Best Defensive Driving Course Online – 2020 Reviews

10th Mar,2020

best online defensive driving course

Learning how to drive more safely or reducing your demerits to lower your insurance premium? Sign up for the best defensive driving course online! While options may vary from state to state, we’re giving you the top ones that offer their service almost nationwide.

Top 7 Defensive Driving Course Online

1 – iDriveSafely Online Defensive Driving Course

idrivesafely logo

iDriveSafely offers an online defensive driving course which you can complete 100% at home and at your own pace. This top online traffic school affords you the possibility of finishing the course at your own pace. 

Depending on which state you are in, point reduction off your license and an insurance discount can also be applied when you finish the course. Don’t feel like because an online course is more impersonal you won’t get proper support, because that’s just not true. At iDriveSafely, their customer service representatives are always ready to take your questions and help you proceed smoothly.

It’s a quick and simple process protected by a money back guarantee. IF you are not satisfied with the course they offer, you get your money back!

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2 – Aceable Defensive Driving Course

aceable logo

Another highly revered traffic school is Aceable, which also offers an online defensive driving course. If you are short on time and want to get things done ASAP, then Aceable is for you. 

They offer courses that you can take across all platforms. Because it can be done from your desktop, tablet or phone, Aceable students get through the course faster than other online traffic schools!

Not to mention their carefully tailored curriculum that bring you fun and interactive lessons you can really engage in. Once you sign up and log into their system, Aceable will keep track of your progress and everything will be recorded online. 

Aceable is court-approved and you can even quality for an insurance premium discount! When you finish with the course, they will take the liberty to ship your certification free of charge!

3 – Improv Defensive Driving Course

Improv Traffic School logo

Next up we have Improv. One of our favorites (and also listed as our best overall school in LA), this online traffic school takes humor and driving lessons and adds a twist. A defensive driving course from Improv can later be used towards reducing insurance premiums, and eliminating accumulated points on your license. 

It depends on which state you live in, but most states allow defensive driving to be taken online. Improv defensive driving course will touch upon the following:

  • How to avoid accidents
  • Safety Equipment
  • Auto accidents
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Mental factors

4 – GotoTrafficSchool Defensive Driving Course

gototrafficschool logo

GotoTrafficSchool always offers the lowest price – for any course. So do your research, look around and find the lowest price. If GotoTrafficSchool’s pricing is higher, they will beat it!

This traffic school is DMV licensed and very convenient. They claim to have no timers, which means you can spend however much or little time on each page as you want. Just set your own hours and learn how to be a safer driver who can anticipate potential problems before they arise. 

One of the golden oldies, GotoTrafficSchool was first established in 1997, and has years of experience under their belts.

GotoTrafficSchool prides themselves in offering the fastest, easiest and cheapest driving courses you can take online.

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5 – DriversEd Defensive Driving Course


Plan for the unexpected and get out on top with the defensive driving course from DriversEd that you can take completely online. Not only that, DriversEd will teach you how to overcome emergencies. If your tire blows out or your brakes malfunction, you won’t be caught with your hands up and not knowing what to do.

Defensive driving isn’t only about preventing against collisions, but it’s about anything harmful that can occur on the road. Each course is tailored to fit your individual needs. Schedule it around your work and play, balancing everything while getting that insurance reduction. The lessons are fun and interactive and upon completion of the course, your certificate will be sent to the court at no cost to you!

6 – Traffic101 Online Defensive Driving Course

Traffic101 logo

Traffic101 also boasts a very low price for their courses that comes with a money-back guarantee! It’s very easy to get started. All you need to do is enroll, take the course, and get your certificate when you pass! 

While they may not have all the fancy frills other traffic schools may have such as interactive videos, courses, and extensive animations, Traffic101 is still one of the best because they allow you to get the job done in the shortest amount of time.

It’s pretty similar to a textbook, it’s as if your driver’s manual made its way online and began teaching courses. With only what’s necessary, once you finish Traffic101’s course, you will be equipped with all the knowledge necessary to drive safely, and anticipate potential accidents and act accordingly.

