Best CB Antennas of 2019

Human beings are a social species, and that’s pretty plain to see based on the vast number of communication methods we have developed. Even things like the internet, which have since evolved to become so much more, started as a way for people to send messages back and forth.

While radio is no longer as popular as it used to be when it comes to communicating, largely due to the rise of cell phones and similar devices, there are still some applications where they work great. CB radios are perhaps the most common ones that are used by the average citizen, and they’re one of the most convenient ways to communicate on the road.

To get the most range out of your CB radio, you’re going to need a suitable antenna, and there are many types, with varying attachment methods. If you’re new to the world of CB radios (or even if you’re experienced), it can often be challenging to find the best antenna for your needs.

We’ve put together this buying guide to help you select the perfect CB antenna for your needs. We’re going to review ten of the best products in this category, and we’ll show you how they differ from each other. Keep in mind that it’s hard to find the best CB antenna since everyone has different needs.

To make it easier for our readers to pick out the right CB antenna, we’re also going to discuss some of the most pertinent aspects to look for when buying one of them in our buying advice section. Now, let’s dive right into our reviews of the top ten CB antennas.

The Best CB Antennas Compared and Reviews

1. TRAM 3-B-HC Fiberglass CB Antenna


  • Heavy-duty fiberglass improves this antenna’s durability
  • Features a frequency range of between 26 and 29 MHz
  • Max power output of 1500 watts
  • Features a thread mounting that’s ⅜ x 24
  • Does not come included with amount or base


For buyers who are looking for something a little more affordable, this model from TRAM is an excellent choice, though we wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. Since this model doesn’t come included with the amount, it’s a great choice for those of you looking to replace your current antenna.

Durability is another one of this product’s main advantages, as it’s made out of heavy-duty fiberglass that will ensure that it doesn’t break anytime soon. At three inches long, this antenna is also compact enough to give you the clearance that you need to get into your garage or through other short entrances.

Despite being relatively small, this antenna can still handle up to 1500 watts of power, which gives it a superior range to other models in the same size range. This model can even beat some four-inch antennas when it comes to range and clarity, so it’s a great option if you need something compact yet powerful.

Since this antenna features a frequency range of between 26 and 29 MHz, you’ll be able to tune into all 40 CB channels without a problem. As we mentioned earlier, the only issue that we had with this antenna is that it doesn’t come with a mount or base, so you’ll either need to buy one separately or use one that you already have.

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2. RoadPro (RP-711) 24″ Magnet Mount CB Antenna


  • Features a center loaded design for greater efficiency
  • The 9’ coax cable is perfect for larger vehicles
  • Features a magnetic base that sticks to your car securely
  • This antenna will boost your range to between 1 and 2 miles
  • Lightweight construction makes this antenna easier to install


The RP-711 from RoadPro is a little more expensive than the first model that we covered, but it also comes included with amount and cable, so you’ll be able to hook it up right away. If you’re new to CB radios, then you’ll appreciate the simplicity of mounting this antenna, as it’s light enough to position on top of your vehicle with ease.

Since the included mount is magnetic, all you’ll have to do is place it on the right spot, but be sure that’s where you want it, as it’s a little harder to get off. This antenna remains stable while driving, and the center-loaded design helps ensure that it’s more efficient than a bottom-loaded model.

Due to the strength of the magnet, you won’t have to worry about this antenna flying off of your vehicle, even at speeds of up to 75 mph. Since the cable is nine feet long, you typically won’t have a problem installing it in all but the biggest vehicles, though this can vary based on the antenna’s position.

With a range of one to two miles, this may not be the most powerful antenna on the market, but it gets the job done for its price, and it’s great for when you travel in convoys. The only complaint we have is that this antenna sticks to your vehicle so tightly that it will start to damage the paint on the roof.

