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Best Traffic School Online (2020) – Top Choices & Benefits

With the breakthroughs in technology, more and more schools are taking their business online, including traffic schools. Finding the right online traffic school can really help with your standing as a driver, so let’s take a look at some of the best online traffic schools out there.

Top 7 Online Traffic Schools

1 – iDrivesafely

iDrivesafely has a wide reach around the nation with courses in available for almost all states. When you take a gander around at other traffic schools, you will see that not all of them can offer as many as this school with the same amount of options open for many states. 

iDrivesafely has successfully served over 5 million customers and consistently gain positive reviews. They have been online for a few decades and is an officially approved online traffic school. Online classes offer you the luxury of convenience and accessibility. Take your iDrivesafely traffic school course on any device at any time.

idrivesafely logo

Because the staff at this online traffic school know that we all lead busy lives and may be jetsetting around the world while trying to complete our education. To accommodate us, They have a team on-call 24/7 with free phone support.

Some online traffic courses are only compatible with certain devices (like your desktop). However, for your convenience, iDrivesafely works on your phone, tablet and desktop! You can even switch back and forth at your convenience.

Since they offer the widest selection online and in the most areas, this is why they make it to the top of our list. Not only that, their courses can be taken on any device in video or text form.

2 – Driversed.com

If you have been in the game since the very beginning, we figure that contributes to your standing as an online traffic school. Back when these modes of education were picking up, there was Driversed.com. They held on to traditions for as long as they could with a slightly outdated platform and displays, but Drivers Ed has started tweaking and making improvements, catapulting them to the number 2 spot.


Among the things that they have improved is how to take the online traffic school course. Instead of viewing the videos on your phone’s or desktop browser, they have now come out with an app you can download to your phone. This makes everything easier as it’s a one stop shop for all the defense driving, and other online courses.

Whether you live in California or New York, there are online courses for you. You can take the entire course right from the palm of your hand with the simple compatible app. Input your state and product/service to see if you are eligible.

3 – Aceable

When online traffic school courses are streamlined and available across all platforms then they almost always earn a place on a top list. Classes from Aceable are available through a downloadable mobile app. 

Everyone learns differently, and while some thrive on lecture format classes, others fare better in more interactive settings. Aceable provides the latter, and creates a more fun, and lively atmosphere for their online courses. 

aceable logo

Based in Austin, Texas, staff at this traffic school is always available to answer your questions. Although time difference may affect their efficiency when replying you, you can feel free to leave them a message on their social media and they will get right back to you. Talk about getting with the times!

Aceable is commendable because of their modern technology and platform. However, one downside of this online traffic school is they may not be approved in all states, but for those living in California, Texas, Florida and Indiana, you’re in luck! Aceable is a fast-growing online traffic school and it’s only a matter of time before they gain approval and spread across the nation.

4 – Go to Traffic School

Taking their business quite literally, Gototrafficschool is a DMV licensed driving school in California. After a large overhaul to their systems and software, they are a real contender for other online traffic schools now.

Their courses are innovative and interactive, allowing drivers at their school to offer input, and therefore retaining more information.

gototrafficschool logo

They are a very experienced school, having been established in 1999 and their staff members are experts at what they do. This is why you can be sure you will get reliable and dependable service.

One of the best parts about Go to Traffic School is their affordable prices. It’s a great choice for those on a budget and need to gain access to driving courses via multiple devices.

Become one of the 4 million happy customers that either dismissed traffic tickets, fixed their licenses and more. 

5 – Improv Traffic School

At first glance you would think this traffic school has something to do with acting. You wouldn’t be as far off as you would think. The Improv Comedy Club of California actually established this fun and interactive traffic school.

How does this work? Would you believe it if we told you that the driving course they offer wasn’t always online? Yes, they have been around for a while with driving courses offered in physical classrooms before moving online.

Improv Traffic School logo

The instructors would incorporate their improv and comedy into the curriculum. What was done before in a classroom full of students can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home! If normal lectures or even interactive lessons just don’t do it for you, then maybe a sprinkle of comedy and good fun will liven up your experience. 

Hollywood has turned their sights on educating drivers apparently because the courses offered by this online traffic school is written and designed by Hollywood writers. 

