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Best Hidden & Concealed Radar Detectors

This year, 16% of the whole population of drivers will get a speeding ticket.

This isn’t just from a fortune-teller. It is from actual statistics that determined how many drivers get slammed with speeding fines. It’s a fact and you could easily be part of that percentage. Worse, you might get fined multiple times in a year. Can you just imagine all those dollars you’ll lose to pay off those tickets? Pretty annoying, huh?

Of course, you may tell yourself, “I’ll just drive slower and within the speed limit!” But let’s be honest—if you’re one who enjoys the rush of speeding up just a bit more especially on wide and uncrowded roads… you can’t guarantee you’ll stick to that statement. I know that for a fact, as even I who practice road safety still get carried away with speed too.

You might already know this from the nature of my website: my trusty radar detectors keep me away from those annoying violation tickets. But I admit, they can get too hot in the eyes of traffic enforcers—it isn’t some invisible spray no one can notice (but this one actually is a spray that can block your lice plate on cameras!). Some states even have stricter rules in owning radar detectors, so just having them mounted in your windshield can get you in trouble. So what easy way to get around this?

Top Undercover Radar Detectors

With that said, we’ll now delve into the top concealed detectors you could have if you decide to leap. Here are two of our recommendations for hidden radar detectors that you may want to check out:

Whistler PRO-3700

If you find the Escort 9500ci to be beyond your budget, then you might find the Whistler PRO-3700 more appealing. Make no mistake, this is still pricier than most mounted models even when the installation by a third party is not factored in. But of the models in this category, it is the PRO-3700 that is one of the more accessible options. It succeeded in the Whistler PRO-3600 as the brand’s concealed radar detector but maintains many of the features that attracted users to its predecessor.

The range is understandably lesser than the Escort 9500ci that falls on the higher end of the spectrum. For instance, the radar detector is not as impressive in detecting Ka-bands, which comes as an inconvenience given its dominance on the road. Also, unlike the former item on the list, this one has no laser jamming capabilities. The radar detector promises 360-degree protection though. It delivers, but we are kept from saying that it is the best on the list.

The radar detector makes up for other features. For instance, the filtering of false alarms is dependable through its four different filter modes and three City modes which include City 1, City 2 and City NoX. The device also boasts of a Radar Signature Identification or an RSID so that a user is informed of the frequency of the Ka-band that is detected, and can thus act accordingly on the alert.

There is also an Auto-Quiet function, which essentially is the same as Escort’s AutoMute and adjusts sensitivity based on the speed of the vehicle, as well as an alert priority feature. There are a few more things that make it stand out: you have the option for Spanish for the device’s main language, there is more than one way to install it to maximize its features, and Whistler gives a five-year warranty, which is not often offered for equipment of this kind.

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Valentine One

valentine one radar detector features

One of the most highly rated radar detectors around, the Valentine One offers protection from both radar and laser signals. It can even tell you the direction of a threat based on its directional arrows — a feature that was patented by its manufacturer but was only allowed to be adopted by the competition in recent years.

But did you know that this can also be installed in a way that would keep it out of the sight of onlookers and with as fewer cords as possible? It is not explicitly advertised that way but you could with a few modifications.

The device has been held in high esteem because of its impressive range, something that it has been praised about even when newer models have arrived in the market.

valentine one upgrade

The Valentine One has been able to display flexibility in most driving conditions, save perhaps for the City mode. Its sensitivity to the most common bands is likewise lauded. It holds a special place in longtime users’ hearts, but may not appeal to those new to the radar detector-using community given its classic, or in other words, dated, design.

The refusal to have the device enabled with GPS also puts off other more experienced users, especially when considering the benefits that GPS brings, among them better false alerts filtering, speed measurement and locating of speed traps and red-light cameras. Valentine One has no digital signal processing technology to speak of as well.

But it still has an edge over others because of its directional arrows. This way, you will be able to deduce the location of a threat. It enables one to be more aware of where they are driving, and act accordingly should the situation need it. The Escort Max 360, which now has directional arrows, outperforms the device but the Valentine One still is dependable. An updated version of the detector now allows for protection from RDDs.

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Hopefully, this list helped you find the right radar detector that you can keep concealed inside your vehicle.

If you have a limited budget for a new radar deteector, take a look at these great detectors below $300.