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3. TRAM 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna


  • Comes included with a 3.5” magnetic mount
  • There is a screw in the antenna’s tip which allows you to tune it
  • Can pick up transmissions within a 10-mile radius
  • The mount can put up with winds of up to 100 mph
  • Compact design is only 2 feet tall
  • 17-foot cable


The second model from TRAM on our list is a little more complete than the first, as this one comes with the amount. The magnetic mount that is included with this antenna is a lot more resilient than those that come with competing models, and it can put up with high winds ranging from 80 to 100 mph.

Part of what makes this antenna so secure is its low center of gravity, as it’s only two feet long. Despite being so short, this antenna can pick up transmissions within a radius of 10 miles, making it one of the better choices in its price range for listening in at longer distances.

This antenna is also tunable, as you can adjust the SWR by turning the screw that is installed in the tip. One of the best things about this antenna is the price, as it does better than some models that are on sale for twice as much.

We were also impressed by the inclusion of a 17-foot cable with this antenna, which is long enough to reach the radio in nearly any vehicle, provided it is mounted conventionally. However, since this antenna is so short, we weren’t able to adjust the SWR as much as we would have liked to.

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4. Midland 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna


  • Features a magnetic mount with center loading
  • The 17-inch length makes it extremely compact
  • Features a center-loaded design to enhance efficiency
  • The base is coated in plastic to help resist corrosion
  • Equipped with a relief spring to improve whip longevity
  • The cable is about 16.5 feet long


This mobile CB antenna from Midland is the perfect option for buyers who want the benefits of a model with small size and good performance. With a 17-inch whip, you’ll find that this antenna is shorter than most of the other options on this list, making it perfect for applications where you need clearance above your vehicle.

The compactness of this antenna isn’t the only good thing about it, as it also comes with a magnetic mount that is easy to install and stays put once mounted, even at higher speeds. To ensure that the base doesn’t start to rust away over time, it features a plastic coating that will stop corrosion from taking hold.

While this model is designed to work instantly with all Midland CB radios, it’s also compatible with a wide range of other products so you won’t have any trouble getting it running. As you may have assumed from the size, this antenna is an excellent choice for taller and larger vehicles where clearance may be an issue, and the 16.5-foot cable reinforces that notion.

There is even a relief spring to help ensure that the whip doesn’t degrade as fast as on other models. Unfortunately, the length of this antenna is both a blessing and a curse, as it can’t quite match the performance of products that are over 3 feet long.

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5. WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil CB Antenna


  • Features a max capacity of 300 watts
  • The 10 oz magnet holds this antenna securely to your roof
  • Compact design is only 36 inches long
  • Little to no tuning required for a low SWR
  • High-impact plastic construction helps improve durability and weather resistance


This model from Wilson is another one of our favorite compact CB antennas, and while it may not be as small as the previous Midland model, it offers superior performance. This is one of the best compact antennas you’ll find available, as it combines exceptional range with improved transmission clarity.

At only 36 inches long, this antenna should leave enough space above your vehicle so that you can travel through tunnels and enter your garage without damaging it. The inclusion of a 10 oz magnet mount also helps ensure that this antenna is a lot more stable than competing products, even at high speed.

While magnet antennas typically damage the paint that they’re mounted on, this one won’t cause too many scratches, provided you clean the surface and remove it carefully. The base’s construction of high-impact plastic helps keep it in one piece and also ensures that it won’t start to rust.

While this is the most expensive antenna that we have covered so far, we believe that it’s excellent build quality provides you with enough value for money to make it worth the cost. Unfortunately, the baseload design of this model is less efficient than center-load antennas, and it is much worse than top-load models.

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6. LUITON 28-inch CB Antenna


  • The 28-inch length provides a compromise between size and range
  • Features 10 feet of coax cable pre-installed
  • Equipped with a magnetic base which is housed in a plastic
  • Comes included with a 12-month warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Extremely secure mounting is ideal for off-road and long-term use


The 28-inch CB Antenna from LUITON is a little more expensive than some of the other models that it’s comparable to, but it’s also one of the most secure antennas we’ve reviewed. The whip is tightly fastened to the magnetic base, and the base itself stays put when you mount it to your vehicle.

