Escort Redline Ex VS Valentine One

09th Feb,2022

At this moment two of the most interesting radar detectors are the Escort Redline Ex and the Valentine One. This article correctly dubbed Escort Redline Ex vs Valentine One aims to pit these two high-end devices against each other to help you determine which of them is the best. Let’s begin.

Features of Both Radar Detectors

Below are the features we are going to highlight in the Escort Redline Ex Vs Valentine One battle;


The Valentine One is able to detect X, K, Ka as well as Ku bands. It comes with a rear antenna which makes it easy to recognize police antennas within the vicinity. With two antennas working in tandem, with one at the front and the other at the back, this radar detector is very useful in identifying police radars both in front and behind the vehicle.

Where other radar detectors seem to struggle with laser guns due to the fact that they use a very different signal, the Valentine One is uniquely designed to spot these signals efficiently.

The Escort Redline Ex is also able to detect X, K, Ka, and wide Ka bands. It at this moment is unable to detect Ku bands, so the Valentine One gets the edge here. The Escort Redline Ex comes with a much-improved hide mode which makes your radar detector undetectable by police radars.

The automode has been updated, causing the number of false-positive to drastically reduce. It also comes with a dual antenna system, which helps to speed up alert time over other radar detectors.

The two devices are also powered by the car, so you can be sure of them not cutting out when you need them the most. Radar detectors powered by batteries are usually not as effective.

Enhanced Detection & Updates

The Valentine One is renowned for its detection capabilities. Both the Escort Redline Ex and the Valentine One are able to seamlessly detect K and Ka bands making it easier for drivers to find speed traps and red-light cameras [1].

The Valentine One gets the edge, however, when it comes to updates as customers are able to get the latest software enabling the radar detection system to seamlessly track down the bands that police utilize. Users of the Valentine One can take advantage of the Valentine Hardware upgrade which enables users to send their old models to the company in return for a new model.

The Escort Redline Ex does not have such a policy.


The Escort Redline Ex has been shown to perform very well on the highway, being able to quickly detect signals quickly.

The Valentine One is also able to handle its own the highway, clear to say when it comes to performance on the highway no one radar detector edges it out.

The performance in the city sees the Escort Redline Ex perform in a manner similar to one of the top leading radar detectors, the Escort Max 360C. What this does is ensure that the Escort Redline Ex is able to provide a balanced ride ensuring that the driver is kept aware of any dangers.

An Escort model that combines the greatest strengths of their top of the line detectors is already here, though: you can read our review of the Escort Redline 360C.


A radar detector is no good if it is unable to register a signal from further away.

That being said, there are some bands that are much more difficult to recognize, however, the Escort Redline Ex takes the edge as it offers the best alert distance out of the two. What this means is that it is able to alert you quicker than the Valentine One can.


One of the factors that most people take into account when purchasing a new radar detector is the price.

The two radar detectors are considered in the high range category and that makes them expensive. Their price might cause others to baulk, given that there are cheaper alternatives, however, their price is clear evidence of just how special the Escort Redline Ex and the Valentine One are.

It is possible to purchase both devices with extra equipment which then raises the price.  When it comes to the victor in this Escort Redline Ex vs Valentine One battle segment, it is a tie, as they are both priced in the same bracket, offering similar features. 

Conclusion: Escort Redline Ex or Valentine One

The Escort Redline Ex vs Valentine One battle has been quite difficult with both offering great features and having a wide range of signal bands that they detect. 

At first glance, it might appear that the Escort Redline Ex takes the edge given the fact that it has more bells and whistles, however, the Valentine One has a standout feature that sets it apart.

This feature is the fact that the Valentine One is consistently updated and if you own an older device you are able to make use of the update. What this means is that you do not to constantly head out to purchase new Valentine One models. 

The Escort Redline Ex is devoid of this feature and once a new model comes out making this one obsolete, you are stuck with it, unless you decide to buy the new model at retail price. With Valentine One you are able to pay a fraction of the cost to simply update your device.

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