How Long is Traffic School?

06th Jun,2020
how long is traffic school

Back in the day, you had to commit an entire weekend to complete a traffic school course in a classroom. Thanks to technology, online traffic schools today let you go through a course at your own pace. The duration differs by state, but it usually takes just a few hours.

The exact number of hours one will have to spend on traffic school, including easy online courses, will depend on the state. To give you a clearer idea, here are some states with their respective course durations:


Drivers are required to spend at least four hours in Arizona’s traffic school or defensive driving program [1]. Just note that a traffic school provider may take 48 hours to confirm your eligibility.

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Traffic school in California takes 8 hours, but you can actually finish it in one or two hours. That’s because California does not require course timers.  You can breeze through the course and answer the quizzes at your own pace.  

However, make sure to pay attention to the material because there’s a mandatory final exam at the end where you have to get 70% to pass.


Florida’s Basic Driver Improvement Course takes 4 hours to complete. The online course includes breaks, so the total time an individual will spend is 3 hours and 15 minutes. 

If you’ve already taken the 4-hour course in the last 12 months, the court may order you to take the 8-hour course.

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Traffic school in Tennessee will take four hours of your time. While the actual time you finish the course could be less than that, you do need to spend at least that amount of time so the court counts it.


The entire Driving Safety Course in Texas takes 6 hours, but there are mandatory breaks in between that are 60 minutes in total. As such, the course itself will take only 5 hours.

What happens after I complete my course?

Many states allow online traffic schools to take care of electronic processing. Schools such as GotoTrafficSchool and Comedy Traffic School have this option so you don’t have to file the paperwork yourself.

However, it’s still best to do a quick check because some courts require in-person filing.

Once the court receives the confirmation that you have indeed completed traffic school, your traffic ticket will then be dismissed and your points will be kept off your public driving record.

Our article on how traffic schools work should provide you with more of the necessary information.

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Since state laws vary, it can be confusing to determine how long it would take to finish traffic school. Here are our answers to frequently asked questions:

How long is traffic school online?

Traffic school online can take four to eight hours. This largely depends on the state you’re in since many states require drivers to spend a minimum number of hours to finish a traffic school course.

Does online traffic school really take 8 hours?

Online traffic school can take eight hours if you thoroughly read and digest the entire course material.  Though courses in certain states can be designed to take eight hours, you can complete it in less time. Course timers can also lengthen the time you spend on a course.

How long does driving class online take?

Driving class online takes anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on the requirements set by the state. But if there are no course timers, you can finish the entire course in one or two hours.

How long is traffic school in Illinois?

Traffic school in Illinois takes anywhere from four to 12 hours. It will depend on the course one is taking, as more severe violations like a second OWI will require drivers to take a longer course.

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How long do you have to do traffic school after you get a ticket?

You have to do traffic school within 60 days after you get a ticket. This is the period of time you have to complete a course after you’ve paid the court. But generally, the court will also set a deadline by which you should have finished traffic school.

How long is traffic school in AZ?

Traffic school in Arizona takes 4 to 4 ½ hours. Courses are timed in Arizona, but you can take it at your own pace. You will have access to your course any time on a computer or mobile device.

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Overall, there is no one-size-fits-all time duration for completing traffic school. It will depend on the state, the course, and the individual. 

If there are no course timers, you can finish it in an hour or two. Still, the best way to determine the exact time is to check your state’s website for more specific information.

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