Best DIY (Do it yourself) Bedliners for your truck 2021

03rd Feb,2021

You finally got your new truck and are ready to put it to work. Your truck bed is begging you to throw some cargo back there, but man what if I scratch or chip my bedliner?

Protecting the inside of your pickup truck from scrapes and scratches is the least you can do for your truck. You might not want to spend a lot on truck beds, so we have reviewed the best DIY bedliners on the list below. We have another guide for the best roll-on-bed liners.

Best For Beginners
Herculiner HCL1B8
The Best Overall
U-POL Raptor
Toughest with Kevlar
Herculiner Truck liner white background
Raptor Coating white background
Dupli color bed armor white background
This works best for beginners. The brush on kit is easy to apply and Herculine provides everything you need to get the job done. It’s easy to apply but also provides a thick coat to keep you truck bed protected.
Comes with a custom spray gun that makes for a smooth application. Durable protective coat that is resistant to harsh weather while also protecting your truck bed. The bedliner kit comes with everything you need and the price is affordable.
You won’t find many products that are made with stronger material. The Kevlar mix makes this bedliner kit one of the strongest on the market. You can even customize your bed with the different color options that Dupli offers. If you're looking for a tough liner then this one's for you.
Best For Beginners
Herculiner HCL1B8
Herculiner Truck liner white background
This works best for beginners. The brush on kit is easy to apply and Herculine provides everything you need to get the job done. It’s easy to apply but also provides a thick coat to keep you truck bed protected.
The Best Overall
U-POL Raptor
Raptor Coating white background
Comes with a custom spray gun that makes for a smooth application. Durable protective coat that is resistant to harsh weather while also protecting your truck bed. The bedliner kit comes with everything you need and the price is affordable.
Toughest with Kevlar
Dupli color bed armor white background
You won’t find many products that are made with stronger material. The Kevlar mix makes this bedliner kit one of the strongest on the market. You can even customize your bed with the different color options that Dupli offers. If you're looking for a tough liner then this one's for you.

Top 7 DIY Bedliners – Reviews & Comparison

1 – U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner – The Best

U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner

Starting off on our list of liners we have the U-POL Raptor DIY bed liner kit.

This is one of the best diy bedliner kits because it comes with a custom spray gun and regulator. Most kits won’t include this with the purchase. You have the option of buying a 4 quart or 8-quart kit depending on the size of your truck.  

The U-POL Raptor is easy to apply when you use the adjustable nozzle to regulate the amount ejected. It will not only protect your truck bed from abrasions, but the black bed liner also creates a quality barrier between the pickup truck and the elements, preventing rust and corrosion. 

The protective coating of the U-POL also has water resistance that keeps the surface of your truck bed protected which is handy in extreme weather. This spray on bed liner also helps lessen the vibrations and absorbs the sound from your cargo.

This spray kit is proven to be very adhesive to the surface when you use it. The UV resistant custom coat of the U-POL Raptor won’t fade over time. Once sprayed on the surface of your truck bed, it dries quickly and cuts down on the wait time for the second coat.

This kit is durable, affordable, and you certainly get a lot for your money. The spray will be enough to cover most trucks and there will be lots of extra for future touch ups.

  • Comes with a spray gun with its own regulator and gauge
  • The liner paint is black and camouflages with most truck bed surfaces.
  • Protective coat is durable and also resistant to water, the covering will protect the back of your pickup truck from abrasions and tough weather.
  • Will protect your pickup truck and absorbs the sound and vibrations
  • Easy to use, sprays on easily and dries faster
  • It has a low price tag for the amount of applications you can get

  • The bed liner coating is easily scratched off.
  • Poor customer service

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2 – Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-On Bed Liner Kit – Best For Beginners

Herculiner HCL1B8 Kit

The handling of a brush seems much easier than a spray gun, especially for new users. The brush on liner kit comes with 1 gallon black coating ready to use.

Herculiner is no new name to the bed liners game, they supply you with everything you need. The package includes a brush and two rollers that provide a means for easy application to surfaces. The process is pretty simple too.

Not only is the Herculiner HCL1B8 bed liner designed to protect surfaces, it also gives your truck lining a clean look without fading.

It can also be used on more than one material type like wood, metal, concrete, and more! Since you have a gallon of this durable brush-on paint, you would have enough to do some work on your other cars.

The material is a tough textured polyurethane (plus other chemicals) — five times thicker than other average liners. This means you get more protection for a longer duration. If you want a three-part blended poly urethane product, consider the Al’s Liner ALS-BL.

The paint of the Herculiner is of high quality and features a skid-resistant surface that won’t flake, peel or chip after use.