All of this comes together to make for an antenna that’s perfect for off-roading and other applications where it may be jostled around a little more than it would when driving regularly. Since the mount features a plastic exterior, it also won’t be degraded by rain or humidity.

While this antenna is relatively short, it’s comparable to models between three and four feet long, even though it’s range is slightly diminished. The center-loaded design helps make this model more efficient than bottom-loaded antennas, and the build quality of this product also impressed us.

Setting this antenna up is as easy as you would expect from a product with a magnetic base, though taking it off is a challenge due to how tightly it’s secured once it’s in your car. This antenna even comes with a 12-month warranty that has you covered in case of any manufacturer defects.

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7. RoadPro RPPS-23KB Platinum Series CB Antenna


  • Can handle up to 1000 watts thanks to the use of 16-gauge copper wires
  • The coax cable is hermetically sealed for weather resistance
  • Springs do not come included
  • Large brackets help make this antenna easier to install
  • 20-foot coax cables are long enough for large vehicles


While most of the antennas we have covered so far have been roof-mounted, this model from RoadPro is designed to be installed on your mirrors. While the installation process is a little more tedious, this antenna is an excellent option for taller vehicles where that little bit of extra clearance will make the difference.

Even though you’ll have to put more work into mounting both halves of this antenna system, it should be too much of a challenge because of the large brackets which come included with it. These brackets are designed to be mounted to a wide range of wing mirrors, so you shouldn’t have any problems with compatibility.

There are a few additional features that you get with this antenna that you won’t find in competing products, like a hermetically sealed coax cable for superior resistance to the elements. The 16-gauge copper wire is capable of handling up to 1000 watts, and it has been measured by a computer for improved output.

This product also comes included with a 20-foot coax cable that will allow you to mount it to nearly any vehicle, regardless of size. The cables are so long that you may have to find somewhere to coil them to deal with extra slack. Our only complaint is that this antenna didn’t come with springs.

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8. Firestik II FS-2BK Tunable Tip CB Antenna


  • Features a tunable tip for SWR fine-tuning
  • The tip can be tuned without the need for tools
  • Rated at up to 300 watts
  • Compatible with single configurations and dual layouts
  • Comes in four colors: black, red, white, and blue
  • 2-foot design is compact yet reliable


If you’re searching for an antenna that looks good while maintaining excellent performance, you’ll love the Firestik II. Keep in mind that this is not an ideal choice for beginners, as only the antenna comes in the box, you’ll have to buy a mount, cable, and everything else separately.

You have a choice of four different colors when buying a Firestik II, so you can either match it to the color of your car or choose one that compliments it well. This is also one of the more versatile CB antennas on the market, as you can use it in a single or dual layout, allowing you to further improve coverage.

The compact size of this antenna makes it an excellent choice for city use, as you may have to deal with a lot of low-clearance overpasses and tunnels. Keep in mind that this antenna will have to be fine-tuned when you first get your hands on it, though it can be tuned without the need for tools.

This antenna is also surprisingly affordable, as you would expect it to be more expensive than many of the other available choices, especially when you account for its superior build quality. The only thing that let us down was how challenging it was to set up and get a low SWR.

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9. Prostick 3’ Fiberglass CB Antenna


  • Rated to 1000 watts
  • Features a VibraSorb design to help dampen vibrations and improve longevity
  • Constructed out of fiberglass for additional durability
  • Comes with a low SWR out of the box since the tip isn’t tunable
  • The 3-foot length provides a compromise between size and range


One of the more durable antennas on our list is the 3-foot Prostick, which is designed to last longer than many of its competitors in the same price range. This model is made out of fiberglass, which is much more resilient than the materials used in other CB antennas.

Much like the previous model, you only get the antenna when you buy this product so we wouldn’t recommend it for people just getting started talking over CB. With a rating of up to 1000 watts, this antenna should be able to handle the most powerful radios without a problem.

Like with other 3-foot products, this one is relatively compact without sacrificing too much range, making it perfect for people who leave their cars in the garage. Out of the box, this model also features a low SWR, though this leads us to the things that we didn’t quite like about it.

