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Best Uniden Radar Detectors Reviews (2020)

Uniden is indeed a fantastic company to go to for durable and dependable radar detectors. They have offered significant models even before the breakthrough Uniden R3 and R1 and even before they took a break from radar detector manufacture operations.

The models usually come by pairs—one with GPS capabilities and the other one without. Here are some of the greatest Uniden radar detectors you should know about.

Top 8 Uniden Radar Detectors – Reviews & Buying Guide

1 – Uniden R7

  • Extremely Long Range Capability
  • Dual Antennas + Directional Arrows
  • GPS with Red Light and Speed Camera Alerts
  • Voice Alerts

The Uniden R7, the brand’s flagship detector after the popular R3, beefed up the latter’s best features and elevated user-experience overall. It comes with a neoprene carrying case, to protect its huge full-color OLED while on transport.

Uniden wasn’t playing around when it made Uniden R7 to be a long-range radar detector, as it beats most competition when it comes to detection range. In terms of detecting radar bands, it performs sharply—rarely missing the most common bands used by traffic enforcers.

Different driving modes are available with this device, which is also customizable as you can manually adjust the sensitivity settings depending on your preference. Speed Camera alerts on this device is on point as well, although the same cannot be said about its laser detection.

Other advanced features on this device include MRCD Detection, which allows it to detect the lower end of K bands.

Its GPS Autolock feature is another major reason why R7 is one of the best detectors today, added with AutoLearn technology that smartly filters false alerts. Up to a total of 2,000 lockouts can be saved on the R7.

Aside from being the most recent and most updated radar detector on the brand, Uniden R7 exceeded many expectations with its overall performance on the road.

From its sturdy build to RDD invisibility, plus the essentials most are looking for in a detector (range, false filtering, speed camera alerts, voice notifications, and GPS capability), we deem Uniden R7 as the best detector ever made by Uniden.

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2 – Uniden R3

  • 360 Degree Digital Signal Processor
  • K False Filter / KA False Filter
  • GPS With Red Light Camera Alerts
  • Quiet Ride – User Set Speed Auto Mute

The Uniden R3 is a professional device that has a polished design. But it boasts a lot more than just its looks. For starters, it has a dual antenna that enables a longer range of detection, making every drive with this detector ultra-safe and enjoyable.

It carries the 360 Degrees Digital Signal Processor, a technology that allows for accuracy in the signal detection and protection from all sides; hence the term “360 degrees”.

Dubbed as the “Range King” before Uniden R7 was introduced, Uniden R3 (and R1) has quite a long and dynamic range that gives the best detection even when the source is far away.

It features the most advanced GPS chipset of Uniden, that’s accurate in determining GPS location, reactive to varying speeds, and also provides time.

The Automute function in this model comes in handy too, as it could lessen the stress of being alerted with many false warnings. Not that it gets a lot of fake warnings—it has an intelligent filtering system that allows it to discern whether a signal is authentic or not.

The only thing that we believe can be improved is the backlight of the buttons facing the front, as well as a possible handy “auto-dimming option”. But these things are preferential, and Uniden R3 works mightily awesome even without such features.

There no other way to say it—Uniden R3 is one of the best Uniden radar detectors ever created, check out the full review.

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3 – Uniden R1

  • 360 Degree Digital Signal Processor
  • Color OLED Display
  • K False Filter / KA False Filter
  • Extreme Radar Sensitivity

This radar detector is one of the devices Uniden released during their recent comeback. And as a mark of the “return” of the brand, it was packed with great details and features that would work perfectly with any average detector user that do not require GPS for their radar detector.

Uniden R1 is a more economic version of R3, and while it doesn’t have the GPS capability that the R3 has, it delivers excellent performance in detecting radars, especially in the Ka range.

It’s got good sensitivity and you’ll have the option to mute the alerts for a peaceful drive ahead. But because this device doesn’t feature GPS, its advantage is its lower price point, making it worthwhile for any costumer.

With the R1 you’ll get most of the features of the R3, including the amazing range of detection and the Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which both enhances the user’s detection experience in many aspects: range, accuracy, and authenticity.

