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Valentine Research, Inc. is a secretly held organization that plans, produces, and offers electronic gadgets straightforwardly to clients. Originator and President Mike Valentine has been building actually propelled items since the first Radar Warning Receiver in 1976.

They won’t discover the Valentine One Radar Detectors or any of our different items in stores. While retailers are profoundly energetic to make the introductory deal, their prosperity relies on upon long haul consumer loyalty. They assume full liability for all that we make. Should a client ever have an issue, they need to know promptly.


Valentine one radar detectors V1 live up to expectations awesome on cruisers, particularly when matched with our Remote Audio Adapter.


This Adapter is somewhat discovery that permits you to independent the notice sound from V1 itself, and move that sound wherever you need it. The Adapter has its own speaker and volume control, so you can hear it out straightforwardly, or you can connect earphones to its indispensable jacks and have the sound inside your head protector. Aside from the standard earphone jacks, every single electrical association is made with our typical RJ11 telephone jacks, so they never unplug themselves.


Our Concealed Display frill permits you to migrate visual cautioning far from Valentine one radar detectors, on the off chance that you locate this alluring for your specific establishment.


Our standard Valentine one radar detectors windshield mount, with its twin suction glasses, works fine on windshields that have slant points like autos… unless ebb and flow in the arrangement perspective is excessively compelling. You be the judge on that point.


Any plastic windshield you can see through is most likely alright to mount behind. We’ve tried acrylic and polycarbonate (Lexan is a tradename) on Valentine one radar detectors and they’re great.

Mounting behind fairings is likewise plausibility… if the material is plastic. Fiberglass more often than not works alright, carbon fibres is terrible, and watch out for metallic paints all things considered. Keep in mind, any metal backings in the receiving wire’s “field of perspective” will likely reduce gathering, possibly a bit, perhaps a great deal. Furthermore, mounting behind any misty item will demolish laser cautioning, obviously.

In the event that you have questions about your area, discover a grocery store with a microwave entryway opener; while you’re in the parking area, point your bicycle directly at the entryway, then do an A-B test.

Keeping up Valentine one radar detectors – THE REAR WARNING:

In the event that you mount specifically before the rider, you’ll square both the back laser sensor and the back radar receiving wire. Back laser cautioning is once in a while accommodating, so don’t stress over much over that.

Back radar, be that as it may, is exceptionally valuable, and you can do the slightest damage to you’re back mounting so as to gather Valentine one radar detectors V1 as far forward as could be expected under the circumstances. Along these lines, your body hinders a smaller portion of the radio wire’s field of perspective (See going with the below diagram).

valentine one cruiser

THE BIG DON’T… V1 IS NOT WATERPROOF: Nor are the embellishments. A couple drops of water on the outside shouldn’t be a masterpiece, however in the event that the inner parts get wet while the force is joined, you’ll make a wreck that is extravagant to correct.

Comparison: Valentine one radar detectors V1 VS Escort Passport Max and a brief Valentine radar detector reviews:

David Cardinal on 24th January, 2014 reported a comparison on the Valentine One V1 with the Escort’s new Passport Max, in For more than two decades, the Valentine one radar detectors has been lord of the radar-detector slope. With its one of a kind front-and-back sensor construction modelling, simple to-utilize controls, and brilliant gadgets, it has overwhelmed the business for the individuals who wouldn’t fret burning through $400 or more on a detector. Standard merchant Escort’s new Passport Max ($550) plans to unseat Valentine one radar detectors V1 with more components, better commotion dismissal, and an updatable database of known radars and cameras. We put these two challengers through their paces in a month-long street test that included urban driving, rural driving, and a 1200-mile street trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas and back through the Central Valley and the Mojave Desert — fittingly enough to cover CES.

Basic comparison:

Both the Valentine one radar detectors V1 and the Passport Max highlight a full suite of sensors, including K-band, Ka-band, the more established X-band, and laser (otherwise known as LIDAR). Both will let you know which band is dynamic — with Valentine one radar detectors V1 having separate lights for every so you can check whether there are numerous diverse groups being used, while the Max will likewise declare the band to you. They both offer a sliding scale to judge the seriousness of a danger, demonstrated by ready volume and by a line of lights. Both accompany a 12v cigarette-lighter-perfect force line. The Max’s rope has catches that can be utilized to quiet a caution or to stamp an area. Both units have great suction container mounts that remained focused a lot of driving on notable Route 66 — a percentage of the bumpiest expressway you’re prone to experience.

valentine one radar detectors features

Recognizing intruder

Unless a radar detector alarms you to dynamic radars and rate traps so as to take care of them, its different components aren’t worth much. The Valentine one radar detectors and the Max, as befitting the leads of two of the top firms in the radar location industry, both convey on this score. Without a costly and unlawful logical examination including a considerable measure of speeding, it is difficult to know for certain, however just about no matter what when I saw a police vehicle that was liable to have its radar dynamic I’d as of now been alarmed by both detectors much sooner. In controlled-test situations, both detectors caution to radar signals at a separation more remote than the extent that they can be utilized to get a perusing on your speed.

At times one detector would sound off initially, and here and there the other, however it was regularly close to a few seconds between them. All the radar groups performed phenomenally, despite the fact that the Valentine one radar detectors appeared to improve grabbing laser. I discovered the V1’s course bolts exceptionally accommodating (they indicate whether it supposes an intruder is before you, as an afterthought, behind, or some mix of headings), so they gave me a feeling of both where to look and whether the risk was passing me and staying in front or behind.

