How to Set Up Uniden R3

26th Oct,2018

If you have just purchased the Uniden R3 radar detector, it is important that you configure it in a way that will benefit you most. There are many different settings that you can play around with, and it might take a little while before you find the right combination. Despite the overwhelming number of options and the fact that it is one of the best Uniden radar detectors, programming this device isn’t very difficult at all. The more you learn about the options you have, the easier it will be to get your money’s worth from this radar detector.

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Uniden R3 Button Functions

The various buttons on the Uniden R3 include:

  • Power: The power button that turns the device off and on is located on the very front.
  • Menu: The menu button takes into the main settings. Press and hold this button to alternate between Highway, City, and Advanced modes.
  • Volume: There are + and – volume buttons that will take you backward and forwards through the menu options.
  • Mute/Dim: Pressing this button when you receive an alert will immediately mute it.
  • Lockout a false alert: Pressing this button twice when you receive a stationary K or X false alert will store it in its memory. The next time you encounter the source, the device will instantly mute it.
  • Delete RLC or Speed Camera: Press and hold when you see a speed or red light camera to delete the threat from the database.
  • Brightness adjusts: Press and holds this button to modify the brightness of the display. You cannot do this while an alert is in progress. There are three pre-set brightness levels, including Bright, Dim, and Dimmer.
  • Dark: This function disables the display and only illuminates when a threat has been detected.
  • Off: Press this button will cause the display and buttons to completely blacken while still receiving audio alerts.
  • Auto: This button will instantly choose the appropriate brightness for the display depending on the time of day.


While being similar to the Uniden R1, The Uniden R3 offers many different settings and menu options to choose from. Familiarizing yourself with these settings is crucial for proper usage.


The Highway mode is the most sensitive for X band, K and Ka frequencies.


The City mode offers a high level of sensitivity for K and X band frequencies. It is best to use this setting when driving in urban areas that are more prone to causing false alerts.


The Advanced option allows you to choose the sensitivity for K, Ka or X band ranging from 30 to 100 percent sensitivity. This is an extremely useful function if you find that you need to alter the sensitivity to match your driving environment.


Navigate to the GPS option in the menu to enable or disable this radar detector’s GPS capabilities.

Speed Camera

This setting will warn you about speed cameras in the area.

Red Light Cam

This setting will warn you about red-light cameras in the area.

RLC Q-Ride

Enable this setting to mute red light camera alerts if you are driving past normal roads while on the highway. Pressing the mute button twice during an alert will delete it from the database.


Enabling the Voice option will provide you with audio alerts for both laser and radar signals.

Ka Freq Voice

This feature will verbally tell you the precise frequency of individual Ka-band alerts.


This device’s traffic sensor filter prevents false alerts from traffic sensors that border some highways throughout the country. It is generally a good idea to keep this function off because of its impact on reaction time.

uniden r3 mounted on windshield

Signal Detection

The Uniden R3 has individual settings for the X band, K band, Ka-band, Laser and K POP signals. While the X band is no longer used in most areas of the country, those who live in Ohio and New Jersey can benefit from this feature.

Ka-band is used by many police departments for speed traps, so it is important that you keep this detection setting enabled at all times.

K band POP doesn’t exist for all intents and purposes, so you should, therefore, keep it disabled to avoid annoying false alerts.

The K filter function that this radar detector offers helps to keep false alerts originating from other vehicles to a minimum. It is a good idea to keep this feature always. There is also the Ka filter, which also helps weed out false alerts with the Ka-band. While enabling this feature can negatively affect performance, it is barely noticeable.

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