Photoblocker Spray – License Plate Blocker Review 2020

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***Update March 2020: According to recent tests, Photoblocker Spray is not working properly. We suggest to check out this product which works perfectly:

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  • Fast-drying formula
  • Weatherproof coating
  • Keeps your license plate covered from red light cameras and speed cameras

  • Product is not available in Catalina Island.

You may be wondering, what is this product, and is it even legal? We decided to have our own Photoblocker Spray Review to give you our thoughts on this product! 

This spray is directly applied onto your license plate. It creates a high-powered gloss that reflects the flash of speed and red light cameras. The light overexposure would make your license plate illegible- illegible photos mean an invalid ticket! 

Why Buy Photoblocker Spray?

What is the purpose of this spray and is it legal?

Legally you cannot cover your license plate, but this is the best alternative against a camera. It lasts forever with just one application and one can cover up to four license plates! It’s very easy to spray on the plate and it’s invisible to the naked eye.

Policemen can’t tell if the red light camera is faulty or you’re using a spray. It costs around $50 so it saves you least double that amount in tickets. More tips on how to avoid speeding tickets:

Is it Legal?

It varies from every city and country. It could be legal to buy in some places but illegal to use against a camera. Double check your local traffic regulations. For info about speeding tickets in New York, go to this page

Does Photo Blocker Spray Really Work?

Know that Photoblocker has undergone many different conclusive tests by police departments. Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide can attest to the effectiveness of the Photoblocker spray against speed and red light cameras. T

his amazing product has also been featured on CBS, Washington Times NBC and other networks. So does it work? We would say it does well against a traffic camera. Remember that if you only coat license plates with a thin layer, it won’t be as effective from a camera flash as a thick coat.

With and without Photoblocker

Product Details

To assure your safety from red light cameras, anti camera license plate cover & blocker are necessary. While Photoblocker sells three different products, the reflector cover, the Photoshield cover and the Photoblocker spray, the latter is your safest bet against a speed camera or red light camera.

Photoshield Cover: this is a clear license plate cover you snap on directly over license plates. It has a thin strip of reflective lens inside the cover which reflects light from a camera with or without flash. At least two characters will be blurred out on your car plate.

Reflector Cover: Similar to the Photoblocker spray, but in cover form. Instead of just blurring out a few characters on the plate, the reflective crystals embedded will reflect light from all camera angles, overexposing photo radar and red light camera photos, making your license plate illegible with flash.

As for the Photoblocker spray for your plate, it’s an aerosol can that is directly sprayed onto your plate. The high-gloss formula with a clear finish won’t cause any distortion. It works well with camera flash, but cameras during the day might still get you.

The Photoblocker spray works wonders on your car plate when paired with the Photoshield cover. The Photoblocker clear spray protects the plate against red light camera flashes while the cover helps in daylight and protects the plate against cameras without flash.

Don’t worry about the rain and snow, the Photoblocker spray is waterproof[1]. You also get a free e-book of additional info with every purchase of the clear spray.

The Price

Look for the price listing for your country: 

For the US and Canada, it comes at just $49.99 for one spray or $99.99 for three, plus free shipping!

For Europe, the price is $73.95 USD plus free shipping.

For Australia and New Zealand, the price is also $73.95 USD plus free shipping.

For all other countries, you’re in luck, the price is a low $37.99 plus free shipping.

  • Reflective lens reflects camera flashes from the plate so you get no tickets
  • Fast-drying and fast-acting
  • Invisible finished plate coating
  • One time spray against traffic cameras
  • Immune to all weather conditions and will not wash off on plates
  • One can of the product could be used to cover 3-4 license plates


How to Use

  • Remove your license plate and give it a good wipedown, make sure there is not dirt and mud on the surface. Lay it on a dry surface and wait for it to dry.
  • Lay the license plate down on some newspaper or tarp to protect the surrounding area. Make sure to spray the plate in even strokes until you’ve completely covered the surface. Wait for the first layer to dry before applying subsequent layers.
  • Screw the license plate back on your vehicle. Repeat the process if necessary on plates of all other vehicles.

Free Ebook

The free e-book that comes with your purchase illustrates in detail your rights as a driver. It teaches you how to properly inspect the image and how to dispute a wrongful ticket.

It also has a plethora of proven cases where the defendant (driver) won the dispute against the police officer using the spray and other techniques taught in this handy guide.

Photoblocker Spray


Who knew there were this many products that work to help you avoid wrongful tickets. It could also help you avoid some nasty speed trap scams! We hope that this Photoblocker Spray Review helped you decide whether you’ll purchase the spray or not.

But of course, we must stress again to check with your local authorities before purchasing any of these products. Photoblocker has dealers in certain countries, so you could even be able to go in and see the product for yourself.

Whatever you decide to do, know that this product is a way for you to fight back against unjust tickets.