CB Radio Antenna Mounts

cb radio antenna mounts
19th May,2019

CB radio antennas are the backbone of your communication requirements when you have a CB radio, of which you should know the basics. The citizen band is quite popular still, and when it comes to its core purpose of transmitting and receiving audio, then everyone knows that the antenna’s power will determine the overall performance of their system. And how do you set up an antenna on your vehicle? Well, the answer is: you use an antenna mount.

Antenna mounts might not be your priority when you’re setting up your CB radio service, but don’t underestimate their importance. Without the right kind of mount, you will not only run the risk of breaking the antenna, but also that of unnecessary shaking that can degrade the performance of your system or shut it down completely.

The advantage of car model selection

Some websites and forums also offer more value when it comes to suitably selecting an antenna mount. What they do is let you search your car and then they should suitable antenna mounts.

There’s a huge advantage at play here. First off, you can’t make the wrong decision. And second, the installation is going to be a breeze. If you happen to need a CB radio antenna mount, be sure you go for portals like these that help you in a better way.

But for the more seasoned of us, it’s easy to go for a CB radio antenna. We know what we can expect sometimes like we’ll be requiring a drill for this model of car so let’s search for the most powerful antenna mount that is sturdy and easy to install with a drilling setup.

Types of CB radio antenna mounts

There are many kinds of antenna mounts. The type depends on where you are going to mount it. For example, a popular kind of CB radio antennas is a mirror antenna. You mount those on the side mirrors. And so, for that, you need a mirror mount.

Besides mirror mounts, there are also fender and hood mounts, 3-way mounts, roof mounts, hatchback mounts, bed mounts, and on and on.

What to look out for?

Versatility and durability are two of the primary attributes that you should pay attention to when it comes to antennas. Sure, some Firestik antennas offer a ton more versatility but what’s the point if they are not mounted properly? Check here for CB antennas comparison.

Well, you should look for an amount that is also versatile and durable. Many general-purpose mounts for hood, trunk, or hatchback are considered pretty awful for off-road conditions by hillbilly standards. And then, on the other hand of the spectrum, some mounts are so versatile that they can be bolted on any vehicle door and function in very rugged conditions too.

In that case, you need to know what your priorities are. Do you want durability? Or would you rather like versatility? It all comes down to how much will you moving your antenna around. If it’s going to be more often than not, then a versatile one will fit you. Otherwise, go for something truly durable. For everything else like experimenting or trying something new out, go for a more general-purpose antenna mount.

There’s one more term you should know, and that is “drill-thru.” Drill-thru antenna mounts mean the mounts that you can drill through the roof or the deck. Any type of antenna mount can be a drill-thru.

Drill or no drill?

You can install many no-drill mounts in the stake holes of the truck beds. This is an ideal option for those who want to avoid drilling.

Drilling has its benefits and, in certain conditions, its disadvantages. Merits and demerits aside, sometimes the nature of the vehicle also enables you or disables you for drilling.

Those that require no drilling are often flatter and thus need more space. So, it’s also a consideration of how safe you can keep the antenna mount itself.


Sure, the looks aren’t that important. What you need is a mount that can support your powerful antenna so that you have smooth sailing ahead. Well, that’s not entirely true. After a point, you will start to realize the distinction between a poorly set-up and bad-looking antenna and a more professional, classy antenna.

What distinguishes the two? Well, a lot. But the antenna mount is also an integral part. You see, many antenna mounts make your antenna look like a natural extension of the chassis, the vehicle body. They also merge seamlessly with the antenna itself.

That’s where the mount plays an important role in the overall looks. And it’s an important factor too for many people who use the CB radio service regularly.

The versatility of a 3-way antenna mount

3-way antenna mounts offer impeccable versatility. Sure, experienced folks can turn any mount to a very versatile mount but sadly, all of us are not gifted with the skill with tools. That’s why a 3-way antenna mounts for your CB radio service.

These might be for the mirror only but can attach an antenna to a vertical bar, horizontal surface, or a vertical surface. If you manage to get your hands on a heavy-duty 3-way CB antenna mount, then know that you will have half the versatility issue solved for you automatically.

Cables that come along with the antenna mount

Be extra careful about picking the coax. Never use old coax, rusted coax, or spliced coax. It’s going to be useless and you probably won’t get much further than your driveway when it comes to the effective range. Read carefully on how to set up CB antenna.

Do you know that people have used CB radio to transmit (through the ionosphere) messages across nations? Yes. That’s right. And how do they do it? Well, at the very basic, you need to use equipment that’s effective and not outdated.

For the kind of application, the type of cable will vary. You will need the right type of coax for the type of usage that you are going to be indulged in with your CB radio. When purchasing an antenna mount, also make sure that you purchase a coax that will be suitable.

Check here for more requirements in setting up your CB radio.

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