Uniden DFR8 Review

09th Apr,2020

Speeding tickets is a pain for many drivers. Luckily, we have radar detectors to save the day. Whether or not you have a lead foot, having a radar detector in your car is pretty handy.

Today, we’re going to review one of the best products of Uniden – a leading name in the field of automotive electronics. We’re taking a look at the Uniden DFR8 to find out if it’s good and if it’s worth the purchase.



The Uniden DFR8 is an upgrade on the DFR6. It’s also released simultaneously with the DFR9, the only difference is that DFR8 doesn’t have GPS. 

And if you’re one of those drivers who don’t mind a detector without GPS as long as performance is great, read on to find out more about what the Uniden DFR8 brings to the table.

The physical and functional improvements on the DFR6 is something to be appreciated on the DFR8. 

When it comes to looks, the Uniden DFR8 gives off this stylish vibe at a compact casing. It’s still the usual black like most detectors, but we love how the DFR8 looks sleeker and more modern than its predecessor.

On the front face you’d find the multi-color OLED display, the mute/dim button and the city button. At the top, there’s the power, menu, and volume up and down.


Long Range

One of the things we like best about this radar detector is its impressive long-range capabilities. It detects both radar and laser signals from far away, so you’d have time to slow down if you’re going a tad higher than the speed limit. 

The Uniden DFR8 detects the K, X, and Ka-band – bands which are commonly used by the police. 

360-degree Laser Protection

The Uniden DFR8 protects all sides of the vehicle to give you the ultimate protection and peace of mind. So the front, rear, and sides of your vehicle have the protection needed so as not to let any officer detect your speed.

Adjustable Sensitivity Levels

The Uniden DFR8 has a City and Highway mode, which is another staple in any good radar detector. 

The great thing is that you can adjust the sensitivity levels of the DFR8 radar detector for each band. This can be done in 20% increments from 40% to 100%. 

As such, you can control how many notifications you get depending on where you’re driving at the moment. Radar detectors are notorious for false alerts, and this is one of the ways Uniden’s best radar detectors curb that.

K-band Signal Filtering

Speaking of false alerts, the Uniden DFR8 has an improved K-band signal filtering system that also helps prevent false alerts that come from lane departure systems and automotive collision avoidance system. 

These devices are common today, so you want to make sure your radar detector filters them out so you only hear the alerts you need to hear.

Auto-Dimming Capability

We also like the multi-color OLED display on the Uniden DFR8. Everything’s easy to read, and you can easily take one glance at the device and know what you’re looking for. 

Another thing, you can turn down the brightness of the display according to your preference. 

Better yet, the Uniden DFR8 has an auto-dimming function which analyzes the ambient light at the time and adjusts to the optimum brightness. This is done with the ambient light sensor.

Audible Alerts

When driving, it’s extremely important for you to keep your eyes on the road. Good thing that the Uniden DFR8 has alert tones so you don’t have to keep glancing at the display just to see the information on there. 

The Uniden DFR8 has 12 customizable alert tones and you have the option to set text alert readouts as well.

Protection from RDDs

Not all radar detectors have cloaking mechanisms in place against radar detector detectors. Although radar detectors are mostly legal in many states, you may still want to go stealth mode. 

The Uniden DFR8 is invisible to VG-2 and Spectre outside 5 meters. So, you wouldn’t get any strange looks from police officers.


Q: Who is the ideal user of the Uniden DFR8? 

A: The Uniden DFR8 is perfect for the more-than-average driver who needs all the essentials, if you don’t really care that much about GPS. 

Q: What’s included in the box?

A: You have the Uniden DFR8, windshield mount, dual suction mount, charger, microUSB, carrying case, and manual[1].

Uniden DFR8 Review Conclusion

Overall, we commend the performance of the DFR8. Despite the absence of GPS, this unit is a reliable model that’s great for everyday use. 

With long-range capability, adjustable sensitivity levels, false alert filtering systems, and protection from radar detector detectors, you really get all that you need to have a safe, comfortable, and speed ticket-free ride.

Uniden DFR8 Review
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