Spray In Bedliner Cost, Pros & Cons: What You Should Know
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Spray In Bedliner Cost, Pros & Cons

So it’s time for a new bedliner paint job, or you realized your truck bed needs a makeover. Before we throw down any cash, most of us would like a ballpark number just to see how much big of a dent it will make in our wallets. We can give you a generalization and tell you they cost around $500 dollars or less. It varies greatly depending on where you live, but they shouldn’t exceed the $500 mark. What other cost or costs can come with a bedliner?

Some Things to Consider

  • It’s agreed upon by most manufacturers that the installation of a spray on bedliner can take an average from 4 hours up to a whole day. This includes the setup time, getting your trucks ready, and the actual installation and curing.
  • If you don’t do it yourself, the time will be another cost. It takes around 3-4 days to get an appointment for truck bed lining installation.
  • Before you do the actual spraying, you need to prepare your surroundings. This may include buying a tarp to cover items before you administer the truck bed liner. 
  • Getting your truck bed ready for the coating also takes time and money. You need to sand it down, apply some grease, clean it off, and that all factors into the bedliner cost.
  • Of course you can save on the spray in bedliner cost if you install it yourself. But if you pay for professional services, it could cost you extra. Some of the top roll-on bedliners can be DIY.
  • Installers might not be as careful as you are with the spray and they might not be liable for any damages incurred.

Benefits of Spray in Bedliners

If all of that turns you off from getting a bed liner spray, then we think understanding the benefits will justify the bedliner cost. 

  • A truck bed liner will prevent against scuffs and scratches, which will come at an extra cost for you to fix down the line anyway.
  • Spray-on bedliners are easy to administer and a lot faster the the brush-on or roll-on type (if you follow the instructions).
  • A truck bedliner offers protection against rust and corrosion, which again would add to the cost of maintaining your truck down the line.
  • The price of the bedliner will also protect against further depreciation of your vehicle’s overall value.
  • They offer UV protection. Why does this matter? Trucks can get sun damage too, overexposure to UV rays will make your truck look old and worn. If you have Chevy Colorado, you might want to keep it protected from damage with these Best Chevy Colorado Bedliners.
  • A good quality spray in truck bed liner will have anti-skid properties. Your cargo won’t shift constantly and your customers will be happy with the quality of the delivery.
  • Some spray in bedliners are also waterproof, which beats the traditional drop-in bedliners as they can trap moisture and water between the plastic and your truck bed, leading to rust.
  • Not to mention the overall aesthetic. It adds to the overall look of your truck.
  • After installation, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It also makes sure your truck bed doesn’t need much attention either.
  • Another benefit a spray in bedliner has over the regular drop-in option is the custom fit. While you can find drop-in bedliners that are made for your truck, a spray in option has a smaller margin of error.
  • Let’s say it does get damaged over a long period of time from use, the spray liners are repairable.

What is the Best Spray In Bedliner?

So we’ve sold you on purchasing a spray in bedliner. Now your next question will definitely be, “which one is the best?” We’ll break down two of the best spray-in options that we recommend. For a more in-depth comparison, read our Line X vs Rhino article.


When purchasing from a reputable seller like Line-x, there are certain benefits like the lifetime warranty. If you’re looking for unsurpassed protection for your truck bed, then look no further. Their team of professional technicians can also administer it so it’s done correctly.

The spray is environmentally friendly, so no worries if you get a bit on your grass or wherever you choose to do the job. For those that put a lot of emphasis on the external appearance of your truck, there are also custom colors

The truck bed liner dampens sound and absorbs vibrations. It creates a permanent bond with your truck that won’t peel, bubble or crack after use.

It protects  your truck bed from leaks, and prevents rusting and corrosion and of course, UV protection.

Rhino Liner

Rhino Linings are a leading contender in the truck bedliner industry. The back of your truck can take a beating over the years and it deserves the proper protection. You want to be able to get the most out of your truck without ruining it. Rhinos are creatures that are extremely tough, and so is the Rhino Liner.

The bedliner from Rhino Linings provide excellent slip resistance. This keeps your cargo more securely in place and reduces the chances of impact.

Throw and heave any heavy items onto the back of your truck without worrying about the lining. It will not scratch or scuff it up.

It also protects the inside of your truck bed from corrosion and rust

Next up, it dampens the noise and vibrations from whatever is getting knocked around in the back. This way, it won’t distract you when you’re driving.

Compared to the average drop-in liners, it saves more space since it adheres very closely to the inside of your truck (not that they take up that much space).

It does not take long to spray this bedliner at all and it has high temperature resistance.

So this begs the question of which is better. Well, that’s a whole other story for us to tell.


A spray on bedliner shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, but there is a certain standard. You must also factor in all the extra costs you may incur such as equipment, time, and effort whether you choose to hire a professional or choose to DIY. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you get only the best DIY bedliners for your truck. There are enormous benefits to spray in bedliners and the cost shouldn’t be that much of a concern. As they say, the pros outweigh the cons.