With R1, you can have a low key ride that would let you pass by the area covered by a police radar without being detected, lowering chances of you getting a ticket.

Even the latest Spectre Elite device of road enforcers wouldn’t let out even a single beep as your car passes by, making is truly aa part of the impressive Uniden Radar Detectors.

For other practical matters, the updates on this radar detector’s firmware are easy to do, while the menu configuration and system re both user-friendly too. All in all, we don’t have any bad thing to say about this superior radar detector.

To read our full Uniden R1 Review:


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4 – Uniden DFR7

  • MAX Speed Warning System
  • Ultra-Performance, Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection
  • GPS Built-In with Red Light Camera Alert and Speed Camera Alert
  • Ultra-Bright OLED Display

First things first—the Uniden DFR7 can both detect radar and laser signals. This makes this model a truly a remarkable Uniden radar detector for those who need extra protection while on the road.

Before the R3, DFR7 was the flagship long-range radar detector of the brand. This means that while it doesn’t have the updated capabilities of the R3, it can perform well enough to match the former’s features.

It doesn’t fail on sensing speed traps even those from far up front or behind, a true testament to the “super long-range” term added to its name.

Another main pro of Uniden DFR7 is its Overspeed alert alongside its built-in GPS function. It ensures that while the driver is having fun with the gas pedal, he wouldn’t go beyond the legal speed limit. Just one alert by the DFR7 can either save the driver from a speeding ticket or a possible accident or injury.

It may be a simple feature, but it has a huge impact nevertheless. The GPS function, on the other hand, keeps it high on the accuracy scale, even more earning the trust of anyone who uses it.

Lastly, Uniden DFR7 is a very budget-friendly detector that has adequate features and above-average performance, so it was a hit for newbies and mid-level users.

Getting this model, which is among the best Uniden radar detectors ever made, would lift a giant worry upon the shoulders of any driver, especially those who reside in the city.

Read the full Uniden DFR7 review.

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5 – Uniden DFR6

As the “sister detector” of DFR7, Uniden DFR6 is an affordable detector that offers a long range protection. Its advanced K filter makes it a pretty reliable detector on the road.

It’s very convenient to use as well, with its bright OLED Display with radar band frequency monitor and a signal strength meter.

  • Ultra-Bright OLED Display
  • Ultra-Performance, Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection
  • Advanced K Band Filter
  • Separate Signal Strength Meter
  • Radar Band Frequency Display

The Uniden DFR6 reviewed here is one hell of a great device for its low price point of less than $200.

It is packed with great features including less false alarm, uncomplicated use, great design and a good range of detection. With a well-respected brand, even with such an affordable price for a detector, one can’t go wrong with choosing it as a go-to model even for beginners.

It has almost the same capabilities as DFR7, minus GPS features, but it is still a great contender among its peers. With its long-range warning capacity, it equals other high-end radar detectors, giving a good relief for users as they provide a long time to prepare for a possible threat.

Band filtering is also possible with this device, a great feature for fine-tuning the detection in various places. The display on this incredible Uniden radar detector is also impressive, giving clear and accurate details that make reading easier for the driver.

While GPS settings would be critical for some (you might want to upgrade to DFR7 if that’s the case), the features added into this radar detector is more than enough for casual driving and daily threat protection.

All in all, for its price, the Uniden DFR6 is a great device both for average users and newbies alike.

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6 – Uniden DFR9

  • Provides Long Radar Detection Range
  • Built-in GPS (Redlight and Speed Camera Alerts)
  • Advanced K-band false signal rejection and filtering
  • Digital Navigator™ Electronic Compass
  • VG-2 Undetectability

Uniden DFR9 replaced the DFR7 is the main model of Uniden. Cosmetic improvements were done to achieve this model, plus a few more to ensure that every purchase of this detector is worth the money.

With GPS that detects red light and fixed speed cameras was added to the design, it delivers great performance and very reliable alerts.