Don’t worry, the humor and fun won’t take away from your learning. It just brings in a lighthearted element to its course that other online traffic schools don’t offer.

6 – Traffic101

Another traffic school that simply states what they have to offer and move on. It’s a course that doesn’t involve all the fancy frills of interactive or improv classes. Traffic 101 is straight to the point without anything extravagant. Just straight access to your lessons and you’re done.

Traffic101 logo

For those who are matter-of-fact and just want to finish the course quicky, then Traffic 101 is the online traffic school for you. You can compare it to a textbook (but online). Once you get through it, you will have all the knowledge about driving you can get from any other “fun” course. 

If you don’t like reading, we suggest bypassing this school, because that’s almost what you will always be doing to gain your certification. Everything is straightforward with nothing extra, what you get is what you pay for with this course.

7 – Best Traffic School

With best in the name, they have big shoes to fill and they do it successfully. How would you feel about going through the entire traffic course in just a short hour? That sounds to us like there is no time wasted and this traffic school is efficient. Some traffic schools may take days or weeks to finish their course, but with Best Traffic School you get the condensed version. 

They leave nothing out and only teach you what is important. It’s a totally self-paced program so if you have the time to sit in traffic school and finish the course all in one go, then you can be done in just an hour!

besttrafficschool logo

This DMV-licensed online traffic school is quick, to the point, and has a lot of happy clients willing to share their positive experience.

They also offer free quizzes you can take as many time as you want just to make sure you understood everything. Best Traffic School has been around for 20 years and have dominated the online traffic school market with their reliable service and efficient courses.

One of the best things to mention about this traffic school is there is no fee if you do not pass. You do not need to pay a cent until you pass your course. 

The Benefits of an Online Traffic School

Other than the perks we mentioned before such as getting points deducted from your license, getting traffic tickets dismissed altogether and lower your insurance premiums, what else is offered by these traffic schools?

Before we get into it, we need to remind you to only enroll in an online traffic school if it is state accredited (your state), and hopefully accessible from multiple platforms.

Not heading to a physical location to take the course equals convenience. No commute time to online traffic schools means more incentive for people to log on and get learning. 

You can also go at your own pace. An online traffic school course can be finished in as little as an hour. Being able to set your own schedule for traffic school means more flexibility.

Once you have completed the course, your online traffic school (most online traffic schools) will automatically send your results and certificate to your local agency, saving you time and hassle.

Access your traffic school courses online at any time anywhere. Some traffic schools even offer a mock final exam to ensure you will pass the real thing.

Are Online Traffic Schools Legit?

Yes, online traffic schools are legit! It does depend on which traffic school you choose, so it’s not really a blanket statement. Choose a traffic school that is accredited and certified nationally or by your state. They need to be approved and accepted by your local jurisdiction. Do not sign up for any traffic school you come across without doing your research, especially if you’re on the hunt for the best defensive driving course online.

With proper approval, your hard work at the traffic school will be reflected on your license, traffic ticket or insurance premiums or all of the above!

Which Online Traffic School is the Fastest?

We totally understand that in a world where communication is instant (especially with online platforms), it’s only natural you would want to know which online traffic school offers the fastest results.

Most schools offer courses that can be completed in under 8 hours (coursework). It won’t take up too much of your time and since your traffic school will most likely allow you to take the course at will, how long it takes is really up to you. Whenever you have completed the course, you will then wait a few business days for your traffic school to send off and file your certificate for you.

Traffic school won’t cost you a lot of money as the prices are pretty competitive (competitively low). You may have to pay an extra fee if you want your traffic school to file your documents for you. However, there are schools out there that won’t charge you a single dime until you have successfully completed the course.


Many accidents on the road can be chalked up to careless or reckless driving. Traffic schools also offer defensive driving which is most likely the course you will take to deduct points from your license. Defensive driving teaches you how to be a careful driver by keeping the proper distance from the vehicle before you and how to anticipate another driver’s moves so you can maneuver your vehicle accordingly. Whatever the reason is that requires you to enroll in an online traffic school, just keep in mind the convenience you will reap. The flexibility offered is unsurpassed and at the end of the day, you will again be a driver in good standing once again when the course is complete.

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