Escort iXc Review

06th May,2019

Late last year, Escort decided that the well-received Escort IX is on its way out, replacing it with an updated and Wi-Fi enabled version: the Escort iXc. 

That may be the most notable (and easiest to remember) change on the device, meriting an additional ‘c’ on the name like the Escort Max 360c.



But it’s more than that: it also boasts of other improvements, including a better detection range and increased sensitivity of the radar detector. This is credited to the change in the platform from Escort IX’s M4 to the iXc’s M4+.

Is the Escort iXc for you? Let’s take a look at the features to find out.

Escort has been criticized before for its less than stellar OLED display which couldn’t help itself from being drowned by the sunlight, but it retains it anyway on the Escort iXc. 

At least it is a multicolored display that makes reading alerts easier, and the five different brightness options make it more bearable.

There are also different display features, such as cruise alert for when you’re going over your set speed limit, signal strength for the police radar and laser guns, and the accurate frequency of each.

Moreover, Escort iXc distinguishes itself for being able to identify 8 than the usual 5 or fewer signals at the same time.

The display is of just of the right dimensions for the moderately sized detector that weighs .5 pounds.

Escort finds black preferable for the model, and we suppose most users will too be given how the color reduces reflections on the windshield.

The mount is also different for the device as it comes with what it calls a quick-release magnetic mount that is already found on the Redline EX.

An optional M1 dashcam is compatible with the device and can be bought to augment its operations. Otherwise, you can expect to find a magnetic mount, SmartCord USB and a travel case with your purchase.


Excellent Radar and Laser Detection Range

Users can thank the M4+ platform for this; through it, the Escort iXc adds about 3-4 dB that increase sensitivity as well as alerting range for about 70%.

Performance is slightly better than the IX and the X80, but not the Redline models and the detectors from the Max series.

Escort supposes that it can go about without the directional arrows one can already find in some top of the range models. The sweep techniques are also taken after the latest models from the Escort roster.

Improved Responsiveness

Compared to its predecessor, the Escort iXc has better sensitivity. This means that users can benefit from faster detection with prompt alarms for the bands it can detect X, K, and Super Ka.

This applies even to the instantaneous signals such as those emitted by the POP radar guns.

Variable Sensitivity

This feature goes side by side with the different driving modes for the device, such as City and Highway mode. 

Once the radar detector finds the vehicle slowing down through the GPS, it will also adjust sensitivity to keep it from ringing off unnecessary alerts.

GPS Intelligence

Many detectors are now equipped with GPS, but Escort takes advantage of this on the iXc for expanding its capabilities over the IX. 

It is more accurate in geopositioning and the process better in informing you of detailed threats in the surroundings such as red-light cameras and speed traps. 

Through it, Escort’s patented AutoLearn technology can also work, canceling out false alerts on its own, not that you can’t manually do it through the detector. A user of the Escort iXc is also informed of aircraft enforcement zones.

IVT Filter

Another patented technology from the brand featured on the radar detector is the IVT filter, which works alongside the AutoLearn technology in blocking false alerts. 

It will keep the iXc from beeping in case it comes across vehicles with blind-spot monitoring (BSM) systems and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), both of which plague many radar detectors in the market today.

Comes with Wi-Fi

Updating radar detectors are simple but are not always that convenient. Escort iXc eliminates the need of plugging it in the computer with Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) connectivity. 

Besides firmware, the database of threats can also be updated this way. USB ports have not been removed completely though, and your package should come with USB cables.

Escort Live! Compatible

Escort Live! is almost a requirement now for Escort models, especially with the convenience it provides through a crowdsourced database of speed cameras and traps, as well as red-light cameras. 

It reportedly generates 8 million alerts in a single month. 

Escort iXc comes with Bluetooth functionality, but the device can connect to the service directly with Wi-Fi. The speed limit for your location is provided through this. The Defender Database is also accessible but with an added cost.


Q: How long is the offered warranty for the Escort iXc?

A: Like other Escort radar detectors, this comes with a one-year limited warranty, effective beginning on the day of purchase. You will be asked to shoulder the shipping fee should you need to avail of the warranty.

Q: Are voice alerts available in a language other than English?

A: Yes. The default language can be switched to Spanish.

Escort iXc Review Conclusion

The Escort iXc has a slightly improved range and sensitivity over the IX because of its M4+ platform. It also makes use of Wi-Fi for easier updates of firmware and threat database. 

Its performance is not better than the Escort Max and Redline series though.

There’s little evidence to prove that Escort iXc is not a radar detector worth the trouble because of better performance, no matter how slight, and the added convenience. 

The price may make you think twice though, especially since there are radar detectors with a better range at its price point.

We hope this Escort iXc Review helped!

Did you know? If you’ll get a speeding ticket while using the iXc – Escort Radar will pay for it!

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