You can use this bedliner kit on multiple surfaces and it’s applied in three easy steps. If you want to buy a liner product with great value, then your search is over with this bed liner.

  • You get an amount that’s enough for several applications, making it valuable for the price.
  • Best DIY bedliner for beginners and includes ready-to-use paint plus a brush and two rollers included.
  • Protective coat won’t fade, chip, flake or peel after use.
  • The material is 5x thicker compared to other liners
  • The best part? It’s easy to apply!

  • Not as un scratchable as advertised.
  • Can be messy to administer.
  • Doesn’t mix well, the material is really thick and may glob.

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3 – Custom Coat GM White 0.875 Gallons Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit – Multiple Colors Available

Custom Coat GM White 0.875 Gallons Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit

The word white may have intrigued you a little bit. Custom shop has created a diy truck bed liner that’s tintable. This means you can spray your truck bed white and they even have other colors available.

The kit includes the liner base, the coat hardener, colored tint and a spray gun with a regulator. The amount covers an estimated 200 sq ft at 10 ml thick. That’s a lot of material for you. If you don’t need as much or need more, Custom Shop offers other liner colors and amounts ranging from 0.21 gallons to 1.75!

Flexibility and options gives your truck a seamless and clean look. It’s a durable bed liner designed to last for a long time. It endures harsh weather conditions as well as heat, and is waterproof and UV resistant. The mildly thick lather dampens sound and vibrations. This is also one of the stain resistant bed liners as well.

The easy to apply blended polyurethane coating (like Al’s Liner ALS-BL) is durable, flexible and won’t chip or flake surfaces upon impact.

The polyurethane makes the bed liner the perfect candidate for your truck.

Not only can it be applied to truck beds, but it can also be used in other surfaces like the interior, bumpers, and vehicle equipment and accessories.

  • Available in different colors
  • Spraying or brushing for the application process
  • The sticky and relatively thick bed liner coating sticks to a variety of surfaces, broadening the use of this DIY bed liner.
  • It won’t chip, flake or scratch in the long run since it has polyurethane.
  • The bed liner is waterproof, UV resistant and can endure all weather conditions while dampening sound.
  • Long lasting liner and enough 
  • Everything you need comes in the package.

  • The product will eventually start to fade and peel
  • has a paint like consistency.

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4 – Dupli-Color BAK 2010 Bed Armor DIY Truck Bed Liner – Toughest with Kevlar

Dupli-Color BAK 2010

With four different colors and separate parts you can buy, this bedliner is the equivalent of armor for your truck bed. It even contains Dupont Kevlar, an amazingly strong material. It’s worth it for the price.

The paint can has no shelf-life, and can be reused as needed. The water-based formula is easy to clean, making it even easier to mask your mistakes and wash off. There also isn’t a recoat window, meaning you can apply multiple coatings as you see fit.

This liner is one of the best in the bed liner industry, however, it may be tough to track down their products on Amazon. This is a great DIY bed liner kit for resistance to heavy cargo and can withstand other automotive chemicals as well as extreme weather conditions.

One of the best parts about this top liner is it doesn’t smell. Compared to other liners with reviews on the market, this one would hold up on the surface much longer. 

Nothing will make this liner flake, chip or peel and it can be used on surfaces like metal, wood, and concrete. 

However, you’d want the application process done on a sunny day since it’s quite hard to dry.

  • Contains Dupont Kevlar fibers
  • No strong odor and the water-based liner is easy to clean off.
  • Withstands harsh weather, chemicals and extreme impact.
  • There isn’t a shelf-life for the bedliner and it can be re-coated as needed.
  • Four color options to match your vehicle
  • No coating window
  • Water-based formula and solvent-based aerosol spray version available.

  • The spray nozzle may be uneven, giving you an uneven spray.
  • The water-based coating is difficult to dry.

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5 – Linerxtreeme Spray On Bedliner Kit – Long Lasting

Linerxtreeme Spray On Bedliner Kit

Most seasoned truckers go for the black bed liner. Your purchase comes with a free spray gun to make your life easier.

If you want professional quality at half the price, consider this bedliner. The chemical compound includes an epoxy and urethane mix. 

With 20 years in the bed liner business, you can be sure Linerxtreeme knows what’s best. Purchasing their truck bed liner kit would give you great UV protection, adhesion and durability. 

A 3 gallon spray kit will get you about 100 sq ft of coverage. That’s more than you need for just one truck, so you’ll have enough leftover for touch-ups or applications in the future.

The finished product when applied is a semi-glossed surface that all truck, ATV, jeep, truck and even boat owners have come to love. 

