Best Chevy Colorado Bedliners in 2020

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30th Nov,2019

So you have researched pretty much all there is to know about truck bed liners, and you’re convinced. Now the next step is to find one that words best with your truck. While most truck bedliner paints suit almost any truck, you need more precise measurements for drop-in options. If you drive a Chevy Colorado, we have a detailed list on which bedliners available in the market are best with your truck.

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Top 5 Chevy Colorado Bedliners – Reviews & Comparison

1 – BEDRUG BRB15CCK Chevy Colorado Bed Liner

This drop in Chevy Colorado bedliner options is made especially for your truck. This bed liner resembles a soft rug that spans your entire truck bed. Made from heavy duty polyprolylene, it can handle heavy loads and almost anything else you throw at it. This bed liner for your Chevy Colorado withstands heavy impact and even wood and gravel.

This Chevy Colorado Bedliner molded to fit the inside of your truck perfectly and seamlessly. And it doesn’t get in the way of any factory accessories. It’s easy on your hands and knees and even though it’s made of carpet-like material, it’s engineered for exterior use and is stain resistant.

Place heavy loads on this bed liner without fear of damage. This Chevy Colorado bed liner also has a limited lifetime warranty, so you may contact their customer service for any support you need.


  • A perfect bed liner for Chevy Colorados and trucks of a similar design.
  • This truck bed liner weighs only around 21 pounds and won’t add extra bulk to your truck.
  • The anti-skid feature will prevent cargo and other items from getting damaged.
  • The thick Chevy Colorado bedliner will have sound dampening ability.
  • Fits closely on your bed surface still taking into account all the factory tie-downs.
  • Resistant to water and the elements.

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2 – Penda 61106SRX 6’ Bed Liner for Chevy Colorado

Giving you twice the protection you would get from a conventional bed liner, the skid-resistant surface of this bed liner will protect your cargo as well as your truck bed. This bed liner for your Chevy Colorado still allows you to mount a truck cap, or a tonneau and still match your truck perfectly.

The bed will be more resistant to the elements and to scratches and scuffs with this bed liner. This bed liner offers maximum security and versatility without having to drill for installation. It’s a good value for the price.


  • A bed liner designed perfectly for your Chevy Colorado.
  • The robust design will protect your truck bed against any surface scratches and scrapes.
  • If water does accumulate, it drains away with the smart bed liner design.
  • The product has tailgate cup holders available for use
  • The bed liner surface is resistant to most chemicals.
  • Will prevent cargo from getting damaged
  • The product doesn’t require any drilling to install.

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3 – Duraliner (0050541X) Truck Bed Liner for Chevrolet Colorado

Skid resistance in a bed liner not only protects your cargo, but it also dampens the noise and reduce the shifting of loads in the back. The UV protected finish of this Chevy Colorado bedliner will keep the bed looking new for many years down the line. The ribbed bed liner design also guards against scrapes and scuffs.

This bed liner for your Chevy Colorado is a custom fit for your vehicle and is designed so it accumulated water will drain off the sides. Resistant to oil and chemicals, the no drill installation design with cup holders and board holders are huge plus points.


  • Tailgate features cup holders.
  • UV resistance will protect the bed liner and keep it looking as good as new for your Chevy Colorado
  • Water resistant and also drains accumulated water.
  • The ribbed bed liner design prevents against scuffs and scrapes.
  • Custom fit Chevy Colorado bed liner.
  • The surface is resistant to oils and chemicals.
  • No drill installation makes this bed liner easy to install.
  • More affordable price

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4 – Trailfx 21106X Under Rail Bed Liner, 5′ for Chevy Colorado

The thick ribbed construction of this bed liner not only decreases scrapes and scuffs, but it also allows maximum airflow and prevents moisture buildup. This will protect your cargo and bed from damage. You can find the perfect Chevy Colorado bedliner for the make and model of your truck. The product is made from a specific mold catered to your truck.

This bed liner fits perfectly and saves space. It allows you to transport and carry more cargo compared to other options. If you want to go the extra mile in avoiding slippage, you can consider purchasing a bed mat like Dee Zee products.


  • You can find cup holders on the tailgate to hold your beverages.
  • Also similar to other bed liner options, this Chevy Colorado bed liner a no drill design.
  • This bed liner features a board holder for two-tier loading.
  • It’s an under the rail product so it won’t cover the rails and allows for tonneau covers and other such add-ons.
  • The thick ribbed structure of the Chevy Colorado bed liner is durable and prevents scrapes
  • Will protect your loads and also protect the bed from damage
  • The design facilitates airflow to avoid moisture buildup.

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5 – Husky Liners 11011 Charcoal Ultra Fiber Full Truck Liner for Chevrolet Colorado

Similar to the first design, this is also a carpet-like bed liner. The super strong and tough Chevy Colorado bed liner can take anything you throw at it.

It allows for friction and stability of the cargo to protect and keep it in place. I know what you’re thinking about water resistance, but this bed liner design does not absorb any water and will not produce mold!

All it takes in terms of maintenance is power washing from time to time or just simply vacuuming with a handheld vacuum. The soft lining makes it more comfortable for you to load and unload cargo.


  • Soft fibers that keep your load in place.
  • Durable make can take whatever you throw at it.
  • This bed liner for Chevy Colorado is anti-skid and is also waterproof, it will not produce mold.
  • It’s easy to maintain, just clean it off with a hose, power washer, or handheld vacuum.
  • The soft material of the bed liner will make it much easier for you to load and unload stuff.
  • This bed liner protects your truck bed from damage.

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In the end, one that is easy to install and gives your truck adequate protection is the best truck DIY bed liner you should go for. It should protect your truck and your cargo.

You get a choice from drop-in to spray in liners. Spray in liners (reviews here) are suitable for most models, but to get the perfect fit for a drop-in bed liner, you should look for ones that are made specifically for your car.

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