Lowest Price Traffic School Review

lowest price traffic school review
04th Oct,2023

Any product or service is not worth its salt if it doesn’t fulfill its promises. Based in Florida, Lowest Price Traffic School indeed offers one of the lowest prices we could find.

So we took the course to see if it lives up to the hype and wrote our Lowest Price Traffic School review.

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Before signing up, we checked out their website to find out what options we have. They do offer a bunch of courses, which can all be completed online at LowestPriceTrafficSchool.com.

Here’s what they have to offer:

1. Basic Driver Improvement Course

This is the shortest course you can take on their website. It takes four hours to complete, which is also the shortest course completion time approved by Florida law. If you got your first traffic ticket and you opt to attend an online traffic school, the Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course is the one to take.

2. Court Ordered Driver Improvement Course

Moving on to a more advanced level, the Court Ordered Driver Improvement Course is for those who received their second traffic ticket in the last 12 months. Courses like this are ordered by the court for you to take, hence the name. This one takes 8 hours to complete, twice the basic course.

3. Advanced Driver Improvement Course

This one is the longest course that Lowest Price Traffic School has. It takes 12 hours to finish, which may be too much for many of us. However, you’re only likely to take this if you got your license suspended or if you’ve accumulated a lot of points in your driving record. If you’re a habitual traffic offender and the judge ordered you to take a 12-hour course, ADI is the one to take.

4. Drug and Alcohol Course/Learner’s Permit Course

For newbie drivers who want to get their learner’s permit in Florida, the Drug and Alcohol Course is for you. It’s more commonly known as the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE [1]) or just the Learner’s Permit course. Like the basic course, this one takes just 4 hours to complete.

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How Does It Work?

Lowest Price Traffic School works like any other traffic school. You sign up, take the course, pass the test, and get your completion certificate. However, there are many bumps on the road to get there.

For this Lowest Price Traffic School review, we signed up for the Basic Driver Improvement course. From the get go, we were quite confused and disappointed with the registration. The upfront cost was low indeed, but there were add-ons after add-ons that any person would think should already be included in the package. 

For instance, there are additional fees for getting your results and having them mailed to you.  If you don’t want to pay, you have to wait 15-30 days to get your certification. Plus, they also charge a Florida state processing fee, which doesn’t even exist.

We had a similar experience with TrafficSchool.com, which was really disappointing.

So by the end of the registration, you’re going to be charged with more than what you signed up for. If you want to save, any of these cheap online traffic schools might be a better choice.

Let’s move on to the course itself. It’s divided into sections and it’s really up to you on how you’ll take it, whether you want to do it all at once or in a span of days. The course can be taken completely online, which is how it is with most online traffic schools. 

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You can also choose between English or Spanish, so that’s good news for those who need it. If you’re more of an auditory learner, there’s an Audio Express feature you can use for audio-only learning. 

However, you do have to pay extra for this. It’s quite annoying how every move seems to have an additional payment.

While the lessons are pretty easy to understand, the content was riddled with many unnecessary statistics and costs. 

Then there’s the final exam, which we were surprised that we had to pay for, too. And when we took it, we were even more confused because it did contain random questions about statistics instead of just the important concepts of traffic laws and regulations.

But what bummed us the most was when we got one question wrong, we had to retake the whole exam. Don’t get us wrong, we have no problems with retaking a test. 

After all, there are unlimited retakes in the Lowest Price Traffic School. The catch? You might have guessed this already – you have to pay for each retake.

Overall, the experience was exhausting and frustrating. Almost every move required a payment. Even the most basic features needed an upgrade, which shouldn’t be the case for online traffic schools.

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How long is Lowest Price Traffic School?

It takes four hours to finish the shortest course at Lowest Price Traffic School. This includes the Basic Driver Improvement Traffic Course and the Learner’s Permit Course. More advanced courses take a little longer. The Court-ordered Driver Improvement Course is 8 hours, while the Advanced Driver Improvement Course is 12 hours.

Is Lowest Price Traffic School legit?

Lowest Price Traffic School is DMV and state-approved, which makes it technically legit. However, the posted prices are misleading. Aside from the advertised fee, you have to pay for “upgrades” including the final test, any test re-take, the completion certificate, and a Florida state processing fee. The general consumer rating reflects customer satisfaction, but the reviews may be questionable because the real experience is far from easy and seamless.

Lowest Price Traffic School Review Conclusion

While Lowest Price Traffic School can be an appealing option for drivers who are tight on budget, there are tons of other online traffic schools that provide more credible and reliable services.

The name of the traffic school itself can reel you in, but you’ll be surprised at how much you really have to pay to finally complete the course, as we have experienced ourselves through this Lowest Price Traffic School review.

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