Valentine 1 Gen 2 Radar Detector Review

24th Jun,2021

After Valentine experienced a lot of success with their Valentine One Radar Detector, they have finally released the second generation model. The V1 Gen 2 looks sleek and modern but still packs all of the features I loved about the Gen 1.

But is the new Gen 2 a better device than its predecessor? Let’s take a more in-depth look at the design, features, and reliability of Valentine’s new V1 Gen 2 Radar Detector.




Valentine has revamped its legendary older model with a whole new look. The new V1 Gen 2 is sleeker than the previous device and has more of a premium feel. The previous model had a volume knob, but this had a dated look and has been replaced with easy-to-use volume buttons on the Gen 2.

The V1 Gen 2’s new design is much easier for drivers to use, and the switch to volume buttons makes the device easier for motorcyclists to use even when wearing gloves. The main power button is also very clear on the Gen 2. The paired-down design eliminates a lot of fussy controls for a more modern, minimalist look.

Valentine has also switched the display screen to a full LED interface which clearly shows all the information you need. Valentine has refrained from using the increasingly popular multi-color OLEDs because LED screens are much easier to read in bright sunlight.

Valentine also opted to stick with the old-school red color lighting which makes it easier to read your band indicator display in low-light conditions. The uncluttered display on the Gen 2 is easy to navigate and understand at a glance.


Longer Range

The usability and efficacy of a radar detector depends mainly on its range. The greater the range, the more time the driver or rider has to react accordingly to a speed trap. It’s here where the V1 Gen 2 has made the biggest strides over the previous model.

The Gen 2 has an impressive range of over 2500 feet depending on the signal it’s trying to detect, instantly making it one of the industry-leading devices in terms of range. It’s not quite as powerful as the Uniden R7, but it’s certainly better than most other radar detectors on the market.

The V1 Gen 2 can also detect radar signals in all directions, whether they are ahead, behind, or even on either side of the vehicle. This is achieved by a laser scanner and radar antenna mounted on the front of the device as well as another antenna dedicated to watching through your rear window.

You can even amplify the Gen 2’s range even more by installing the JBV1 app made for Valentine.

Scan Times

If you opened up the original V1 and the new Gen 2, you’d see a stark difference under the casing. Valentine have completely changed the internal components on the Gen 2 for a quantum performance leap over the previous model.

The V1 Gen 2 can sweep through all of the usual band ranges (K, Ka, X) at lightning-fast speeds thanks to its powerful SAW D²L radar setup, which is a military-grade system. This stands for “Surface Acoustic Wave Dispersive Delay Line” and enables the Gen 2 to clock a radar gun at incredible speed. The Gen 2 even outpaces the police radar guns themselves!

Although some of the Gen 2’s various modes will slow the detection speed down slightly, the sheer power and speed of this device is seriously impressive.

False Alerts

With a highly sensitive device, false alerts are to be expected. However, the V1 Gen 2 has drastically improved its false alert filters compared to the previous model and is also a much quieter device, preventing an overwhelming array of false alerts while driving.

Valentine have installed their new K-Verifier BSM filter onto the Gen 2. This clever system is responsible for filtering out false alerts and is instantly a top-performing filter compared to its rivals. While the K-Verifier won’t eliminate false alerts entirely, any false signals that do get through come with a much quieter and weaker notification and won’t put you off.

Compared to rival detectors, the V1 Gen 2’s false alert filtering blocks out a lot more commonly encountered false signals, such as automatic doors or the safety devices found on modern cars. The Gen 2 also has different filtering modes available for different signal bands.

Logic Mode

Logic Mode is the V1 Gen 2’s dedicated K band setting. When filtering in Logic Mode, the V1 Gen 2 will actively alert you of any K band signals being used by police radar guns but will also mute weaker, false K band signals such as garage door openers or the BSM systems used in other vehicles on the road.

As you approach the K band signal discovered by the Gen 2, the device will provide a normal type of alert. This is where the Gen 2’s impressive range and scanning power comes into play.

Advanced Logic Mode

Advanced Logic Mode is the setting that Valentine suggests you use when driving through the city. Like the Logic Mode, this setting is designed to pick up K band signals. However, in this more powerful mode, even more K band signals usually found in urban areas are filtered out.

This helps prevent a police radar gun from catching you unawares because your radar detector couldn’t sort through all the conflicting signals. With Advanced Logic Mode, weaker K band alerts are hidden on both the display and from audio alerts to help you concentrate.

Once you get closer to the source of the K band alert, the notifications will get stronger.


Most radar detectors worth their salt now include Bluetooth as a basic feature, but it was noticeably absent in the Valentine 1 Gen 1. The new Gen 2 model remedies this, with a fully integrated Bluetooth system with a dedicated symbol on the LED screen.