It is our favorite among traffic schools available in the Bay Area for these reasons.

7 – BestTrafficSchool Defensive Driving Course Online

besttrafficschool logo

Focusing on drivers ed, point reduction and lowering insurance premiums, this defensive driving course is state licensed and gets the job done.

Everything in the course is very well organized for your convenience to create a stress-free learning environment. TrafficSchool prides themselves on keeping their prices low for their clients and for giving them maximum flexibility when it comes to organizing their schedule.

You can complete the course as quickly (in a few hours) or as slowly as you want! Whatever suits you, whatever you prefer, TrafficSchool can accommodate. The courses are state-approved and very secure. Just login and logout whenever you want at any time of the day, any day of the week.

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What is Defensive Driving?

For those of you that aren’t 100% clear on what defensive driving is, we’re here to sum it up in a short sentence. Defensive driving means being able to spot potential dangerous driving on the road and know how to protect yourself and others should the situation arise. Essentially, it teaches you how to be a smarter and safer driver. 

Unfortunately, your safety on the road doesn’t only come down to your driving habits. 50% of it depends on others and that we have no control over. So while taking this online course has the benefits of dismissing your traffic ticket, it also serves to increase your safety by educating you on how to handle unexpected situations.

Benefits of Online Defensive Driving Courses

The result and consequences of accidents are much less serious. If you follow traffic rules and do your best to implement proper driving habits, you will have more time to react when things hit the fan or avoid them altogether.

A person who is a safe driver whether or not they have completed a defensive driving course will less likely rack up traffic tickets. This will actually save you some money. On top of that, less accidents on the road means less vehicle repairs – more money saved!

Having better driving habits will save you money in the long run no matter what. You’re more easily insured (and with lower premiums) and you can once again regain your reputation as a good driver if you have been ticketed or have lots of points racked up.

How Long is the Defensive Driving Course Online?

Due to the fact that the best defensive driving courses online (or any online course) offers maximum flexibility, the answer to this question is: as long as you want! Typically, it takes a few hours but you have the freedom to complete it whenever you wish. If you feel like sitting down and hurtle through the course all at once, that’s your prerogative. Other people might like to take their time and read and reread every page.

Sometimes the court will require you to spend a specific amount of time on one page (depending on your state) which could prolong the course.

Once you find a reliable and trustworthy (accredited) online defensive driving course, then it’s just a matter of hunkering down and finishing it as quickly or as slowly as you would like.

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How Do I Pass the Defensive Driving Course?

There is no studying necessary prior to the start of the course. Also, because defensive driving essentially touches upon what you all know as drivers plus giving some more advice on how to focus and anticipate, the courses aren’t that difficult. Once you have gone through the material, some of them can be very fun, informative and interactive, then you are ready to take the quiz. 

Some online defensive driving courses require you to pass a small quiz at the end of each chapter. However, these quizzes are very easy and sometimes only consist of just a few multiple choice questions. Once you complete the quiz, you can move on to the next chapter. 

Now after you have breezed the course, there is a final exam. Most courts of law require a passing mark of 70-80%. That sounds quite high given what you know from school, but given the nature of the course, it’s not that difficult to get. Plus, a lot of the online defensive driving courses allow you to retake the test as many times as you need. Some don’t even charge you until you have passed the final exam.

Is Defensive Driving Course Free?

In general, no. The best defensive driving courses online are offered by online traffic schools and do cost a fee. However, the price of a defensive driving course is pretty affordable. There are even some online traffic schools that are very competitive in pricing and guarantee they will beat the lowest fee out there.

As said before, some online traffic schools don’t even charge you until you have passed the final exam. The traffic course shouldn’t cost too much and some even send your certificate to the courts or motor vehicle agency free of charge!


Some people underestimate the importance of defensive driving. If you react quickly enough, priceless knowledge learned from these classes could be the difference between serious consequences in an accident and just getting out of it with a few bumps and scrapes. Most online traffic schools offer defensive driving courses that are accredited, and go towards taking points off your license, reducing insurance premiums, and eliminating traffic tickets. You get to learn while saving money with these affordable courses, it sounds like a great deal.

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