When Drivers Meet RRD.org

You know that spine-chilling feeling when you glance at your rearview mirror and see flashing blue and red light approaching your vehicle? Every driver knows it, and it’s a sickening feeling that leaves you either panicking, racking your brains up thinking whether it’s worth paying hundreds of dollars when you unintentionally (or intentionally) go just a few miles per hour over the speed limit.

Is it worth it? Of course not!

Here in RatedRadarDetector.Org, we are stern believers of road safety, but we also believe in getting more freedom while on the road. That is, to enjoy the speed for areas that seem too stingy on the speed limit. We are also firm believers that speeding tickets are a huge waste of money, time and effort, especially for those who responsibly follow every rule on the road but loves the thrill of hitting the accelerator.

If your passion for driving and disgust for speeding tickets are the same as ours, then welcome, we’ve got the right information to help a fellow driver out! Whether you’re a newbie, a leisure driver, or a professional roadmaster, you’ll be needing the assistance of some of the most helpful devices a driver could have: Radar Detectors, Police Scanners, Radar & Laser Jammers, and CB Radios.

These devices might be new to you or you might have already been using them for years now—but there’s always something new when it comes to these technologies. We have the latest info on the recent device releases, we have up-to-date reviews and rankings, and we also have interesting facts and practical information on the device. So gear up as we guide you on what device to use, how to use them, which one to purchase, which devices are legal, and ultimately, how to have a better driving experience every single day.

Ready for it? Browse our main categories below:

Radar Detectors

escort ix radar detector
Radar detectors detect if there is a police radar or laser directed in your vehicle. The best radar detectors have the ability to do this from all directions and even from far distances.

Many also can detect how far the radar/laser signal is and for a few advanced models, there are notifications when a driver goes over the speed limit.

This device is a huge helper in avoiding speeding ticket, as drivers can easily slow down when there’s an alert for a police enforcer nearby.

Police Scanners

uniden police scanner
Police scanners may only have the word ‘police’ in its name, but it opens a user into the world of radio frequency that once can listen to. This includes Fire Departments, Military, Hospitals and Rescue Squads, Universities, Stadium, and many others.

The top police scanners help a driver be up-to-date with what happening in the area, whether it be a road accident, a police chase, or a rescue operation—many of these road information may come in handy if you want a smooth and fast drive going to your destination.

Radar and Laser Jammers

escort zr5 laser jammer
Categorized into either radar jammers or laser jammers, these devices give higher guarantee that you won’t be getting any speeding ticket while on the road.

Both radar and laser jammers prevent police radar guns and LIDARs, respectively, from properly reading the speed of the owner’s vehicle.


cb and ham radios
Two-way radios are the most convenient way to communicate between two or more drivers—yes, even more convenient than mobile phones. These devices can either be Citizen-Band (CB) Radios or Ham Radios.

The old and cheap radios you often see are the old best CB Radios, which do not require a license but can serve their basic purpose for communication. On the other hand. the Ham Radios are more expensive but offers a longer range of communication and is required to be licensed before use.

Convenience and freedom on the road may require a few more bucks from you, but believe us when we say that it’s worth it. Compared to the thousands of accumulated penalties you’ll get from overspeeding, the investment you’ll put in to have good quality devices might seem nothing.

Of course, we also know the more affordable options that can still serve their purpose well, and we’ll continue to update our information to provide you with the latest and most valuable information.

No more speeding tickets for you from here on out—just a relaxed driving environment, the excitement you’ll get with more speed, and crisp communication while on the road.