The Gen 2’s Bluetooth system allows you to pair it with your phone. To make this an even more useful feature, Valentine has opened the Gen 2 up for compatibility with third-party apps that you can use on your phone. This helps add even more functionality to the V1 Gen 2.

Programming and Setup

As it was with the original V1 radar detector, setting up the Gen 2 is pretty straightforward. Valentine has simplified the programming of the device to make it easy to use.

While you can adjust some modes and settings using the Gen 2’s display, the easiest way to change things is to use Valentine’s dedicated V1connection app on your phone. The app also unlocks some settings that cannot be altered using the device itself.

Using the V1connection app also allows you to remotely update the software on your Gen 2 device whenever Valentine rolls out new updates.

RDD Immunity

Law enforcement departments are now more capable of combating radar detectors than ever before. As radar detectors get better and better, police officers are finding new ways to detect your radar detector.

To combat this issue, Valentine built the V1 Gen 2 with RDD (Radar Detector Detector) immunity. This feature helps make your Gen 2 device harder to detect, and it works so well that the V1 Gen 2 is virtually invisible to Spectre RDDs.

Laser Detection

Valentine’s V1 Gen 2 carries over its laser detection feature from its predecessor. When using laser detection, always check to see if it’s legal in your state [1].

However, like the original V1, the Gen 2’s laser detection system can be a little hit and miss. It picks up quite a lot of false alerts such as safety devices in other vehicles which use laser technology. The laser filtering on the Gen 2 can’t always weed out these false signals, but its sensitivity to laser radar guns is still on par with the previous model.


When it comes to price, the Valentine V1 Gen 2 isn’t miles away from the original V1. Although the new model does have a higher price tag, it does also come with useful new features such as Bluetooth connectivity.


The V1 Gen 2 is also compatible with several useful accessories from Valentine, which we’ll take a look at down below.


SAVVY is an accessory that allows you to mute your V1 Gen 2 if you need to do so. However, you can also get this function through the V1connection app and control it using your phone.

Remote Audio Adapter

Some owners may prefer the volume knob on the previous Gen 1 model rather than the dedicated buttons on the Gen 2. If so, you can opt for the remote audio adapter. This brings back the volume knob while also adding an extra headphone jack. While not necessary for car drivers, this accessory may prove useful for motorcyclists.


Mounting a radar detector to the rearview mirror can help you to navigate certain radar detector laws as some states don’t allow you to mount a radar detector on your windshield.

BlendMount offers dedicated mounts for the Valentine V1 Gen 2 that allow you to attach the device directly to your rearview mirror. This can give you a better line of sight while driving and will also prevent suction cups from failing in hotter climates.


Although the Valentine V1 Gen 2 has great performance and useful features, there are a couple of drawbacks with this new device.


Like its predecessor, the V1 Gen 2 doesn’t come with a built-in GPS function, which helps when driving in urban areas because it detects speed cameras and red lights. Valentine states that GPS can sometimes prevent genuine radar gun signals from being identified by radar detectors and don’t include it on their devices.

However, you can get around this by using Bluetooth connectivity to pair your phone to the Gen 2 device. This will allow you to use third-party apps such as JBV1 that add a GPS feature to your V1 Gen 2. But spending $500 on a radar detector without GPS included may be a deal-breaker for some customers.

Reliability Issues

When it was first released, the original Valentine V1 had bulletproof reliability. However, the Gen 2 had several issues after launch including terminal power failures. Although Valentine quickly addressed these problems, it took a while to resolve them completely.

Current models of the Gen 2 shouldn’t suffer from these issues. There may still be some niggling problems related to the physical device, such as the display panel peeling off. This is something to bear in mind.

Vulnerable to MRCD / MRCT

The Valentine V1 Gen 2 also lacks performance when it comes to MRCD and MRCT radar guns. These low-powered devices can be undetectable despite the Gen 2’s impressive signal sensitivity, leaving you vulnerable.

Turning the K-Verifier BSM filter off can help mitigate this issue, but it will also come with an increased number of false signals. The V1 Gen 2 doesn’t have a dedicated setting to combat MRCD/MRCT radar guns, so if these are used regularly in your area you can be caught out.

Valentine 1 Gen 2 Radar Detector Review Conclusion

Valentine’s V1 Gen 2 is a huge improvement over its predecessor, with an impressive range compared to most rival devices and an extremely powerful detection system. The Gen 2 also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and provides a more convenient interface than the original V1.

Despite not including GPS as standard, this can be fixed by using third-party apps. The main drawback of the Gen 2 is a lack of protection against MRCD and MRCT radar signals, but these aren’t yet widespread across the country. Check the devices used by law enforcement in your local area.

For the amount of performance that the Gen 2 offers, the price is extremely affordable. The Valentine V1 Gen 2 is easily one of the best radar detectors available on the market today.

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