Uniden Radar Detectors


Does the name Uniden ring a bell to you?

If you’re quite a newbie in the radar detector community, it might not. And if there’s a chance you might recognize the brand name, you would only recall the most recent models the company has released: Uniden R3 & R1.

But if you’ve been a radar detector user for a long time now, you might know Uniden from way back, as the company has contributed some revolutionary radar detectors in the history of the device. It even pioneered the integration of GPS into radar detectors, revolutionizing the way many brands like Radenso designed their models.

Fast forward to today, Uniden has a long trail of highly performing radar detectors with affordable price ranges. While the detectors are on the more economic side, they are comparable even to contemporaries of a higher range. Some of the best radar detectors that Uniden has released include Uniden GPSRD (first of its kind), Uniden MapTrax, Uniden LRD-450, Uniden LRD-750, Uniden LRD-850, Uniden LRD-950, Uniden DFR6, Uniden DFR7, Uniden DFR8, Uniden DFR9, Uniden R1, Uniden R3, and Uniden R7.

So what’s the deal with Uniden radar detectors? A lot.

For starters, features like GPS integration and powerful antenna for better detection (dual antenna for more recent ones) ensure the speedy and full protection of the driver from any threat, both police radar or laser. The convenience of the user is also given value through the great display, accessible buttons, and sensitivity settings. Lastly, a great and smooth riding experience is assured through the durable and beautiful detector construction, the finest audio quality, and signal filtering.

All these features combined have made Uniden a significant brand in the radar detector industry. Despite the few years of respite the brand took in the past, Uniden has finally come back stronger and better with the newest addition to its products, the Uniden R1 & R3. Through these new models, Uniden once again has gained attention, especially as the Uniden R3 has been recognized to be among the best radar detectors of today.

So if we’re talking about the finest, affordable, most dependable, durable, and advanced radar detectors, you’ll surely get a model or two from Uniden, a radar detector brand that knows its craft. Check our new comparison between the R7 and R3.