The DFR9 is a result of Uniden’s effort to amp up its mid-range models, resulting in devices with fair price point and really good performance levels.

Along with its GPRS-less brother, DFR8, the Uniden DFR9 is one that bears features from the flagship of the brand, R1 & R3, making it among the best Uniden radar detectors out in the market.

While its BSM filtering is the same as the older DFR7, a home-run for this gadget is the impressive K-band filtering that avoids collision and lane departure systems.

Uniden DFR9 is also easily programmable, so customization for your driving needs won’t be a problem. Just a click at the menu button will enable many options in the screen—brightness, filtering setup, and sensitivity included.

With all these features, the Uniden DFR9 is also packaged with complete accessories like dual suction cup mounts, windshield mount, power cable (12 volts) with USB port, as well as a detailed manual. See our in-depth review of the DFR9 on this link: https://www.ratedradardetector.org/uniden/dfr9-review/.

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7 – Uniden DFR8

  • 360° Laser Detection
  • K Filter (CAS filtering)
  • Advanced Sensitivity Mode (user adjustable sensitivity by the band)
  • City/Highway Modes
  • Firmware & Database Updates

Some people wouldn’t need a GPS function, hence, the simultaneous release of the Uniden DFR8 with DFR9. This one has a very sophisticated design, especially compared to its contemporaries.

Replacing the old DFR6, DFR8 is a step up for almost the same value. Functional features of the previous well-performing Uniden radar detectors have been improved and packed on this one, but what can be easily noticed is the great physical improvement on the device.

DFR8 has great protection from the detection of Radar Detector Detectors, as it is invisible to VG2. It is also stealth to Spectre RDD outside 5 meters, rendering any driver almost undetectable.

While it lacks the GPS feature, the Uniden DFR8 gives a bang for the buck with its performance and functions. The firmware of this model can be upgraded, while it prevents fake threats by locking out and ignoring false alerts.

The uncomplicated operation of this device also makes it perfect for radar detector new users, complete with basic components and features that would satisfy those who are tired of speeding tickets.

All in all, with a price that’s not too heavy for the pocket, the Uniden DFR8 is a reliable detector to suit an average driver’s needs.

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8 – Uniden LRD-850

  • 360° Laser Detection
  • X, K, KA SuperWideband Detection
  • Easy to read OLED display
  • Text Alert Readout
  • Voice Alert

Uniden LRD-850 is a great alternative to LRD-950 in case you don’t have a real need for the GPS (if you do, there’s LRD-950 for you).

What makes the LRD-850 a device worthy of your money?

It carries features that will make for a smooth driving experience like 360° Laser Detection; X, K, KA Detection, and great filtering for false alert. It sells for shockingly less than $150, a great deal for the great features it carries.

You won’t expect an upgradable firmware for really cheap detectors, yet this one has that. The voice alert and text alert readout makes notification easier to be received by the driver. For the convenience of detection, while driving, there are easy modes to switch to and from.

In general, the LRD-850 has an optimum average performance that can keep up with the requirements and needs of any frequent driver.

Many long-time fans and users of radar detectors remember the greatness of the Japanese company from years before since it has proven worthy of admiration for the best Uniden radar detector models they have released.

Although they were low points in the manufacturing of the brand, they have fully redeemed themselves in their recent releases. Uniden R3 and R1 have re-established Uniden as a formidable competitor in the radar detector game, especially with the affordable price point of their products.

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Our Top Pick – Uniden R7

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The winner as the best Uniden radar detector is undoubtedly Uniden R7. Considering all aspects and features of the detectors, the R7 has proven its superior performance over its brothers from the brand.

Packed with features and technology that ensures least false alarms, on point radar detection, long range capability, and overall user experience, R7 remains unparalled by any of other Uniden detector today.

Some more specific comparisons

Uniden DFR9 VS. Uniden R3

Not sure if you should get the Uniden DFR9 or Uniden R3? The Uniden R3 and the Uniden DFR9 are both good radar detectors with small differences. The R3 is more popular and has better range and extra features, but the DFR9 is cheaper and will still do a good job.