How to Setup CB Radio Antenna

setting up cb radio antenna
10th May,2019

You bought your first device, studied what a CB radio is. But many users are struggling with setting up the antennas, but still, there shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s how to quickly set up your CB radio antenna.

Setting Up CB Radio Antenna

Step 1

Visit your nearest electronics hobby shop to purchase any brand of antenna that you want to use with your system. You can ask the sales associate which might be best for you. Be sure to choose one that has a good range for distance so your signal can be picked up when broadcasting. It would also be best to ask store representatives regarding other radio requirements.

Step 2

Once you get your antenna home, take your mounting pole and attach it to the area of the home or yard you wish to place it (click here for more information on antenna mounts). If you place it in the yard, make sure the pole is buried 3-5 feet deep and it is suggested to pour a small concrete slab to hold it in place during strong storms. Once you have secured the mounting pole in the ground and or connected it to the side of the home, place the antenna on the and secure it Bracket Mounting set and U-Bolts. You should be able to use a top and bottom set of brackets to firmly secure the antenna. You must point the antenna south, as all communication signals come from the south.

Step 3

One the antenna and pole are securely connected, connect the ground wires up to the mast on the antenna, then pull the wires down and secure it to another small pole or rod placed in the ground beside the mounting pole. This will be your ground wire for the setup.

Step 4

After that is completed, affix one of the coaxial cables to the side of the antenna and slide the other end piece of the cable into the part of the house where you drilled the hole in the wall leading to the room the CB system is to be placed and used.

Step 5

Now, once the wires have been run, place one end of the coaxial to your wavemeter, and run the other end to the CB system. Your signals and settings should be in place once the antenna has been connected, but you can always double-check the test pattern. Once you power up the system make sure your signal meter is in the white and not in the red, it will be off-balance and you will have to re-configure the system.

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