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Valentine One vs Escort RedLine

Radar detectors are devices that must be 100% functional at any given moment. To have a radar detector that is trusted, you should buy a high-quality device. If you try to save money here, you will get a speeding ticket, eventually. This means that you are going to waste money you would invest in your radar detector. Also, there are many radar detectors on the market. You can choose between different models, prices, features, and shapes. However, the best devices are the most expensive one, due to the fact they use the latest technology and they improved all the time.

Two radar detectors that will attract your attention

As aforementioned, there are many different radar detectors. At the moment, two, most interesting models are Valentine One and Escort RedLine. Both of them are hi-end devices with the best features you can find on the market. To determine which radar detector is the best, we had to test them.

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The beginning of Valentine One vs Escort RedLine combat

A battle between Valentine One vs Escort RedLine is a tough one because both radar detectors offer similar features and both of them are well-known for their efficiency. Valentine One vs Escort RedLine begins with getting to know these radar detectors a bit better. Then, we will compare the details about them and try to decide which is better.

Valentine One

Valentine One is the oldest radar detector on the market because it was announced in 1992. However, it has been improved many times since then, so it is a brand new model right now. This means that Valentine One vs Escort RedLine battle is even harder. The latest update includes reducing false alerts, improving sensitivity, and enhancing undetectability. In fact, it’s one of the best concealed detectors today. This is mandatory due to the fact police constantly improve their radar technology. The latest update costs around $200, so it isn’t cheap. On the other side, you will get a perfect radar detector. This means that testing Valentine One vs Escort RedLine is even more difficult. We believe that the details will be the most important.


Escort RedLine

Escort RedLine is one of the not so many opponents that can be compared with Valentine One. Valentine One vs Escort RedLine is serious combat because both radar detectors are very good at what they do. The latest model comes with a 1-year warranty and significant improvements. Of course, we will talk about them later. The design is similar to the Valentine One. Both have red displays and both have similar dimensions. However, Escort RedLine has a much bigger display so using it is a bit easier. On the other side, both radar detectors have displays that are LED powered, so we can say that they are obsolete, because there are radar detectors on the market that have colored displays. Valentine One vs Escort RedLine goes much further than just comparing their designs and displays.

The prices

The prices are one of the most important factors when you buy your new radar detector. Both devices cost more than $400. If we know that there are radar detectors for less than $100 on the market, this makes Valentine One and Escort RedLine more special than other radar detectors. Both of them can be purchased with additional equipment, so the prices can be higher. We compared the basic prices for both models:valentine one vs escort redline price compare

The differences in the prices are minimal, so it cannot affect on choosing the right radar detector. To find which radar detector is the best in the Valentine One vs Escort RedLine battle, you need more information.

Valentine One vs Escort RedLine ratings

We compared how the owners of these radar detectors rated these models. In the chart below, you can see the average score, several reviews and the percentage of owners who gave a 5-star rate.valentine one vs escort redline reviews

In general, owners claim that both radar detectors are similar, so they have similar rates and similar reviews. However, the next step will be finding a difference between these models.

Valentine One vs Escort RedLine features

The Valentine One can detect X, K, Ka and Ku bands. It has a rear antenna and can detect police radars all around it. Ku is the latest band that police in Europe use. Soon, it will be used in the United States, so having a radar detector with this feature is recommended. The combination of antennas is useful in detecting police radars in front of a car but also at the back of a car. Laser guns are a huge problem for most radar detectors because they use a different signal. Valentine One is specially designed to locate these signals as well, so if police use laser guns in your area, this may be the best radar detector for you.

Escort RedLine also detects X, K, Ka, and wide Ka bands. Even better, this radar detector has built-in protection, which means that the devices used by police that should detect radar detectors are useful. If radar detectors are banned in your country, this may be an extremely useful feature. The auto mode is improved as well, so the number of false alerts is reduced. You all know that false alerts are a common thing for most radar detectors because they detect frequencies used by other systems, except police radars.

Both radar detectors have dual antenna systems, so alert time is better than on other radar detectors. Also, both of them use the power cord so they aren’t battery-powered. Radar detectors that use batteries are not effective and they are usually much cheaper models.

Comparing Valentine One vs Escort RedLine is much easier now because we know that there are some differences in their features and design.

Comparing Valentine One vs Escort RedLine alert distances

All radar detectors use different bands to detect police radars. However, some of these bands are harder to detect than others, so radar detectors are not very useful. To find a winner in the Valentine One vs Escort RedLine battle, we compared alert distances of both devices:valentine one vs escort redline alert distances

*The shown values are in feet.

As you can see, Escort RedLine has a better alert distance. This means that it will alert you a bit sooner than Valentine One. However, the differences are small.

In the case of a photo radar test, the values are almost the same. You can check them in the next chart.valentine one vs escort redline photo radar distances

In almost all cases, Escort RedLine has better alert distances. This means that you can drive safer because you know that your radar detector will alert you on police radar when there is a need for that. Valentine One vs Escort RedLine comparison is a bit easier now.

Valentine One vs Escort RedLine drawbacks

Like everything that exists, these radars have their drawbacks. They are not big disadvantages, but it is useful to know them. For example, Escort RedLine has an interface that is a bit more complicated than a Valentine One. Also, the number of false alerts is a bit higher so if you hate this, choosing this radar detector isn’t the best alternative. On the other side, Valentine One has a lower number of false alerts but its alert distances are a bit shorter, so it is less safe. On the other side, using Valentine One is much easier than using the Escort RedLine, so elderly people will love it.

Which radar detector is better in the Valentine One vs Escort RedLine battle?

Valentine One vs Escort RedLine has been incredibly hard, but we saw all the advantages and all disadvantages of tested radar detectors. At the first sight, choosing Escort RedLine is a wise decision, but Valentine One has an ‘’ace in the sleeve’’. As aforementioned, Valentine One is constantly updated, and owners of old devices can use the update. Escort RedLine doesn’t have this feature, so when it is obsolete, a new version will hit the market. This means that you will have to buy a new version at full price. On the other side, Valentine One upgrade varies from $100 to $200 so you don’t have to buy a new radar detector after a few years, because you can use an update. Simply said, you will be replacing your $400 radar detector, every year, for $200. Due to this ‘’trick,’’ we can say that Valentine One is a winner in the Valentine One vs Escort RedLine battle. If you don’t like these glowing arrows, you can use an additional, concealed display. It is available for $38. If you’re looking for cheaper option, see our under $250 radar detector list.

On the other side, if you want the ultimate protection and you don’t want to save money, because you buy a new police radar as soon it is available on the market, Escort RedLine is a better choice because it has better alert distances.



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