The leaders of Radar Detectors – Escort

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Many brands claim to be your best choice for radar detectors, and in some ways, they’re not lying. But if what you’re after is a company that has awards and patents on its shelves, then you’re on the right page: Escort Radar Detectors is the brand to know.

Other companies best Escort in terms of years. The brand has only been in business for the last 40 years (which is more than Valentine one), which is shorter compared to other creators of radar detectors. But what it lacks in time it makes up for their state of the art facilities situated in Cincinnati, Ohio. The headquarters is where the magic happens, its detectors a result of meticulous designing, engineering, and manufacturing from its team of experts. And apparently, they’re doing it right—more than 10 million Escort products, radars and car accessories alike, have been sold by the company since the beginning.

What Escort excels at can be narrowed down to a few factors. One is its flexibility, as in, you can have it mounted on your vehicle, another platform, or you can choose to have a hand-held one. Although its ability to sense radar and lasers is of utmost importance, the ease of use is not one to be ignored. The company also released cordless models, like the Solo S3 and S4.

Speaking of ease, users can also opt to have the Escort Live Radar app installed on their phones. Available in both Android and iOS, the program is meant to be used alongside an Escort radar detector and can immediately show police presence in your path. Going for a premium subscription can connect you to a community of Escort radar detector users who give alerts as they take their drives.

Escort also aims to be intuitive. Its Redline EX, often touted as the best there is around the world, would not alienate those who are new to radar detectors. Its Safety Radar works with minimal intervention and alerts you in advance when you’re about to encounter a path with hazards.

Radar detectors are not immune to false alarms, but Escort keeps them from your alerts through its AutoLearn innovation. This technology is already available in the last decade, as is the case with the 2013 SEMA winner Escort Passport Max. Since 2013, Escort released even better models like the iX, Escort Max 360 and the 360C we reviewed as well. You can upload this information in the company’s cloud service if you want to peruse the information later on.

With Escort’s popularity, chances are, you are already a patron. If you don’t need any more convincing, but find yourself in need of a new Escort radar detector, the company has an exchange program. You can easily give back the device that has served you well while going through its updated selection of radar detectors. Being ticket-free has never been this easy, and that’s all props to Escort.