Uniden R7 Review

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25th May,2022




The R series, Uniden’s top radar detectors, was received with much acclaim when they were released. But just like any other radar detectors, they are not perfect.

In time, these detectors are bound to be surpassed by the competition regardless of their topnotch performance and speed camera detection (in both city and highway settings, by the way).

So what’s the company got to do? Issue a follow-up on its bestseller radar detectors, that’s what. 

Let’s start with this Uniden R7 review.



The highly popular R1 and even more of a bestseller Uniden R3 have relinquished the throne when the Uniden R7 was released.

When the community first learned of the new development, it quickly became posed as that year’s best radar detector, a title that speaks of the community’s confidence in the brand based on its product.

It is also thought to be the company’s answer to its rivals’ top of the line radar detectors, such as the Escort Max 360 and Valentine One detectors.

The Uniden R7 has the directional arrows that the Valentine had rights to for so long, and is a feature that the older version was missing, but that’s just one additional feature.

There are more advanced features to expect from the radar detectors, some of which we’ve summarized for you in the review below.

If you’re interested to see a more detailed comparison with the Uniden R3, check here.

Let’s start this Uniden R7 review by discussing the design. The Uniden R7 model is not a teeny-tiny radar detector by any means. 

The machine packs up in size, but that is for a good reason instead of being an arbitrary choice. But with the included neoprene carrying case, you’d have no trouble transporting this radar detector.

Its display, is designed to tilt towards the driver and comes in full-color OLED, is the largest among radar detectors, even edging out the size of its competitors.

The text on is also be larger than the past models from Uniden, which will help in its readability and use when there are speed traps around. It has light sensor and an auto-dimming function that is dependent on the lighting conditions.

The sleek machine has plenty of buttons located on its exterior to help you use and configure the device as pleased. 

There are the basics such as a menu button, separate buttons for increasing and decreasing volume, and power button, all located on top.

The side, meanwhile, is home to the mute and mark buttons. The functions differ based on the type of press. For the latter, a single tap means to mute the alert, a double press remembers a false alert, and a long press adjusts the detector’s brightness.

For the mark button, a short press marks a location, another short press while in the vicinity of the marked area deletes it, and a long press will free your Uniden R7 of all stored GPS marks. 

This could take a while to remember although this is nothing unusual when you use detectors.

Uniden R7 Features

Long Range Performance by the R7

The Uniden R7 builds on the range and the sensitivity of the older R model, with an increase in detection range at 12%. Accuracy in detecting speed camera alerts and other equipment is impressive especially due to the dual antennas.

While the rate is not what we have initially seen, the device with its beta firmware has edged out the rest of the competition such as the Escort Max 360C and the Valentine One, and even its fellow Uniden radar detector on the most common frequencies detected by these machines in a few tests.

Only the custom-installed Escort Max Ci 360 exceeded it more than once, but with the price difference, you can count on getting the best. Even rear performance is top notch and easily surpasses other top of the line radar detectors in alerts. 

Perhaps as a means to balance things out, the Uniden R7 radar detector is wanting as a laser detector though.

Uniden R7's Different Driving Modes

Like many other radar detectors, one of the features you can use is the distinct setup for driving in the city and on the highway.

While the latter maxes out the sensitivity of the radar detector, city mode will see a 10% drop when it comes to the K band to keep false alerts at bay.

As you know, alerts that don’t come from speed guns are one of the things many radar detectors fail to filter.

You can use an advanced setting that allows you to manually adjust just how sensitive the machine should be in case highway and city modes do not suffice.

R7 Immunity to radar detector detectors (RDDs)

It will be undetected by most RDDs in any direction, making it ideal for use in areas where the technology is against the law and at par with its competitors.

MRCD Detection

Taking cues from the features of the competition, the device is able to sweep lower ends of the K band. It can go even lower than what the R1 and the R3 are currently capable of doing.

K band filtering

The Uniden R7 retained the best filtering system we’ve seen previously on the R1 and the R3. Although it is likely to detect more alert and false alerts if not configured further, given its improved sensitivity, at red light and traffic.

Uniden R7 Announces New Feature: GPS Auto Lockouts

The GPS in Uniden R7 is similar to Escort detectors’ AutoLearn technology in which the detector automatically knows whether an alert should be ignored, ensuring a quiet ride that’s free from false alerts.

With the use of this feature, you can save up to a total of 2,000 lockouts, both automatic and manual. The machine is also equipped with a manual mute button for you to use while we’re waiting for updates.

If you want to see the technology in action right away, you should set your sights on the Escort Max 360C which already has an automatic GPS lockout system. Compare the two exceptional models side by side now on our Escort Max 360C VS Uniden R7 feature.


Q: Can Uniden R7 detect your car’s speed?

A: Yes, but you have to turn it on in the settings. It uses the GPS feature to determine how fast your vehicle is going.

Uniden R7 Review Conclusion

Since its launch, the Uniden R7 extreme has already proven that it possesses increased performance and sensitivity than the radar detectors in the competition. 

It also doesn’t suffer from lesser performance on its rear sensor. Bluetooth is a minor absence, but we have yet to see if the brand will remedy that.

Basing on the initial run tests, we can say that the hype built around it is justified. 

As for the price, we’d say its price is reasonable as well. With firmware updates to follow, we will see if it even becomes more of a force to be reckoned with and if it indeed is a strong contender for being this year’s best radar detector.

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