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About Us

RatedRadarDetector is a personal endeavor of William Johnson: a man who is passionate about radar detectors. His interest in reviewing and testing radar detectors from different brands started nearly 10 years ago, when his own radar detector then (a cheap and brand-less detector he bought online) failed to detect and radar gun nearby.

From that experience he started practicing radar detector test runs before actually driving with one assisting him. Over the years of doing such practice whenever he buys a new detector, he realized that it could be more beneficial to share his own reviews to a larger audience: the Internet.

Our Reviews

After the creation of the raredradardetector.org, the first few blogs added to the site were simple reviews of on-hand detectors. The tests, driving runs, evaluation, and writing was first all done by its founder and main author. When the website started gaining a lot of visitors, which means it required more reviews, a team of people who test the detectors joined William. While other people may conduct the test for the detectors, William Johnson is still hands-on with the evaluation and writing process on the reviews, as he wishes to maintain that aspect in the website.

The different detectors, especially the new ones, may sometimes include really advanced features yet most of the parameters considered in RatedRadarDetector reviews are the essentials. Here are some of the aspects highlighted during radar detector reviews:

  • Detection Range
  • Detection Sensitivity
  • Filtering
  • Laser Detection
  • 360 Protection
  • Invisibility from Radar Detector Detectors (RDDs)
  • Other special features

Top Ten Lists and Other Tips

While RatedRadarDetector mainly focuses in reviews, other types of content are added from time to time. Other topics about radar detectors, their accessories, detector apps that are compatible with them, as well as laws governing the different states regarding the use of radar detectors. These are additional info that can be really beneficial for the RatedRadarDetector Audience, too.

Moving Onward

The RatedRadarDetector aims to continue providing quality and dependable reviews in order to assist anyone who is looking for the best radar detector for himself/herself. Through the different reviews in the website, choices can be trimmed down into very few contenders for every driver’s best companion against traffic enforcement threats. Hence, William Johnson and his team will continue on with the endeavor to feed the RatedRadarDetector community with information on the different models and brands of the device and other related things.

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