  • The black color easily camouflages imperfections and dirt on the surface
  • The epoxy and urethane mix is incredibly durable and will last a long time.
  • Provides great UV protection, adhesion and weather resistance.
  • With 20 years of experience, Linerxtreeme’s 3 gallon spray kit will get you lots of coverage and protection.
  • When it’s successfully applied, you end up with a beautiful semi-glossed surface.

  • After curing it was uneven.
  • The sprayer could be better

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6 – Rust-Oleum Automotive 248915 32-Ounce Truck Bed Coating, Black

Rust-Oleum Automotive 248915 32-Ounce Truck Coating

If you’re looking for a smooth finish and a liner product manufactured in the US, look no further. This black truck bed liner is made from good quality polymer, a coating that helps prevent wear and tear. 

Many people look for blended polyurethane like in Al’s Liner ALS-BL or just urethane, but polymer also works surprisingly well. DIY polyurethane is stiffer, while polymer provides a smoother coating.

This waterproof liner coats evenly and dries rapidly as well. You can apply the liner by brushing, spraying or rolling it on your truck bed to get a nice textured finish.

If your beloved pickup truck is looking worn down from all the years of work it’s put in, you can buy this great liner option to help restore it to its former glory and prevent further damage.

You get a roller frame and cover, a scuff pad, a brush and a roller pan to make your life easier.

The abrasion resistant adhesive coating also works well on a metal surface if you need to do some work on other areas of your truck.

  • The lining dries with a smooth finish.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • The waterproof product will coat the surface evenly and dries rapidly.
  • Use the available brush, or roller to administer it.
  • The coating hides any damage and rust and improves the overall aesthetic of your truck.
  • The spray in bed liner coating is weather resistant and will protect your truck from rust and the weather.

  • The bed liner is very thin and runny
  • The finish isn’t as advertised and may flake

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7 – Speedokote T-Rex White Bed Liner

Speedokote T-Rex White Bed Liner

Protect your truck with the best. The abrasion and water-resistant coating helps to dampen sound and vibrations when you are transporting anything in the truck bed. Not only that, it protects your truck from regular wear such as extreme temperatures, and corrosion.

It’s very easy to use and highly adhesive to the surface. This DIY truck bed liner does include a free spray gun.

The liner dries fast and is designed to be tintable with other colors, or feel free to leave it white for your white vehicle. With the sprayer, even inexperienced painters can do a good job.

  • It goes on smoothly on the surface and looks very professional.
  • This bedliner paint is durable and also resistant to water and weather, protecting surfaces against rust and abrasions.
  • Dampen the sound and vibrations of objects you transport with this highly adhesive DIY truck bedliner.
  • Spray gun included

  • You might not get a lot of coverage with just one purchase.
  • The product is slightly thinner
  • It might be tricky to use during the application process

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What to Look for When Buying a Bedliner

As reflected in our reviews, bed liners provide tons of benefits to the off-roader and/or the delivery man. Whether you own your own recreational 4×4 or you have a fleet of delivery trucks, bed liners protect the inside of the truck bed from corrosion, weather conditions, UV damage and more.

If you invest in a good product, it could even help dampen the noise and vibrations of the cargo on the vehicle. With all these benefits, what features should we look for when buying a bed liner kit?


You want your truck bed to be protected for several years at a time. You don’t want the liner paint to easily flake, peel, or chip off. Since we assume most truck owners work/drive all year-round, it’s only natural that bedliners should be durable, weatherproof, and protect against rust and corrosion.

Durability should be your top concern when you’re looking for a truck bed liner kit. You want it to last a long time.

Liner Protection

You will need to touch up bedliners once in a while, but that’s just part of the maintenance that comes with owning a truck. You feel protected by your powerful truck, and it’s only fair to provide your truck protection as well.

truck gate bedlinerA lot of truck bed coatings also come with anti-skid properties, and it should be resistant to water and weather. All of the protective elements we mentioned in the reviews above will have resistance to weather. You can also choose to buy a retractable cover if you want to protect your cargo.


This is another great factor that goes hand in hand with durability and strength of a liner. The more closely it adheres to surfaces, the longer time it will last.

Many thinner compounds may bubble or peel easily. You want your kit to have a good consistency and great adhesion. This will be the major factor to having a clean and polished finished look.  


When it comes to good bed liner products, the color is more for aesthetics. We have included an option in the reviews above that has a range of 50 colors! Find one that matches (or not) the inside or outside of your truck.

Some are even tintable and paint on white. This is where you have a bit of autonomy and you can roll on your creativity! You can always choose to have a professional do it. Check out this post before you hire a pro. Bedliner Paint Job. Everything you need to know.