False advantages:

While not perilous, false alerts diminish a detector’s adequacy and add to a driver’s anxiety. While the Max improved employment than Valentine one radar detectors V1 of not activating when passing roadway speed sensors, it was all the more a blended sack when it came to other false cautions. In rural driving the Max sifted through the normal issues of movement indicators at auto merchants and malls a great deal more viably than the V1, yet in the country Central Valley it had a harder time sifting through signs from agrarian gear.

Assisting making up with for any issues with the Max’s sign separating is its GPS ability. Any sign you go in the same area three times is consequently hailed as a false caution and quieted. That implies that normal drives like your day by day drive get more serene — and less unpleasant — basically by being rehashed. Then again you can press the catch on the force string three times to check the as of now identified radar as a false alert. These elements make the Max a genuine champ for rural driving and for thruways with implanted pace sensors that aren’t sifted through at first. A membership to Escort’s Defender database ($20/year) permits the downloading of known velocity cameras and traps.

valentine one vs escort passport max

Client interface

The Valentine one radar detectors highlight a dependable, simple to utilize set of controls. As a V1 proprietor for a long time, I never considered the controls’ outline until I began testing it against the Max. TheV1 has an inconceivably basic and simple to utilize interface. The fundamental handle turns it on and off, and sets the volume — while pushing it quiets the present danger. A second and genuinely simple to turn modification controls the quieted volume. That is it. The controls are accommodatingly turned outward somewhat towards the (left-side) driver. By differentiation the Max has about six distinct controls on the highest point of the detector. With an inclined windshield it is practically difficult to see which control is which by perusing the names when the indicator is mounted. You have to remember their area. Not a major issue on the off chance that you drive and utilization it consistently, however it is still a touch hard to hit the right one while driving.

Mostly making up for the hard to utilize catches, the Max highlights a pleasant front LCD that shows your present velocity. I discovered this shockingly valuable and regularly less demanding to peruse and less diverting than looking down to see my auto’s speedometer. One difficult to-comprehend plan choice is the nonstop moving bolts on the right half of the LCD. They don’t appear to serve any capacity other than giving a futile diversion, in spite of the fact that I’d love to hear that they do fill some need. At the point when asked, Escort said that a firmware redesign should uproot the irritating liveliness, yet it didn’t on his unit.

Valentine one radar detectors products in store:

Listed below are a few samples of Valentine one radar detectors company’s products apart from the huge list available.

  1. Valentine One Radar Detectors with Laser Warning:

Valentine one radar detectors – laser Incorporates: windshield mount; visor mount; lighter connector; force rope, looped (2 ft. extends to 8 ft.); force string, straight (8 ft.); direct-wire power connector; wiring-bridle connector; proprietor’s manual; extra suction containers; extra breaker.

valentine one radar detector

  1. Valentine one radar detectors V1 connection, for Android

valentine one radar detector android connection

Valentine one radar detectors connection is a Bluetooth-enabled module about the size of your thumb. A three-inch cable is included to plug into the ACC jack of V1’s power adapter. This module communicates wirelessly with your Android device when you’ve installed the necessary application, which we call ‘V1connection, the app’. Adding to that, this type of module has no buttons or knobs and it needs no hands-on inputs from you once it’s installed and paired with your handheld. You can position it out of sight anywhere in your car’s interior.

Imperative similarity prerequisites: Valentine one radar detectors connection lives up to expectations with all V1s however its full ability is accessible just from V1s with ESP.

  1. Valentine one radar detectors V1 connection LE, for iPhone

valentine one iphone connection

Valentine one radar detectors connection LE is a Bluetooth®-empowered module about the measure of your thumb that remotely interfaces V1 to your perfect iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Pick among four data screens whenever: one recreates Valentine one radar detectors V1’s front-board notices progressively, in addition to recurrence of the Priority Alert; another presentations up four detector-bolt sets in a quadrant exhibit, one for every radar band empowered and one for laser if less than four radar groups are dynamic, another demonstrates the persistently overhauled Threat Picture highlighting our new Arrow-in-the-Box idea, a progressive method for dissecting radar dangers.

Critical similarity necessities: Valentine one radar detectors V1 connection LE lives up to expectations with all V1s yet its full ability is accessible just from V1s with ESP. (Check for the ESP logo on the front board underneath the Control Knob.)

  1. SAVVY – Valentine one radar detectors

valentine one savvy

SAVVY turns down the volume of V1’s cautions consequently at low speeds. Clever has only one control, a thumb wheel to set a rate limit. Beneath your set point, the sound comes through on Valentine one radar detectors’ Muted Volume (set this with Valentine one radar detectors V1’s Control Lever). Over the limit you hear the typical din you’ve set with the V1’s Control Knob. SAVVY stays about outside of anyone’s ability to see down close to your guiding segment where it serves as V1’s energy source. It replaces the Lighter Adapter or, in “hidden wire” establishments, the Direct-wire Power Adapter.

  1. Valentine one radar detectors – Grand Touring Package

valentine one grand touring package

Valentine One Radar detectors with Laser cautioning incorporates (thing 20015) and SAVVY (thing 20220) in an extraordinarily valued bundle. If it’s not too much trouble note: returned things initially sold in this bundle will be discounted as takes after: V1 alone $440; SAVVY alone $50; the complete bundle, $440.

Valentine One Radar Detector Review

Valentine one radar detectors sale review says that it provides increased speeding ticket. Instead of stepping up to the new Passport 9500ix, the individual has saved up for a V1. As a diplomatic gesture, he tried installing it in the car on first day, so he could see the value of $399 well spent in real.  Hence Valentine One radar detectors hold x numbers of positive reviews and thus it is demanded by potential people.

Valentine One Radar Detector
Valentine One Radar Detector


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