5 Best Spray-In Bedliners: Give Your Truck A Longer Life!
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What is the Best Spray-In Bedliner?

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A lot of us view our trucks to be an extension of ourselves. We protect the exterior, but applying the trunk bed with a good bedliner can extend the life of your vehicle and uphold its appearance for longer. Let’s take a look at what there is on the market.

Best Premium
U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bedliner
Best Overall
Rust Oleum 248914 Truck Bed Coating Spray
Best for the Price
Dupli Color TR250 Truck Bed Coating
U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bedliner
Dupli Color TR250 Truck Bed Coating
U-POL Raptor Black Urethane has a higher price tag but it is very durable. This truck bedliner is all you need to protect your truck bed from corrosion and abrasions.
Rust Oleum is a trusted name in sprays for any surface, and your truck bed isn’t an exception. It’s easy to spray in and lasts for a very very long time. Protect your truck bed with a textured non-skid finish spray.
Giving your truck a redo doesn’t need to cost you as much as you would think. Applying the Dupli Color truck bed coating is just like giving your truck armored protection.
Best Premium
U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bedliner
U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bedliner
U-POL Raptor Black Urethane has a higher price tag but it is very durable. This truck bedliner is all you need to protect your truck bed from corrosion and abrasions.
Best Overall
Rust Oleum 248914 Truck Bed Coating Spray
Rust Oleum is a trusted name in sprays for any surface, and your truck bed isn’t an exception. It’s easy to spray in and lasts for a very very long time. Protect your truck bed with a textured non-skid finish spray.
Best for the Price
Dupli Color TR250 Truck Bed Coating
Dupli Color TR250 Truck Bed Coating
Giving your truck a redo doesn’t need to cost you as much as you would think. Applying the Dupli Color truck bed coating is just like giving your truck armored protection.

Best Spray In Bedliners Reviews

1. Rust Oleum 248914 Truck Bed Coating Spray

There are few big brands that come to mind when we think about truck bed liners. The Rush Oleum spray-on bedliner will be able to coat your truck bed more evenly than other bedliner products.

This truck bed liner will protect the surface of the truck bed from rust, corrosion and all other elements by forming a protective layer. This spray has a comfort tip that allows you to angle it in such a way to get all the crevices.

The drying period for the Rust Oleum spray in bedliner takes less than an hour and also has a textured non-skid finish to make sure your cargo stays in place. Moreover, the Rust Oleum spray-on bedliner is able to conform to the shape of the truck bed and reduce noise as well.


  • Can conform to the shape of your truck bed
  • Can have a comfort tip
  • Takes less than an hour to dry
  • Reduces noise
  • Non-skid and textured finish
  • Protects truck beds from rust and corrosion
  • Shapes itself to the truck bed
  • Easy to spray
  • Durable and tough


  • The spray head may not be the best
  • A little thin

2. U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bedliner

This spray-on bed liner kit contains the base and the hardener for you to do your own mixing. There is a ratio you can follow or you can experiment on your own for the perfect bedliner. 

The protective urethane coating works on your truck bed surface and many more. While other bed liners fade with time due to UV rays, this is not the case with the U-POL Raptor.

It’s waterproof and deadens noises when you are on the road. You’ll no longer have to listen to your cargo bouncing around on your truck bed. Application is also easy for the U-POL Raptor bedliner as you can use a spray gun or apply it with rollers or a brush.


  • Easy to use spray-on truck bedliner
  • Waterproof and UV protection
  • Abrasion and stain-resistant
  • Will help mute sounds on the road
  • Can be applied many ways
  • Great for surfaces other than truck beds


  • Not an opaque black
  • A little thin

3. Dupli Color TR250 Truck Bed Coating

The Dupli Color bedliner is in our top bedliner list for its versatility. Not only will it be an ideal protective layer for your truck bed, but it can also be applied to railings or the underside of your truck if necessary.

You’d want to be able to toss your belongings onto your truck bed without worrying about damaging it. The Dupli Color Truck Bed Coating protects it to keep you from having that very problem.

The spray-on bed liner from Dupli-Color dries in less than an hour and is impact resistant. This means that it can be applied without cracking or flaking. This spray-on bed liner also dries with a rubberized finish to prevent skidding and can be used solely for touch-ups.


  • Simple application
  • Low odor
  • Tough and impact-resistant
  • Can be used on different surfaces
  • Can be used for touch-ups
  • Dries in under an hour
  • Rubberized finish


  • May show scratch marks
  • May cause splash-back

4. Custom Coat Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner

If you are looking to do a large job or a complete overhaul, then you may need a spray-in bed liner kit. This one from Custom Coat offers 1 gallon and the liner kit includes the hardener, base, and spray gun. 

