Cobra 29 LX Review

21st Sep,2019

The Cobra 29 LX is based on the 29 LTD model, except it has a number of new features and a different overall design. If you are looking for a new CB radio, this one is definitely worth considering. You can also check other top-performing CB radios in the market.

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This CB radio has an extremely versatile design that makes it well suited to pickup trucks, commercial drivers, and even boats. It has an upgraded full face design with a multicolor display that looks very impressive. You will be able to choose from four different colors, including Green, Red, Blue, and Amber. The detailed information that you get on this display will definitely be useful to say the least. It provides you with everything you need to know about each individual channel.

You have a total of 40 different channels to choose from with the Cobra 29 LX, including NOAA weather channels for emergencies. There are a number of dials on the front of this device, including Volume, Dynamike, RF Gain, Delta Tune, and T Back. There is also a large dial in the center that allows you to go through the menu.

The 4 watts of AM RF power output will allow you to transmit with the maximum amount of power allowed by law. When you buy this CB radio you will get a microphone with a nine foot cable, mounting hardware, and power cabling. This radio is very easy to mount with no unnecessary hassle.

Measuring 7.25 by 9.25 by 2.25 inches with a weight of 5.6 pounds, the Cobra 29 LX isn’t big and bulky like some other models on the market. It is very easy to use, making it perfect for those who don’t have a lot of experience with this technology.

The sheer durability of this radio is also very impressive. It is made up of premium parts that will be able to stand the test of time. You can count on it to last a while before any repair work needs to be done.


NOAA Weather Channels

This radio provides you with instant access to 10 NOAA weather channels (official website HERE) with emergency alert. These channels can be extremely useful when you need to know about potentially dangerous weather conditions while on the road.

Talk Back

The talk back control dial allows you to always get the perfect amount of modulation talk back present at the speaker during transmit. This will provide you with clear audio quality on a consistent basis when using this radio.


You will also have a clock that also serves as an alarm and timer, which can be useful in a variety of situations. This is a function that professional drivers will be sure to appreciate.

Memory Channel with Scan

You’ll have the ability to store up to 10 of your most frequently used channels for quick and convenient access. There is a standard channel scan function for all 40 of the channels. For tuning instruuctions, refer to our guide on this page:

 Color Display

We especially like this CB radio’s large color display, which offers a number of features. You have four different color choices, so you should be able to find one that you like. The lighting of this display can also be adjusted to match your needs. This is by far one of the biggest improvements from the previous model. The display is very easy to read with clear text, so you shouldn’t ever have any problems with this.

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PA Capability

One of the more interesting things about this CB radio is that it can also be used as a Public Address System. The received signals can be monitored through PA.


You can automatically run diagnostics for voltage and RF output to ensure that you are always getting the strongest possible signal. This is a very useful feature that can benefit you on a regular basis.

  • Big display: One of the very best things about this radio is that it has a large and easy to read display.
  • NOAA weather channels: There is no question that this radio’s NOAA weather channels can be useful in a variety of situations.
  • Looks good: The updated look of this CB radio is very impressive and much more modern than its predecessor.
  • Automatic scan: The automatic scan feature will help you save quite a bit of time and effort on a daily basis.
  • Radio check: You’ll be sure to appreciate the radio check function, which ensures that everything is working properly.

  • The buttons and knobs on the front of this radio are not backlit, which can mean visibility problems at night.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for the Cobra 29 LX are generally very positive with few negative remarks overall. Those who review this product tend to comment on the beautiful LCD display and all of the emergency channels it offers. There is also a general consensus that this radio is easy to use with a highly versatile design.

Cobra 29 LX vs. Uniden Bearcat 880

The Cobra 29 LX is quite similar to the Uniden Bearcat 880 in a number of ways, but there are also some fairly stark differences. Both of these radios offer 40 channels, but the Cobra offers more dials and control options as a whole. It also has a slightly easier to read display than the Bearcat 880. The 29 LX has the more powerful design without question, making it the superior choice overall. Or if you want to see another Cobra CB Radio, click this link for our review of Cobra 75 WX ST:

Cobra 29 LX Review Conclusion

There is no question that the Cobra 29 LX has a lot of great things to offer. It is a wonderful choice for professional truck drivers and everyone else. It is clear that a lot of improvements have been made with this one from the previous model. You can expect to get a highly functional CB radio with tons of useful features. The large easy-to-read LCD display is one of the best things about this radio. It provides you with complete and easy control over everything that affects its performance. This is also a great choice for those who are on a budget and cannot afford to spend a lot of money, and we hope this Cobra 29 LX review reflected that. 

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Cobra 29 LX Review
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