Comedy Traffic School Review 2020

31st May,2020
comedy traffic school review

Traffic school is anything but entertaining. However, there are some schools like the Comedy Traffic School that try to inject fun and laughter to an otherwise boring experience. So, we signed up for their course to see if their approach made things easier at all.

Read on for our full Comedy Traffic School Review.

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Comedy Traffic School does things much like how other schools do it. You simply sign up, go through the course, pass the final exam, and get your completion certificate. In this review, we’ll discuss our experience in detail just so you know what lies ahead.

Signing up was pretty easy but there were a few shady things we noticed from the get-go. Their website shows that the original price of $34.95 was slashed to $19.95 with a coupon code. This sounds fine so we went ahead and entered our details.

A second popup appears, showing that the price includes four free comedy tickets to shows across California and that the total price is indeed under 20 bucks.

What you might not notice, however, is that the coupon code is displayed on this page. The layout was a bit confusing, and it’s a detail that can be easily missed.

Anyway, be aware of the coupon code if you plan to sign up because you have to enter it at the end of the course for the discounted price to be valid. If you forgot the code, you will have undergone an entire 6-hour course to pay for the full price.

Also, the price just includes a basic reading course. If you want an audio course or a video course, you have to pay for an upgrade. This was disappointing because these are basic features that should already be included in a course at this price point. 

This is not typical for other established traffic schools like Driver Ed To Go, and other Comedy Traffic School reviews from former students have mentioned the same issue.

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The text-based course is a way to get things done quickly. However, we found it filled with fluff. It was frustrating at times that we skimmed some parts just to get to the point.

Halfway-through, we hoped we’ve chosen the video course upgrade just to make things more interesting.

Although the video did provide some entertainment, it’s pretty overrated compared to the samples we’ve seen on the Comedy Traffic School website. It’s mostly bad acting and the comedy falls short of our expectations.

When it comes to the humor aspect, Comedy Traffic School missed the mark for us. Improv, another traffic school that incorporates comedy in their courses, delivers better performance in this facet.

Moving on, one of the good things about Comedy Traffic School is that their quizzes and final exam were easy. We didn’t have a hard time answering the questions and we passed effortlessly [1], just like with the other easy traffic courses we tried previously.

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When we finally finished everything, we were surprised yet again that the school charges an additional fee for delivering the certificate faster. If you choose not to pay, the school doesn’t really specify when they’ll send you the certificate.

Unfortunately, this is not an experience unique to the school. Others, like Traffic School To Go, have similar practices.

We did not know about this until after we’ve finished the course. We were surprised that we also had to pay for them to send the free comedy tickets to us. Again, we were misled because the actual charges were much more than the upfront cost.

Naturally, we tried calling customer service about our concerns. When we tried to reach them on their website’s contact page, we received an email telling us to call. And when we did, we were sent to voice mail. This is something that shouldn’t happen at all in whatever company.

It was really an exhausting experience and we were left with unanswered questions and concerns. The lack of communication and information was upsetting, and the experience was filled with upselling tactics more than the quality that was promised.

Overall, we were dismayed by the experience we had. At this price point, there are other traffic schools that can offer you more features, like GotoTrafficSchool.

Our reviews of the cheapest traffic schools also offer better alternatives.

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How long is Comedy Traffic School?

Comedy Traffic School takes anywhere from 1 hour to 6 hours to complete. It has no course timers so you can go through the content, quizzes, and final exam at your own pace. The course is designed to be the fastest allowed by law.

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Is Comedy Traffic School Legit?

Yes, Comedy Traffic School is legit. They are California state-approved. However, their prices are misleading because there are additional charges for an audio course, video course, and expedited shipping.

Comedy Traffic School Review Conclusion

Overall, our experience with conducting this Comedy Traffic School review was a bit disappointing.

We didn’t like that we had to pay for upgrades like video and the mailing of certificates. These should already be included in their price point instead of being optional.

There are a lot of other credible traffic school options that will provide you a high-quality course.  

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