Easy to Apply

How easy the application is quite important for many people. You definitely want a spray gun or brush set included with your purchase for use. This will save you time if you don’t own a spray kit or brush kit.

For those who are new to the truck game, you want an easy to use product with very clear instructions to follow. Depending on your skill set, you need to consider whether you need a spray on bed liner kit or a roll on kit.


How much paint do you need to use? Most manufacturers will give an estimate of the surface coverage for their product.

Truck bed linerThe thickness of the liner will also affect how much you need and the amount of money you spend. Thinner bedliners offer a smoother finish while denser bedliners could clump easily on the surface and finish more unevenly, but they only require one coat.


And last but not least, as we always advise, buy a product with a warranty or guarantee. It’s best if the company includes a “no questions asked guarantee.”

However, we do urge you to look for ones with at least a manufacturer warranty in case something is wrong with the paint, or accessories. The bedliners with a warranty give you a better value for your dollar.

We covered the cost of spray-in bedliners here, in particular. 

Application: The Best DIY Bedliners

There are basically two main options for applying the bedliner. Brush on or spray on. But the big question is, which is best? 

Bedliner Brush Application

Using a brush basically means you’re going with the old school method. It’s not much different from painting a fence or the inside of your house. 

The brush offers much more control in the area you cover and you can keep the mess relatively contained, which is a good thing. Painting bed liners with the brush also guarantees better adhesion, since you are using some force when you paint.

The effort you put into painting also allows for a more even spread. It’s also easy to use for those inexperienced painters (which is the majority of us, let’s face it) especially if you accidentally go in a different direction.

The only downside with using a brush kit is that it will take you twice or maybe three times as long to apply the bedliner. 

Spray on Bed Liner Application

The spray gun offers a more professional finish. You won’t see the marks of errors and each individual stroke that went into the paint job.

spray paint gunYou’ll find it a lot faster than painting with a brush, but chances are you’ll need an air compressor to work the gun and that could be a whole other headache for some. 

Contrary to the former, spray guns offer less control since you could accidentally spray the exterior side of your truck if you aren’t careful. It can also cause more of a mess due to the overspray.

It also comes down to the type of gun, nozzle and if the gun you choose has a regulator. Overall, it depends on personal preference on what you think is best to use.

If you choose to go with a spray in bedliner kit, make sure to check out this review we did on the two largest manufacturers Rhino vs Line X comparison. We also reviewed other spray in options if you are still not sure which is the best. 

How to Prepare Your Truck for the Bedliner

  • Clean the truck bed

You might have been putting this off, but your truck bed needs to be clean and clear of any debris and dust.

TSP is a good substance to mix with water to remove accumulated oil and grease. It’s best to make sure you thoroughly clean and scrub the surface of your truck bed then hose it down.

Afterwards, wipe it all clean with a dry cloth and make sure the surface is 100% dry.

  • Lay down papers

You know you are going to make a great mess, so lay down and cover all the surroundings to make sure you don’t give your garage a new paint job.

  • Scuff and Sand

This step is necessary to remove all the stock paint from the original paint job. It also gets rid of any corrosion that you don’t want lingering.

sanding truck bedClean off all the dust from the truck bed and think about applying a metal primer to make the paint job easier. It also protects the metal from higher temperatures, and prevents rust and oxidation.

  • Apply the bed liner

Get the bed liner ready with the tools you have chosen to use and start. Go slow and be careful since the results are semi-permanent. Make sure you have the proper safety gear and refer to the instruction manual and follow the instructions.


Your lovely truck wears down with age, especially ones that are often on the road. This could pull at your heartstrings, but you could say this is a natural cycle of life.

There are steps you can take to prolong your truck’s lifespan and finding and administering the best truck bed liner is a way to do that. Just remember, safety first and keep in mind all the suggestions we presented in the list when looking to buy the right truck liner.

Want to learn more about bed liners? Check and read some of our other guides now.

Our Top Pick – Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-On Bed Liner Kit

Herculiner HCL1B8 Kit

The Herculiner brand [1] is one of the most trustworthy names in the automotive bedliner market. They produce a strong yet streamlined finish.

You can apply it to more than one type of surface, which makes this one of the most versatile and durable bed liners we’ve seen so far. It’s also five times thicker than most other products.

As a thicker and tougher option, the skid-resistant bedliner won’t chip, flake or peel after curing. For these reasons we have chosen the Herculine HCL 1B8 as the best diy bedliner.

When applied, it also adds an extra bit of shine to those who want the x-factor. The ready-to-use protective coating doesn’t need you to mix and spray other compounds. Just grab one of the included rollers from the kit and apply.

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