Introducing the JBV1 App for Valentine One

27th Jul,2020

JBV1 is an app designed specifically for the Valentine 1 and Valentine Gen 2. It supplements your radar detector with road awareness, filter threats, and more.

Without it, you might not be using your Valentine radar detector to its full potential—learn more about the app below.

JBV1’s Coolest Features

Most likely, your phone accompanies you wherever you go. With the JBV1 installed, you are apprised on road conditions regardless of your location, making it real handy!

The JBV1 is capable of that, and then some. Here is a partial list of all the cool things it can do:

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…and the list goes on! The capabilities of the JBV1 is wide-reaching, and with possible future updates, you can only expect more.

Although, it should be noted that some of the features mentioned above will require wireless connection. They can be enabled via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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How to Use the JBV1

The features are abundant, but how does the usability of the JBV1 rank? As you would expect, a feature-packed app such as this would require some time to learn all the controls. 

The setup is easy, as all it requires is the standard download from your app store [1]. It is advised that you grant the app permission to access your storage as well as your location. This will allow it to provide more accurate data.

As for the settings for each individual feature, there are detailed guides on the JBV1 website to help you out step by step.

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How to Run the JBV1 By Itself

If you do not have either the original Valentine One or the newly-released Gen2, or if you have a radar detector from a different brand, you can still benefit from the many features of the JBV1. To do this, you will need to go into the app and enable the standalone mode.

Before enabling the standalone mode, the blue button on the main page should be labeled “Connect” to connect to your Valentine radar detector. The procedure to change this is easy. 

Start by going into “Menu”, look for Settings” and then locate “Connection”. Once you have found that, look for “Other Options: Standalone”. From there you can enable or “Unlock” the standalone mode.

Afterwards, return to the main screen and press the blue start button. From there, the app should be able to run on its own, independent of a radar detector. If the blue “Start” button still says “Connect”, then you may have to run through the steps again.

On its own, the JBV1 app should still be able to receive real-time alerts from the community, display speed limit information, detect speed traps, gather weather info and be capable of RLC alerts.

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Utilizing the JBV1 app is an endless learning experience—with all the settings and features, not to mention the improvements with each update that happens from time to time, the app can be daunting to familiarize and use.

But if you have a Valentine 1 or Valentine Gen 2, the worth of the aid and the whole other level of efficiency the JBV1 app offers is indisputable. Using the app on its own also supplies you with invaluable information on the road.

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