret in case you forget turning it off either. Through the Vehicle Battery Saver, the machine shuts off automatically.

Whistler Z-11R


Good radar range

The Whistler Z-11R+ is designed to detect the most commonly used radar and laser guns in North America. You are also shielded from radar guns on POP mode and other instantaneous signals such as those emitted by laser guns from all directions with the unit’s 360-degree Max coverage.

Driving modes

Similar to slightly more expensive models from Whistler, the Z-11R+ comes with three different city modes and a highway mode that would adjust its detection range appropriately for better protection. The sensitivity on the X-band could be adjusted as necessary or completely disabled if need be.

Alert Priority

The most used radar and laser guns in the United States vary per state. Through the Whistler Z-11R+, you can indicate which band type should be prioritized in case the radar detector picks up more than one signal at a time. This can also be used to reduce false alerts.

Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR)

Occasionally, radar detectors mistakenly identify signals from traffic sensors as a threat. That is not supposed to happen with the Whistler Z-11R+ which has TFSR. This is useful on highways in particular, where traffic sensors are commonly used.

Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection (FDSR)

Not all radar detectors at this price point can shield themselves from collision avoidance and blind-spot monitoring (BSM) systems, but the Whistler Z-11R+ can. FDSR should keep false alerts low by addressing these features that are often found on newer cars. Without it, the unit would alert continuously and be rendered useless because it is unable to tell which is a legitimate threat and which is not.

 Quiet/Auto Quiet Mode

Detected signals should not jolt you continuously while on a drive. The alerts on the Whistler will decrease in volume in every passing second. Moreover, with quiet and auto quiet mode, these could be completely canceled.

  • The interface is easy to understand and use
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Offers three different driving modes for the city and one for highway
  • Alert priority lets you rank different signals
  • Rejects signals from traffic sensors, blind-spot, and collision avoidance systems
  • Quiet and auto quiet mode keeps the radar detector from beeping all the time

  • The range could be improved
  • The filtering mechanism is not foolproof
  • The unit does not feel durable

Whistler Z-11R profile image

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Q: Does the Whistler Z-11R+ provide any protection against radar detector detectors (RDDs)?

A: It can go invisible against VG-2 and can also let you know if the unit is detected by the RDD. It offers no protection from Spectre models, however.

Q: What should I find in my package?

A: The box will come with the Whistler Z-11R+, a 12V power cord, a windshield bracket kit and a user guide.

Q: Can I use this radar detector overseas?

A: That depends. While designed for use in the United States, it can function elsewhere granted that the country in question uses some or all of the same radar and laser signals.

Q: How long is the warranty provided by Whistler?

A: A buyer can avail of a one-year warranty.

Q: Does the Whistler Z-11R+ contain a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC)?

A: No. Whistler reserves this for its maximum performance models (the Z-11R+ is categorized as high performance).

Review Conclusion

The Whistler Z-11R+ is a basic radar detector that can give a decent 360-degree radar and laser protection during your drives and adjust its range as necessary for both city and highway driving. The range is far from wide though and its filtering system does not perform consistently.

With the unit being a bare-bones model, it is wise to set expectations for the affordable Whistler Z-11R+. No, it is not a top performing radar detector, but it should be sufficient to make sure that you are riding within the limits and are free from speeding tickets.

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