Best CB Radios of 2019

When driving, having a high-quality CB radio will help enhance your experience. Not only can they help you listen to multiple communication channels, but they allow you to notice inclement weather within your area.

We want to help you find the best CB radio for your money. And in this guide, we’ll review the top 8 CB Radio devices that are in the market. After that, it’s up to you to decide which one works the best for you.

Top 8 CB Radios Reviews & Comparison

Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio


  • NOAA Weather Channels
  • Frequency Display
  • Radio Check Feature
  • 4 Color LCD Display
  • Automatic Scanning


Nowadays, modern CB radios offer more channels than previous models. The Cobra 29 LX offers over 40 channels to tune into, which makes it stand up against its competition. Amongst them are 10 NOAA, 19 for information and emergencies. This comes in handy when you need up to date information regarding accidents and weather on your route.

One of the interesting features is its large LCD. The display lighting is adjusted, so its easier to be used in different lighting conditions. This displays shows the readings in current channel, time, SWR, S/RF amongst others.

You’ll also like the radio check diagnostic system. It allows you to test important functions such as RF power, antenna connection, and battery voltage directly from the radio. This feature helps you troubleshoot and fix issues before it finally hits the road.

The Cobra 29LX has a myriad of features like the alarm clock/timer option when using the device’s drivers. The display is both colorful and wide, thus providing the right visibility, especially during the evening.

Consumer Opinion

One thing that consumers like about the Cobra 29 LX-40 Channel CB Radio is the adjustable LCD display. You can switch between blue. Red, green, and amber. While some users have an issue with red displays, the blue display allows you to see virtually everything. This is based on your preferences, so test the colors to see which one works best.

While the display is dimmable, you can set it via the day and night brightness, via the menu. So if you can lower the brightness on the night time, you can set it appropriately and when you press the dim button. It performs flawlessly and transmits. We found additional stations to be clear even when the weaker ones than the skip levels.

Some customers weren’t happy with the supplied microphone. It’s a better option to purchase a better mic supply. They can make a difference in how well you’ve heard even if your signal is weak within its receiving station.

Other than that, we don’t like is the control knobs by the Squelch/Volume and the SWR/ Talkback calibration. The Squelch and volume buttons are used frequently, and some consumers prefer separate controls for it.


  • Multicolor Display
  • Clear Signals
  • Maximum Power Output
  • User Friendly Operation


  • This CB Radio is too large for small vehicles which aren’t equipped enough with space to mound radios.

Galaxy-DX-959 CB Radio


  • Frequency Display
  • NOAA Weather & Emergency Alert
  • Radio Check Feature
  • Weather and Alert Scan
  • Clock/Timer/Alarm


The Galaxy-DX-959 is a high-quality radio that features 40 channel and has SSB (Single Side Band) and AM modes of operation. If you want a high-end CB radio that can be used in almost any location.

The radio consists of a 5 digit frequency counter.  While this is useful for those that want to expand their radio’s frequency abilities (the frequency counter reads extra frequencies after the expansion) it doesn’t work well with the SSB, where a frequency counter would be useful.

The next feature we’ve noticed is the variable talk back. The talkback works efficiently, and the variable control is a great option, especially when you need minimal talkback when the radio is used as a base.

Consumer Opinions

There have been numerous positive reviews about the Galaxy-DS-959, here’s what they had to say:

The Galaxy-DX-959 CB Radio features a good receiver. Because of it, it can help users find frequencies outside of the current range. That’s why it has over 40 channels to select from, making it a versatile CB radio in terms of performance.

On transmission side of things, the DX 959 has loud audio. It has Galaxy’s famous punchy sound, and it sounds higher than AM frequencies. We found that the SSB radio sounds loud and clear even with its AMC is turned to the highest setting.  If you add a power mic, your voice will be heard throughout the house!


  • Illuminated Display
  • RF Gain
  • Special GNF Feature
  • Great Audio Transmission


  • Constant battery drain

Midland 1001LWX CB Radio


  • 40 Channels
  • 4 Watts of Power
  • Digital Power Meter
  • Squelch Control
  • Full-sized microphone


Some people like the Midland 1001LWX CB Radio because of its compact size. It measures around 4.5 x 1.75 x 7.5 inches. There are only a few CB radios in the market that are this small. This makes it easier to install. It mounting tools are provided, and you don’t need any additional tools when using this unit.