This is a great option if you don’t already own a spray gun as it can be tough to find one that applies bed liners evenly. One of the best features of this truck bed liner is that it is resistant to extreme temperatures. The surface of your truck bed will be protected all year round.

Rust is the top killer of a lot of vehicles and machines, but with this spray on truck bed liner, it won’t be a problem for you. It’s easy to apply, and is extremely versatile because it works on many surfaces.


  • The liner kit makes it easy to spray bedliner
  • Comes with everything you need in the liner kit
  • You can choose the amount you need
  • Spray in bed lining that is resistant to extreme climates
  • Protects the surface of your truck bed for a long time
  • Non-skid coating for many surfaces


  • Not a lot of coverage if you don’t buy the right amount
  • A little on the thin side

5. Seymour 20-041 Truck Bed Coating

Here is a spray-on bedliner that doesn’t require a spray gun. In general, bedliners in a can are easier to apply. The Seymour Truck Bed coating can work well on your truck bed surface and others as well. 

The Seymour Truck Bed Coating makes a lot of touch-ups easier. This thick spray-on bedliner creates a protective coating on the surface that keeps rust and other detrimental damages from happening.

It’s also impact resistant and dries very quickly, and sits flush against your truck bed with excellent adhesion that will last for years. It will help extend the life of your vehicle as long as you make sure to apply it correctly.


  • No need for a spray gun
  • Easy to use for touch-ups
  • Protects your truck bed surface
  • Dries quickly
  • Impact-resistant
  • Extends the life of your vehicle
  • Can be used on other surfaces as well


  • Can take quite some time to cure

Spray in Bedliner Buying Guide

If you do not purchase the right type, amount, or color for your truck bed, the spray on bed liner may not produce the desired results. Follow our guide below to find one that’s right for your truck.

people riding the back of a truck on the desert


There are several types of bed liners, but the spray-on bed liner is easy to apply. You don’t need much skill when it comes to the application.

A spray bedliner usually comes with a spray gun to give you more precision. However, spray cans are easier to use and cause minimal fuss. 

When purchasing a spray-on bed liner, there are aliphatic and aromatic ones. Aliphatic options are stronger and thicker. Also, they generally last longer on surfaces. They are the better choice for strong coating with a lot of pigmentation (not translucent [1]). 

Aromatic bedliners are used for touch-ups. Generally, they are more affordable than aliphatic truck bed liners. However, aromatic options are not as thick and durable, which means they won’t last as long.

Ready-Made or Self Mix?

If you are a beginner with spray-on bedliners, we would suggest purchasing ready-made ones that are clearly labeled over DIY bed liners. This will help you identify whether or not the spray-on bed liner is right for your needs.

The ones that are ready-made can have an issue with the amount. They usually come in cans and you would need to purchase many to cover the entirety of your truck bed. This is also the reason why spray-on bed liners that come in cans are preferred for touch-ups.

The U-POL Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bedliner includes the hardener and base separately. This means that before using the spray-on bedliners, you would need to mix it at the proper ratio yourself. 

The right ratio is 3:1. You use three parts liner base and one part hardener. You can also add a reducer to decrease the thick texture. An issue this could pose is that the diluted product might not work well.

Our experts find that generally,  mix-in bedliner kits with spray guns work better than versions in cans.


The amount of bedliner you will need will depend on the truck size and the type of truck bed you have. Determining the right amount is necessary because having either too much or too little can be inconvenient for anyone spraying a bedliner on a truck.

Bed liners are made to last. This means that it’s highly unlikely that you will need touch-ups any time soon, unless you cheapened out and purchased a low-quality product. Having plenty of leftover products will also mean that you wasted a lot of money on extra liner.

However, having leftovers is great if you have more than one vehicle. Another tip to make the most use out of leftovers is to check if your spray-on bedliner is versatile enough to adhere to other surfaces. Some truck bed liners are advertised to do well on wood surface or tile, and can be used as extra protection around the house.

pickup truck moving through dirt road


A black or dark-colored bedliner is a preferred  choice for many because it doesn’t reflect dirt as much as lighter shades. However, manufacturers make most colors you can think of so there is no need to stick with neutral colors. If you have a flaming red truck, you can choose the same shade of red or something similar for a seamless and matching look. 

If you purchase a truck bed liner that is very thin, it can require a couple of coats to get that fully pigmented look. Our team suggests to look for a spray-on bedliner that requires a single application. Applying two or three layers can be very time consuming and it takes even more time to cure.


