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Valentine 1 Gen 2 Radar Detector Review

Valentine 1 has finally come out with a second generation. Also known as the V1 Gen 2, you will find all the features you love on the Gen 1 but everything is faster and better. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the features of this new radar detector from Valentine.



Valentine has revamped its older but legendary model with a whole new look. The new V1 Gen 2 is sleeker with volume buttons now to replace the older looking knob. The new design is easier for users to maneuver.

The display screen is now also fully LED, displaying all the necessary information. They also opted to stick with the old school red lighting and not the popular multi-color OLEDs because it’s easier to view in sunny weather.


Longer Range

The usability and efficacy of the radar detector depend largely on the range. The longer the range, or further the range, the more time the driver or rider has to act accordingly.

The sensitivity and range detection on the new V1 Gen 2 it has a range of 2500 feet before the hidden law enforcement officer, red light or speed light camera is right beside you.

You can amplify this feature by installing the JBV1 app made for Valentine.

Scan Times

The V1 Gen 2 has the ability to sweep across all banks (X, Ka, K) at lighting fast speeds. Even if the officer only turns on his radar gun for just a second to clock you and try to pass by undetected, your radar detector will have already picked him up.

The V1 is able to identify the radar gun at insane speeds, much faster than what police radar guns can do. This means that if you have the V1 Gen 2 sitting on your dash, you have nothing to worry about.

False Alerts

With high sensitivity, comes false alerts. It can be said that it even comes hand in hand. However, the V1 Gen 2 has improved its false alert filters and lowered the volume to boot.

The BSM filter is responsible for filtering out false alerts. Some things may still set it off and give you a false notification, but because those signals are often weaker, the notification it gives off is also weaker and not as loud.

Logic Mode

This is for K bands. For this type of filtering, your V1 Gen 2 will actively alert you of K band signals but mute weaker ones that may come from garage door openers and other ones of the same frequency.

Advanced Logic Mode

This is similar to the logic mode but it does the job even more excessively. It filters out even more K bands, which makes this the best mode for urban areas. How weak the signal is will be how weak the notification is until you get closer to the source.


Bluetooth is a basic feature we see in a lot of radar detectors now, but it was noticeably absent in the Valentine 1 Gen 1. The Valentine Gen 2 now has this feature integrated into the device with a little light-up symbol when it’s connected.

The Bluetooth now supports third-party apps running from your phone, however, it’s useful to note that the V1 Gen 2 does not feature GPS.

Programming and Setup

Making sure a device is intuitive and easy to use is one thing a lot of users look for. You can adjust some settings on the V1 radar detector itself, but that isn’t always the easiest to do. The easier way would be to use compatible apps.

The programming is simplified and the setup is relatively easy, as is with Gen 1.

RDD Immunity

Law enforcement is now more in tune than ever with radar detectors. As radar detectors get better and better, police officers are now equipped with radar detector detectors. They work the other way and alert police officers of the presence of your radar detector.

To combat this issue, the V1 Gen 2 has RDD (radar detector detector) immunity, but just how well does it work? It is virtually undetectable by the Spectre RDD. 

Laser Detection

Not only do you have radar protection in the V1 Gen 2, but you should check to see if it’s legal in your state [1]. However, Gen 1 and Gen 2 do provide quite a bit of false alerts in terms of laser filtering, but the sensitivity is still on par.


The price is comparable to Gen 1, but since it does have extra features such as Bluetooth, which can be very useful, it is at a higher price tag.


What is this amazing, new, and improved radar detector compatible with? Let’s take a look. 


You can purchase something called the SAVVY, which gives your new radar detector the ability to mute. However, this function is also controllable via your phone.

Remote Audio Adapter

If you like the knob the V1 Gen 1 had before, you can opt for the remote audio adapter to give you the knob and an extra headphone jack as well so you can hear everything. You may not need it if you drive a car, but for the motorcyclists, this proves to be quite useful.


Mounting a radar detector to your rearview mirror may not only be a preference but a necessity. Some states don’t allow you to mount it on your windshield and sometimes, suction cups are susceptible to failure in hotter weather.

This is when you can opt for a Blendmount and attach it straight to your rearview mirror. This also keeps it out of your way and gives you a clear line of sight.

Valentine 1 Gen 2 Review Conclusion

The Valentine 1 Gen 2 offers more advanced features compared to the Gen 1 and integrates Bluetooth and provides a more convenient interface. The price is affordable for a new and improved design with not only upgraded features but also a sleeker look.