This design has a 40 channel turner. First, this makes it easier to scan active channels faster. Second, users are able to lock in their preferred channels. In fact, the Midland 100LWX automatically scans and detects the best weather signal in your area.

This is a handy feature when traveling, and you had real-time information on the weather conditions that it gives you.

The Midland 1001LWX CB Radio is great for beginners based on its design. All of the controls are placed right on front panel. This panel has a backlit-LCD display that makes it easier to read during the night.

And this unit has a corded mic. You can remove the mic and replace it with another one if you prefer. Also, it’s compatible with other CB radios antennas in the market. If your vehicle has an external antenna, the radio will work well with it.

Consumer Opinion

Most users praised the CB Radio’s ability to receive clear audio signals and transmit. It includes features that allow the user to read and hear everything produced by the radio. These features include squelch control, RF gain control, Automatic Noise Limiter.

Consumers found it difficult to toggle through the NOAA Weather Channels. It requires you to press the mic’s PTT button, which might confuse new users.


  • Backlit display for improved night operation
  • Easy to install
  • Compact Size


  • Only basic CB Radio features are available

Cobra Electronics CB Radio CBR 29LTD –


  • 40 Channel Access
  • 4 Watt Output
  • Instant Channel 9
  • Antenna Warning Indicator
  • SWR Calibration


In the world of CB Radio electronics, Cobra is a big name amongst other brands. The Cobra CBR 29 LTD features over 40 channels and is easy to use and reliable without having to continuously modify components.

The important features on this device are aligned in a row. The panel is placed on the front of the radio so you can easily access them. The radio’s knobs are large and the controls are sized fairly, with each of the controls being placed from the next.

Despite its interesting appearance, it still provides the basic features most CB Radios have. It consists of a mic gain that helps you and the driver have clear communication between each other. And it has an RF Gain, which allows you to collect signals from extended distances.

Consumer Opinion

Consumers like that this CB Radio has a delta tune, 2 mode channel selector, ANL/NB switch. Some of these modes have a talk back function that allows you to listen to your voice so it can be properly supported before the radio transmits it.

The Cobra Electronics CB Radio CBR 29LTD has an antenna warning indicator, and its SWR Calibration functions work to ensure that the antenna functions correctly. Some other interesting features include a 9-foot microphone cord and PA compatibility.


  • Great value for money
  • Proportionately sized knobs
  • Well spaced knobs for better control and accessibility
  • Controls can used to fine tune the CB Audio


  • Its traditional look makes it look like an inexpensive model
  • Display doesn’t dim once setting it

President McKinley USA SSB 12/24V CB Radio


  • RF Gain Control
  • Noise Cancellation Microphone
  • 40 Channel AM Operation
  • 3 Color LCD Screen
  • 7 NOAA Weather Channels


For staying connected with your friends while driving, you can’t wrong with the President McKinley USA SSB 12/24V CB Radio.

This radio has a weatherband, good reach, and excellent audio. Because of this, it operates smoothly and has 7 NOAA weather channels, for those needing local weather updates in seconds.

The President McKinley USA  gives you high-quality communication while being used for an average car. This is due to its nice, compact design and is 4 pounds 8 ounces and dimensions are 3.5 x 15 x 8.5, making it easy to mount onto your vehicle.

One of the more innovative features is the President McKinley USA ‘s ability to allow users to customize and adjust the display. Its color-changing LCD display means that the driver can make screen adjustments at any time of the day.

Consumer Opinion

The selector knob allows users to choose their menu modes, channels, change scans, talkback volume, Mic gain, and RF gain. It comes complete with a 2-way mobile radio, mounting bracket kit, DC power cord, and a microphone.

Avid users who use CB radios for their PA systems have slight issues with its speaker. They stated that the volume was too low. To fix this issue, it’s suggested that you use an external speaker to hear it clearly.

The President McKinley USA  has a talkback feature, which allows users to monitor themselves. Use the RF gain if you need to adjust the sensitivity of the radio signal. The NB/ANL refers to its Noise Blanker or Automatic Noise Limiter Features. The NB reduces interference from your car’s ignition system while the ANL removes any external noise.


