Bedliner Paint Jobs: Everything You Have To Know in 2020
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Bedliner Paint Jobs: Everything You Have To Know

If you have a heavy duty vehicle designed to withstand tough elements, shouldn’t the truck bed be the same? So why are people covering their truck beds with different types of bedliners? Well, the simple answer is the coating protects your truck and cargo you are transporting from damage. It’s a win-win situation really. Some truck drivers even go the full length and cover their entire vehicle! There are different types of liners, but today we are going to focus on bedliner paint jobs.

Should you be getting this type of paint job? Do you need a bedliner? How much does it cost? These are all questions we will answer today.

The Cost of a Bedliner Paint Job

We actually have a separate article going into more detail on the cost of such a paint job. Bedliner can cost around $500 dollars give or take at most IF you plan to do it yourself. Bedliners can come with spray guns or brush/roller sets for you to DIY. Read our top recommendations for roll-on bedliners.

However, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you will need to task a professional with the painting and that can cost you a couple of hundred dollars more, pushing the total closer to $800-$1000 or even over.

If you choose to do it yourself, you might need to factor in the cost of supplies, needed tools, and the time and effort you put into setting up the space and preparing your truck bed. You can find more details in our page about cost, pros & cons of spray in bedliners.

Pros of a Bedliner Paint Job 

  • The paint will adhere to the contours of your truck flawlessly if done right.
  • You can even customize the color, if you want neon pink, the more power to you.
  • The bedliner paint from good brands such as Rhino Liner and Line X is tough and durable and will last long.
  • Bedliner paint protects the inside of your truck from scratches and protects your cargo as well.
  • Not only does it protect against scratches, but also different elements, moisture, rust and corrosion as well as UV rays.
  • It enhances the look of your truck. If you decide to paint the entire truck, it will have a very cool look to it.
  • A lot of the bedliner manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty.
  • You can DIY at home and save yourself a lot of money, whereas getting a drop-in bedliner will come with a standard price tag.
  • Sometimes you can choose between a matte finish or a glossy coat.
  • Some thicker bedliner paints can also absorb vibrations and dampen sounds.
  • It’s relatively easy to clean compared to regular paint.
  • It’s more economical and can end up saving you more money in the long run as it decreases the risk of damaging your truck bed.
  • It also improves the ruggedness of your truck. Here are some top selections of the top bedliners for Chevy Colorado.

Cons of Bedliner Paint Job

  • It’s easier to botch the paint job and have to redo it.
  • While the coat is curing, there is a risk of dust and/or debris getting lodged in the wet paint.
  • While Line X boasts a quick dry time, other standard brands might need a few hours or more, which could be extremely time consuming.
  • Again, elaborating on the first point, if you decide to do it on your own, you might miss hard to reach places or accidentally get some paint on the windows and mirrors.
  • You have to get the thickness right, and this may take more than one coat. The thinner the coat, the more easily it is damaged.
  • Some bedliners without strong UV protection could fade over time and give your truck and old and battered look.
  • You need to have an area or space set up to do the job, preferably one where you won’t have worry about getting your belongings dirty.
  • You may need someone’s help.
  • If you use a spray gun without a respirator mask, it could cause damage to your health. 


Sometimes it’s better to leave the job to the professionals. After all, they are equipped and qualified to handle it. Yes, it could cost more, and it will just add onto the cost of the paint itself, but you do save a lot of time and you can pretty much guarantee you will be happy with the end product. The cost of applying the top DIY bedliners isn’t just about the tools, it’s also the time and effort you put in.