About Us

RatedRadarDetector is a place where car enthusiasts, leisure drivers, automotive professionals, and even newbies can come together to discover the best of what the auto industry can offer.

Our Mission

At RatedRadarDetector, we aim to answer every driver’s needs to let them have the best experience on the road—whether it is some latest car accessory or a quick guideline on avoiding traffic violations.

Driven by more than just fondness of vehicles, RatedRadarDetector is committed to providing dependable information on the latest news and best releases in the automotive industry.

Our over 300 published posts contain dependable reviews, buyer’s guides, valuable tips, and informational articles that help every driver and car owner pick out and implement what’s best for themselves and their vehicles.

The Main Man Behind RatedRadarDetector

RatedRadarDetector is a personal endeavor of William Johnson. William’s enthusiasm for anything automotive-related started out as a mere interest in cars.

Later on, he discovered that his passion is best cultivated and expressed by sharing it with others, hence the creation of RatedRadarDetector.

Over the years of testing, learning, discovering and assessing what best works for him as a driver and a car-lover, William has become his own kind of expert in determining what works for every vehicle.

After hundreds of blog posts, he still finds it exciting to learn new things and sharing them with his fellow car enthusiasts.

A Continuous Endeavor

As the technology in the automotive industry keeps on advancing, RatedRadarDetector will remain a platform where every car lover can find the latest information they need.

William Johnson and his team will continue on with the endeavor to feed the RatedRadarDetector community with car knowledge they can depend on and automotive suggestions they can trust.

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