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GotoTrafficSchool Review 2020

This is quite literally what you will be doing if you enroll in this traffic school. It is also the go-to choice for all those wanting points off of their licenses and lowering insurance premiums.

They are a top choice for many drivers seeking re-education or for new drivers because they have been around for a good long while. What also makes this school amazing is their lowest price guarantee. Let’s take a dive and look at what exactly this go-to traffic school offers.

Benefits of GotoTrafficSchool

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The low price guarantee is almost enough to get people signing up for their classes, but wait – there’s more! You can take the course as often or as little as you want. Take as much time as you need depending on your work schedule.

We’re not going to lie, we’re all busy people, having a flexible learning schedule will definitely rank this online school higher on our list.

Once you’re done with each chapter, the course offers you a little quiz to make sure you understood what was taught and retained the information. If you pass, your certificate will be processed on the same day and you have the option of it being sent to your motor vehicle agency.

GotoTrafficSchool is approved in most states, and upon completion of their courses you are looking at ticket dismissals and insurance premium reductions.

You can trust in this company that has been around for more than a decade. They have 1 million happy customers that have used their services and provide positive reviews.

While some people would argue that this isn’t a pro, but we believe it is. You are required to get at least 80% on your final exam to pass the course. If you do not reach this goal, you need to retake the exam (which is normal).

Some people would think the threshold is high but hey, the stricter their rules are, the more safe drivers we will have on the road.

The courses offered at GotoTrafficSchool are considered easy! Albeit sometimes a little boring, but the quizzes are relatively simple and the chapter quizzes only have 2 questions (with only one of which you need to get right).

Honestly, the course isn’t anything new and you won’t learn some groundbreaking facts that you haven’t heard before. It’s more like a refresher course sprinkled with some common sense. Keep in mind that even though the course is easy, the final exam is still tricky at times.

GotoTrafficSchool Courses

They offer a LOT of courses, so many in fact that the course listing takes up several pages. Learn everything through text, videos and animations. It may sound boring but it actually is quite fun!

Don’t worry if English isn’t your or your family member’s first language, courses are also offered in Spanish and Chinese! Once you have completed a course (e.g. defensive driving course online), you will receive a green tick of approval.

Work your way from the top of the page down.

The quiz questions that appear at the end of each course is formed with multiple choice questions. They are very easy and invoke your use of common sense. We’re hoping that even if you didn’t study hard, these questions come across as easy.

You shouldn’t be expecting Hollywood worthy special effects. Due to their lower prices, GotoTrafficSchool has rudimentary animations and videos that seem sort of outdated. However, that will not have any impact on your learning experience.

The program is easy as their site keeps track of your progress for you. You can leave the page and come back and pick up exactly where you left off. Depending on your court requirements, you may need to fulfill the timer on certain pages.


GotoTrafficSchool has earned its reputation as a trusted online traffic school and does not make studying more difficult than it has to be. The low price is very appealing. They offer the lowest price every time, and that is guaranteed.

So if you are okay with videos that won’t win an Oscar for special effects, then we really have only great things to say about GotoTrafficSchool. They make the navigation and course completion easy. They will even notify the courts of your completion on your behalf!

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GotoTrafficSchool Review 2020
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