Bedliners are often divided into having matte, smooth, textured and shiny finishes. Picking the type of finish depends on personal preference but there are advantages to certain kinds.

A thick and rubberized matte finish can help secure the cargo better. There are spray bed liners that are thick enough to dampen sound and vibrations so that the jostling of the truck on rough terrain won’t affect the cargo. Your cargo is also less likely to slip and slide on the truck bed and sustain damage. 

Meanwhile, a glossy or smooth finish could match the exterior of your truck better.


Protection from rust and corrosion is very important in maintaining your truck.The best quality spray bed liner will be able to protect your truck from most elements, and premium options should keep your vehicle’s pristine appearance for many years.. 

Metals exposed to sun rays for long periods of time could  fade, but this could be tackled by high quality spray on bed liners. Thick coated spray on bedliners will protect your cargo and your truck bed against impact as well.

Any damage your truck sustains can be easily repaired with a good spraying bed liner. If you have leftover liner, it’s very convenient to patch up the scratches and cracks then to fix the truck bed itself.

old pickup truck loaded down with firewood


In order for your bedliner to protect your truck from elements, rust and corrosion, it also needs to be durable. The best bed liner shouldn’t flake, peel, crack, or chip easily. 

Our team understands that it’s hard to determine if a bedliner will perform as expected without trying it. . However, our experts have tested our listed products multiple times to make sure that they are not prone to chipping, cracking or peeling.


Your bedliner choice is only as good as your application. Thankfully, it does not have to be complicated.

Spraying bedliner is easy with a spray gun. It will generally give you an even coating and it gets the job done quickly. You’ll just have to read through and follow the instructions if you get yourself a spray gun kit.

However, a spray gun, regardless of size, usually requires maintenance and could clog if not cleaned properly. It is necessary to properly rinse and dry your spray gun after every spraying session.

Spray cans for a spray-on bedliner are the easiest way of application without needing too much effort and extra supplies. However, administering by hand would make spraying the bedliner evenly more difficult.


A paint job requires more tools than just the spray gun. Look for a tarp large enough to lay under your truck so you don’t get any spray damage on the floor.

You could also get a brush or roller to help you get those tough-to-access spots to make sure you have full coverage.


Among the best things about a spray in liner is the range in price. A spray in liner can also cost a lot less than drop in or roll on options. A high quality finish that maintains the appearance of your truck doesn’t have to be expensive as well..

You can choose from higher-end options that can cost around $300-$500, or select more affordable options that don’t exceed $100. Pricier options generally give you a thicker and long lasting finish, but more affordable ones offer you a better deal for touch-ups.

top view photo of a blue pick-up truck driven on a puddle of water

The Advantages of a Spray In Bedliner

Why use a spray-on bedliner? Is there an advantage that a bed liner offers that you cannot get anywhere else?

The biggest advantage of a spray in bed liner is the protection it offers your truck and the ease of application. A spray-on bedliner gives you a custom fit that gets in all the nooks and crannies without missed spaces. 

Meanwhile, a drop-in liner is basically a mat that you literally drop onto the truck bed. This means that the shape is previously cut out and cannot be customized.

A roll-on liner does give you the same customizability as spray in ones, but a large roll-on brush wouldn’t be able to get into those hard to reach places.

Repairs and touch-ups can be done without a professional. It is even easier to do a spray-on job yourself. A spray in liner can give your truck a whole new look and add to the resale value of your vehicle without having to go for a custom paint job.

You can also decide which finish feels most comfortable to you. Textured finishes can be rough on your hands and knees, but matte or glossy finishes won’t be.

Have a Chevy? Here are some of our recommended bedliners for Chevy Colorado trucks.


Is Rhino Liner or Line X better?

Rhino Liner is better in terms of finish. It’s softer and smoother compared to the competition but it might not be as bright or contoured perfectly to your truck bed. Line-X is harder, which in turn makes it more durable. 

How much does spray-in bedliner cost?

Spray-in bedliners cost at least $50 and above. This depends on the quality and the brand. While cheaper does not always mean lower quality, you generally get better results for a well-priced bedliner.

Our Top Pick: Rust Oleum 248914 Truck Bed Coating Spray

Rust Oleum’s elegant factor plus smooth finish on truck beds surpasses all the other products we have on our list. Made in the USA, this truck bed lining spray is thick enough to dampen sounds made by moving cargoes while traveling.

The Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating spray also takes the top spot for its durability, easy application and overall quality. These features make it the most reliable choice among spray in bedliners on the market today.