  • Good microphone communication
  • Color changing LCD display
  • Small and Compact


Anytone AT-5555N


  • BEEP Voice Prompt
  • Flexible Menu Function
  • AM, USB, PA, FM Mode
  • Large LCD Display
  • ECHO Function


The Anytone AT-555N is a high-end CB radio that has a HAM receiver. This model has great features, but they are easier for first timers to utilize it. Having an export receiver is different from the average CB radio because it doesn’t meet the FCC standards so they will have more power and features than the standard radio.

It also has an FM, SSSB, and an AM radio, with a frequency range from 28-29.7 MHz. It has a push to talk microphone and a Frequency Control Phase Loop Synthesizer. Even though it has a coiled cord, make sure you check its legality, as this receiver is used for the United States only.

The AnyTone AT-5555N has a large LCD controls which help users see controls in dim light. It has AM, USB, SSB, PA, and LSB modes. Because of these controls, users can control the radio to their needs, making it a great choice if you want utility.

Consumers Opinion

Amazon consumers have left positive reviews for the AnyTone AT-555N. They stated that the software and menu function is easy to use and flexible. And it has a beep voice prompt and SWR protection.

However, some users complained that they had issues finding the right channel frequency. This resulted in reduced ability to find important channels. Still, the radio performs as advertised, and has enough features to keep the average communications aficionados satisfied.


  • Automatic gain control
  • 40 programmable channels
  • 8-ohm Speaker
  • Converts to a 10-meter radio


  • Doesn’t include a PL board
  • Unable to change (red) LED color
  • No programmable software

Midland 75-822 CB Radio


  • Instant Channel Access
  • Six AA Batteries
  • Backlit Display
  • ANL
  • 4 Watt Power Output


We recommend the Midland 75-822 CB Radio for travelers who need a radio for multiple vehicles. You’ll love its multiple features such as Channel 9 and 19 and NOAA Weather Channels, giving you enough options to choose from.

There’s nothing too difficult about this CB Radio. You can use it with ease because of its LCD system. You can store your preferred settings due to its keypad lock feature. If you want to use the device hands-free, just connect a headset inside of the built-in jack.

Consumer Opinion

Most consumers liked the Midland 75-722 CB Radio. Since its a handheld CB radio, they like its portability. You can carry it around and not have to worry about it taking too much space in your backpack.

However, some truck drivers have difficulty in communicating others with this device. Make sure that you extend its antenna to ensure that you’ll get better reception.


  • Use on and off the road
  • Clear communication
  • Multiple weather channels


  • Small antenna

Stryker SR655HPC


  • Band/VFO
  • Variable Power Control
  • Six Roger Beeps
  • Dimmer Control
  • PC Programmable


Last on our list is the Stryker SR-655hpc. It’s ideally designed for personal usage and amateur radio operators, but has professional features for serious broadcasting. This is a multi-functional CB radio that you’ll be impressed by.

Its high performance reflects its mid-price range, making it suitable for most budgets although it isn’t the cheapest. The model has four MOSFETs that produce 70W PEP. Thus making it a powerful CB radio once used.

On the radio’s dashboard, you’ll see a dimmer control to help you manage the device’s backlight. Plus, it has an Echo function, power settings control, talkback settings, and PC programmable settings, and all of these features are correctly distanced from each other.

Consumer Opinion

Users like the seamless conversion that this CB radio. It sounds great out of the box and can cancel out loud sounds with its in-built noise cancellation. Its dimmable LEDs can be adjusted in 32 ways, so you won’t have any lighting issues with this device.

The radio’s clarifier allows you to adjust the frequency quickly and it works better than a clarifier on an AM/FM radio. This creates a crisp, clear, and solid output. Thanks to its clarifier, it outputs human voice with no distortion to provide the highest quality of clarity and enjoyment.


  • Highly customizable – used through software
  • Clarifier provides outstanding receiving quality
  • Clean output with little distortion
  • Easy to use controls



To conclude, there is a myriad of CB radios that are available in the market. However, it’s up to you to decide which one works best for you. If you’re looking for an all-around broadcasting system, then the Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio is a great option.

But, for users that are looking for a mid-range option, Stryker SR655HPC is worth your money. If you are on a light budget, then the Midland 1001LWX CB Radio has enough features to keep you satisfied. Regardless of what radio you buy, you’ll find it easier to communicate and listen to your favorite channels.

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