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Distracted Driving Stats – 2020 Study

Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents on the road, claiming thousands of lives per year. Ratedradardetector conducted its own survey to determine statistics related to distracted driving and other behaviors related to it.

Here’s the summary of answers from 3,000 American respondents (ages 18 to 70 years old):

  1. 8% admitted that they send or read text/online messages at least a couple of times while driving.
  2. 9% admitted that they drink or eat while driving.
  3. 2% responded that they have driven while drinking alcohol.
  4. 2% agreed that doing other things (e.g. eating, drinking, texting) can affect their focus and driving skills negatively.
  5. 12% answered that they feel the need to respond immediately to any text or email they receive while driving, may it be a personal or work-related message.
  6. 58% admitted that they text, call, or use their mobile phones at a stop light.

Based on the survey we conducted, we can definitely say that distracted driving is still very rampant today, with most respondents attributing their distractions to mobile phone use.

distracted driving stats
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