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03rd Jun,2020 review

Whether it’s eliminating a traffic ticket or getting an insurance discount, online traffic schools help every driver be in good standing with the law.

Every traffic school provides its own signature experience, and we’ve decided to make a review and test it to see if it’s a good choice. logo



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For starters, offers a wide variety of courses for drivers to choose from.

Traffic School/Defensive Driving

The most common reason that people go to traffic school is to mask a moving violation or remove points from a driving record. In this course, you’ll learn new traffic laws and brush up on old ones to ensure you’re driving safely and responsibly. 

Insurance Discount Course

Auto insurance premiums can be expensive, but taking a course can reduce your premiums and also get you up-to-date on current vehicle codes. Make sure to contact your insurance agency first to see if you’re eligible for a discount.

Mature Driver

For drivers aged 55 and up, a Mature Driver course not only helps students get an insurance discount, but it also refreshes their driving memory on the new traffic laws. It also allows them to drive confidently in hectic driving environments.

Other schools like Safe2Drive also offer courses for older drivers.

Fleet Safety also offers fleet safety courses so commercial fleet managers can minimize employee accidents and downtime. This course develops drivers to be courteous, informed, and able to employ defensive driving techniques.

Teen Drivers Education

Many states require a teen driver’s ed for first-time drivers who want to get their licenses. This course covers basic road rules, road safety, traffic laws, and other topics that every beginner driver should know [1].

Driver License Renewal Prep

If you’re a bit rusty on your driver’s ed and you’re prepping for your driver’s license renewal, this is a refresher course you can take. Online practice tests are available to help you go through common questions. est 1994

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How Does It Work?

Before you enroll in any online traffic school, confirm first if you’re eligible to take a course so your money is not wasted. 

Check your traffic citation and get approval for taking traffic school. If you’re enrolling for an insurance discount, contact your insurance agent to confirm your eligibility.

Once all the confirmations are done, you simply sign up at the website, complete the course, pass the final exam, and have your results delivered to the court. 

Although it seems like a pretty straightforward process, we’ve found that it wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

When we signed up for the course, we expected that all the basics would be included in the posted price. But the truth is, they try to sell you a lot of “upgrades” that should’ve already been part of the package, unlike our preferred cheapest schools.

You even have to pay to print your completion certificate, as mentioned by other reviews from students themselves.

This was a bad sign for us from the get-go. Upselling tactics and hidden charges reflect the deceptive marketing practices of the company. 

Other traffic schools like Lowest Price Traffic School also practice this scheme where they try to get you to spend more instead of just helping you get through the course.

The course itself was a reading material divided into sections, with a quiz at the end of each section. It does contain a lot of essential information, but many parts were repetitive. 

No hidden fees for

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Overall, it was too long and could’ve been condensed into a more comprehensive material. The easiest but high quality online schools would have been more straightforward.

You can also opt for the audio read-along if you prefer listening. However, the pace of the audio was too slow for us and there wasn’t an option to increase or decrease the speed. So whether you choose to read or to listen to the material, it would still take longer.

On top of that, the website responds slowly at times. While it was easy to use, the technical difficulty further lengthens the time we’ve spent on the course. 

Interactive features like those on Aceable Traffic School would’ve provided additional entertainment. But since comes without animations or graphics, it was a dull and dragging experience overall.

When we finally finished the course and passed the exam, we were surprised that we were required to give feedback before our completion certificate was released.

Actually, we were nagged throughout the course to give feedback on It was annoying on our part, but it gave an insight into why there were so many good reviews online.

After a few days of finishing the course, we checked in with the DMV to find out if they’ve received our traffic school results. We were informed that they didn’t, even if claims they will process your certificate for you.

It was only after we’ve contacted their customer service that our result was processed. For others, this could be disastrous especially if you’re working on a tight deadline.

hand on the wheel while driving at night

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How long is takes anywhere between 2 to 12 hours to complete. The actual course duration varies on the course type and the state you live in. In Florida, the fastest time to finish a course is 4 hours. In Texas, the minimum is 6 hours.

Is legit? is legit. It is state-approved in many U.S states. However, their upfront prices are misleading and they add costs to basic features. They also require you to give them feedback before they release your certificate. Review Conclusion

Although we found in this review that it is technically a legit traffic school, our overall experience was pretty disappointing. There were hidden fees, the course material was dragging, and the school failed to send our certificate to the DMV in the agreed amount of time.

If you want to enroll in a traffic school, we have other recommended traffic schools you can check out. logo

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