Valentine One Radar Detector

Valentine One Radar Detector Review

All of us have been in a scenario where we have started speeding when driving on the highway. Everyone knows about speeding limits when driving, especially public roads that are used on by thousands of cars every day. However, drivers tend to go beyond the limit due to a myriad of distractions.

Whatever the reason, you’ll need a traffic radar detector to help you when you’re out on the road. And in this review, we’ll discuss how the Valentine One Radar Detector is designed to keep your alert about the nearby radar guns used by law enforcement. So let’s get started.

valentine one radar detector features

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V1 Review


  • K, Ka, X, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
  • 360° Protection against all types of Laser
  • Arrow Directional Indicators
  • Ku Band Detection
  • Rear Radar Antenna


The Valentine One Radar Detector is considered to be the best radar detector in today’s market when it comes to performance. It’s the best feature is that it can detect five different frequency bands that law enforcement uses daily. Thus, providing you a high-end form of protection against police radar guns. You can see how it fares with other lauded radar detectors, such as in our Uniden R3 VS Valentine One feature.

While the device’s design hasn’t changed throughout the years, the device’s technology has adapted with the industry’s technology advancements so it can work at its peak efficiency and assist drivers all across the world.

It has two antennae located on its external region and a windshield unit. Also, the radar detectors can determine all K, X and KA laser signals and radar bands. And it has improved detection for the Ku and Ka radar bands and extra directional indicators so you can find the directions that the signals show once it’s in detection mode.

It’s two antennae are used to find threatening signals near your car. This will protect you from police cruisers driving behind you and speed traps down the road. Its directional indicators give you clear information on the signal threat detection. The arrows will spot the origin of the laser and radar signals. A numerical display is used to notify you of the threats that are within your area.

The directional arrows are the best part of the design. When you receive an alert notification, the arrows tell you if the source is located at your side, back, or front. Directional alerts provide a sense of spatial awareness, making it easier to identify the radar source.

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Simple Installation

No longer do you have to spend hours configuring your device for it to work. With the Valentine One Radar Detector, you simply can install it in your vehicle. Place it on the dashboard, plug the power cord in the cigarette component and wait for the lights to indicate that it’s turned on.

Enhanced Detection & Hardware Updates

As we’ve stated earlier, Valentine One Radar Detector is known for its detection capabilities. With its K and Ka bands, users can find the presence of red light cameras and speed traps within your vicinity. It rivals even the more recent releases from its competitors, as one can conclude on our comparison of Escort Redline Ex VS Valentine One.

Also, Valentine offers software and hardware updates for that consumers can take advantage of when they send their previous model back to the manufacturer. This means that you’ll have a reliable radar detector that will protect you from getting a ticket on the highway. The newest updated versions can track the frequency bands that law enforcement uses.

Highway Efficiency

The V1 is best suited for highways. Highways have low radar signals, and the device can be used to make the signals quieter. With its front and rear 360 degree protective sensors, you can receive reports from all sides of your vehicle. It can spot law enforcement bands up to a mile away.


Heavy Weight

One flaw that we’ve noticed about the Valentine One Radar detector is its weight. When trying the device for the first time, we started to notice how heavy it was. Weighing in at 1.65 pounds, you can install it on your vehicle, but it is slightly heavier than competing radar detectors.

False Alerts

When you’re driving, the Valentine One does pick up false alerts when you’re on the highway. To explain, the K-band and X-band alert tones can be difficult to determine when you’re driving. To solve this issue, we suggest that you place the V1 on your windshield right above the rear view mirror using mount. This will help you see the directional arrows faster, making it easier to spot police activity.

It is good when detecting law enforcement when you’re driving over a hill. For instance, if you’re driving over a hill, and there’s law enforcement at the end of it with a speed trap, the V1 will pick it up.

However, the Valentine One’s lack of features also makes it the most effective detectors available. While it lacks auto mute and other alternative user settings, this radar detector was designed for performance, not for show.

The V1 is efficient and simple to use. Therefore its main drawback is also its key advantage. We suggest that you use the V1 if you want a model that specializes in functionality and advanced police detection.

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SAVVY – Valentine’s False Alert Solution

Mike Valentine has launched the new SAVVY feature, which is an external module that’s plugged into your car’s diagnostic port. You program the device to a specific speed threshold.

You can read about how it fares against more recent releases in filtering out false alerts through our feature, Escort Max 360 VS Valentine One.

For example, let’s keep it at a range from 15 – 60 mph. Any alert that your detector receives beyond this threshold is ignored.

This results in the Valentine One alerting you as you drive by every gas station, shopping center, and bank within your neighborhood. Fortunately, you won’t be annoyed by constant beeps coming from the device.

Control Knob

Every radar detection device needs customized settings for the user, and the Valentine One won’t leave your empty handed. With its control knob, you can adjust the on/off setting, control the volume, and mute the device when driving in heavy traffic locations.

Consumer Opinion

Consumer reviews about the Valentine One Radar Detector were fairly positive. Here’s what they had to say:

Without question, their most praised feature is the Valentine One’s detection range. Through a series of real-world tests by professional reviewers and users have discovered that no device can spot laser signals and radar as accurately as the Valentine One. Users who found other difficulties with the device have expressed a positive reception towards the Valentine One’s performance.

Unlike competing products, the Valentine One Radar Detector can monitor and detect various signals simultaneously. The arrows notify you on threats in multiple directions, and its numeric indicator will tell you the laser or radar signals that’s detected. Also, it can notify you when bad signals are present.  

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Countless devices filter out false laser and radar signals that are detected when driving. This includes traffic equipment (i.e. stoplights, etc) that’s installed on roads.

The Valentine One is the only detector radar that can detect junk signals. Even though you will have to deal with alerts, its a good feeling to know that some of them are junk. For example, Valentine shows a “V1” or “J” to alert of a false signal.

When competing devices spot false alarms, users have to go through the annoying sounds until you move out of the origin point or mute the device.

Finally, consumers state that the Valentine One has a great design. While skeptics will say that the device has a “boxy” and uninspired appearance, there are some benefits behind it. The devices black finish helps blend it with your car’s dashboard, and its lack of metallic finish eliminates annoying reflected light that might get in your way while you’re driving.

Buying Advice

While you can buy the Valentine One from a multitude of resellers online, we recommend that you head towards Amazon. Aside from having the best price offering under $498, you can benefit from having free shipping directly towards your doorstep.

Not only this but by purchasing this detector from Amazon, you can search the thousands of detailed customer reviews on the site.

Drivers have used Valentine’s brand throughout the past twenty years, which is less than the well known Escort, protect drivers from receiving traffic tickets from local highway police radar devices. The only downside is that the Valentine One doesn’t have the most appealing design or ease of use features on the market that’s easy for beginners.

Still, the Valentine One Radar Detector is one of the best performers available. If you’re looking for a traffic radar detector, then the Valentine One is the best choice. If you’re into devices with more flashy designs than this might not be the right radar detector for you.


The Valentine One is the radar detector that every driver should have. Not only does it offer 360-degree protection due to its front and rear antennae, but it’s also upgradeable and stylish, making it a necessity when driving in today’s modern cars.

By keeping it maintained and checked periodically, you’ll be rewarded with a high-quality detection device that can potentially save you from getting a speeding ticket.

Do you have any additional questions about the Valentine One Radar Detector?

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