The first issue with this antenna is that it doesn’t come with a tunable tip, meaning that the SWR that you get is what you’re stuck with. We also weren’t impressed by the cost, as you can get your hands on antenna kits that include a base, cable, and spring in the same price range.

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10. President Electronics New York CB Antenna


  • Features a total length of just under 20 inches
  • The pre-adjusted SWR is low enough not to require tuning
  • Equipped with a magnetic base for a more secure fit
  • Comes included with a coax cable that’s 12 feet long
  • Can also receive the weather channel


The final antenna that we’ll be looking at is the New York model from President Electronics, which may be a little more expensive than other compact models, but it has a few impressive features. This is also one of the best-looking antennas that you can get your hands on, due to its modern, angled design.

At a little less than 2 feet long, this antenna doesn’t feature the longest range, but it can still pick up transmissions within a mile or two without any trouble or interference. Installing this antenna is also simplified by the fact that it comes with a pre-tuned SWR that’s in the range of 1.1/1.

The magnetic base is another thing that makes this antenna easier to mount to your vehicle, and it should stay put, even while driving on the interstate on a windy day. The coax cable is about 12 feet long, which should be sufficient for smaller cars, but it may not be long enough when used on trucks.

This antenna is also capable of receiving the weather channel, so it should be a little more versatile than competing products. The only problem we had with this antenna is that it’s quite a bit more expensive than other models with comparable capabilities.

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Buying Advice


The first thing that you should account for when buying a CB radio antenna is its length, as that will determine the clearance you have over your vehicle and the range boost that you get out of it. As a rule of thumb, the longer an antenna is, the further the range will be.

Since most people buy an antenna to boost range, it makes sense to get the largest one that will still be convenient. When picking the height of your antenna, you should consider the height of tunnels and underpasses that you usually go under, as well as whether or not you park your car in your garage.


When shopping around for a CB radio antenna, you’ll also want to be sure that the product you’re purchasing is durable enough to last. Many different materials are used to construct antennas, and they can heavily influence the long-term and short-term durability.

Fiberglass is one of the best options if you’re looking for an antenna that can withstand a lot of punishment. It typically flexes a bit more than other materials before breaking, making it more resistant to wind and low-speed impacts.

Ease of Setup

The ease of mounting your antenna to the top of your vehicle and connecting it to your radio is another crucial aspect that can help prevent a lot of frustration. An antenna that is easier to set up will also be more beginner-friendly, since first-timers may not know all of the steps required.

To make things easier, you’ll typically want to purchase an antenna kit that comes with a mount, spring, and cable to help make your life simpler. Most of the time, these parts will already be attached, cutting down the number of steps in the assembly process.


There are a few different types of mounts for CB antennas, ranging from permanent ones that are bolted on to the roof of your car to more temporary options. While glue used to be a popular option for antenna mounts, its tendency to degrade over time made it sub-optimal.

The most popular current type of antenna mount is the magnetic variety, which is easier to attach and detach when you need to. Keep in mind that you’ll want to clean the roof of your vehicle before attaching an antenna with a magnetic mount, as it may scratch the paint otherwise.


The final thing that you should look at when buying a new CB radio antenna is the length and quality of the coax cable that is used to connect it to the radio itself. Most cables will be between 7 and 20 feet long, and the optimal length will depend on the size of your vehicle.

If you’re looking to attach the antenna to a semi, then you’ll need a much longer cable. On the other hand, a long cable may leave you with too much slack when attaching an antenna to your car. You should also consider whether the cable is sealed, as that will help it resist water and snow.


Picking the best CB antenna for your needs isn’t always easy, but if you have enough info, then things become a little simpler. We hope that we’ve been able to provide you with all the info that you were looking for about these antennas, safe driving!


This article is written by William Johnson, the founder of RRD. William is passionate about radar detectors. His interest in reviewing and testing radar detectors from different brands started nearly 10 years ago, when his own radar detector then (a cheap and brand-less detector he bought online) failed to detect and radar gun nearby.

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