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Anti Camera License Plate Cover & Blocker Introduction

If you want to drastically reduce your chances of getting caught by speed cameras and red light cameras, there is a special license plate cover you can buy. Several different companies make these covers, so it is important to review your options. The more you learn about these license plate camera blockers & red light camera blockers, the more likely you will be to get for your car.




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What is an Anti Photo License Plate Blocker?

The cover is designed with a high gloss finish that can prevent cameras from taking a clear picture of the plate itself. Red light cameras and speed cameras have a flash that goes off whenever a picture is taken. The high-gloss design of the plate cover makes it impossible for the camera to get a clear picture. The specific design of these covers varies depending on the one you purchase, but they all work on this same basic concept.

A majority of these covers are made out of plastic or some similar material. They are typically made to be highly durable to withstand the elements.

Are They Legal?

As long as your license plate is completely visible, you cannot get in any legal trouble by using an anti-camera cover in order to hide license plate from camera. The cover that you put on your license plate is not allowed to obscure the actual letters and/or numbers.

anti speed camera license plate cover

Do They Work?

Some of the anti-camera license plates that are available on the market work better than others. It is important that you take the time to find the right one to use in your car. Some of these products are little more than just scams, but there are some effective solutions available. While the companies that sell these products sometimes claim they work all the time, that is not always the case.

Reflective Sprays

There are spray products that you can supposedly apply to create a reflective surface that prevents red light and speed cameras from seeing your plate. Pretty similar to reflective license plate cover. These products are easy to use and fairly cheap but aren’t always effective. The best thing about these license plate reflective sprays is that they are invisible to the naked eye, so you won’t get pulled over if you use one. They also don’t wash off, so you won’t have to reapply them if it rains or you clean your car. Check out our Photoblocker Spray Review for more details about this product.

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Light Sensors

You can also purchase a small device that mounts to your license plate and emits a burst of light so that traffic enforcement cameras can’t catch you speeding or going through a red light. These products tend to be the most effective, but they aren’t always legal.

anti camera number plate cover for red car

Plastic Covers

The plastic covers that are designed to reduce the visibility of license places aren’t always legal either, but they can work well to avoid camera tickets. Some of these covers will make your plate visible under normal circumstances, but they become illegible with the flash from the camera. These covers come with pre-made holes so that you can simply affix them to your plate with the normal mounting screws that are already on it. Other covers you can stick to your license plate, as they are just a thin sheet of plastic with an adhesive side.

The PhotoShield from PhotoBlocker is one of a handful of license plate cover products on the market. It is a semi-thin layer of plastic that can be put right over your plate. The one issue is that it does distort the characters on your plate, which could get you pulled over. Your plate will look normal when viewed straight on, but it can appear distorted from certain angles.

GPS Apps

One good alternative to a car plate cover is an app that will tell you where red light and speed cameras are while you are driving. This can be a good way to avoid getting a ticket when you are in an area that you are not familiar with. There are many radar detectors that work with apps that have huge databases of these traffic cameras.

anti camera number plate cover

Should I Buy an Anti Camera License Plate Cover?

They can sometimes work well, but it is important that you know whether or not what you are using is legal. Some of these options won’t get you in trouble with the law, while others might. Some people can benefit from these products more than others. If you live in an area with lots of red light and traffic cameras, it might be a good investment. This is also something you should consider buying if you travel a lot. These cameras are becoming increasingly common throughout the U.S., which is all the more reason to get this information.

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