Aceable Review 2020

30th May,2020
aceable traffic school review

For a relatively new traffic school, Aceable proves that rookies can stand out even in a saturated market. With their modern approach to course content and the process of traffic school in general, we really can’t help but test their courses to see what the experience is like.

See what we found out in our detailed Aceable Review below:

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Aceable offers two main courses: driver’s ed and defensive driving. Let’s dig a little bit deeper on the two.

Driver’s Ed

There are multiple driver’s ed courses you can choose from on Aceable. There’s a teen driver’s ed, adult driver’s ed, parent-taught driver’s ed, and instructor-taught driver’s ed.

Teen driver’s ed is ideal for teens aged 15 ½ to 17 ½. It’s the one to take if you’re trying to get your learner’s permit. For other states, this might be referred to as the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education or TLSAE. 

Since it can be harder to hold a teen’s attention, the teen driver’s ed course contains gamified quizzes and bite-sized interactive content, providing a more engaging material.

Adult driver’s ed is for drivers aged 18 and above. In Texas, this course lasts for 6 hours because that’s the fastest time allowed by state law. You get unlimited practice questions when you take this course.

Parent-taught Driver’s Ed is perfect for parents who are uncomfortable with having their teen receive behind-the-wheel training from a stranger. Instructor-taught Driver’s Ed, on the other hand, is exactly what it sounds like. 

Defensive Driving & Traffic School

Getting rid of a traffic ticket [1] is one of the main reasons why people take traffic school.

Aceable’s defensive driving course helps you accomplish just that through their interactive course content, easy final exam, and same-day processing once you’ve completed everything. 

You can take the entire defensive driving course on a mobile device at your own pace, although some states may require course timers.

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How It Works

If you’re taking the course to get rid of a traffic ticket, you have to wait for the courtesy notice from your DMV to see if you’re eligible for traffic school. Once you’ve paid the court fees and informed the DMV you’ll be enrolling in a traffic violation school, you’re ready to sign up.

On the other hand, if you’re taking a driver’s ed class, you can just go ahead and sign up on their website. Alternatively, you can download the Aceable app and sign up there. 

In our case, we did download the app right away because we were excited to try it out. It does make Aceable unique simply because other traffic schools don’t have their own apps. For instance, Easy To Pass heavily relies on its website to this day.

It also makes everything simpler because we can take the course across multiple devices like our tablet, phone, or laptop. We can simply save our progress in one device and pick up where we left off on another.

A big part of this Aceable review is the course itself. Going through the course, we realized how different the approach is compared to other traffic schools like iDriveSafely

While other schools may have a straightforward approach, Aceable incorporates memes, videos, animations, and even VR capabilities for maximum retention.

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Well, other schools have videos and animations in their courses too. But we find Aceable’s technique much more approachable and friendly.

Although entertaining, the course didn’t fail to get the essentials across. They still get to the point of the lesson while avoiding being boring. Aceable’s robot mascot, Ace, further amplifies the concepts to help with recall.

At first, we thought the idea of a mascot in traffic school was a bit corny. However, Ace turned out to be very helpful instead of being an unnecessary addition.

We also found end-of-chapter quizzes on Aceable, which is no surprise because even cheap schools like the 5-Dollar Traffic School have these short tests. And if you’re looking forward to a written exam, there are free practice tests on Aceable to help you review.

The duration of the course highly depends on the state and the course itself. In California, no course timers are required so you can breeze through the course in an hour. 

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In Florida, the shortest Driver’s Ed course you can take should be at least 4 hours. In Texas, the shortest defensive driving course takes 6 hours. 

As for the final exam, we found everything easy to answer especially if you paid attention to the course. You do have to pass the final to get your completion certificate. But don’t worry if you didn’t pass the first time because multiple attempts are allowed.

After you’ve passed, Aceable has same-day processing and will report your completion to the DMV so you don’t have to file the paperwork yourself. 

Lastly, if you need customer support at any time, you can reach Aceable through phone, chat, and even their social media accounts.

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How long is Aceable?

Aceable takes anywhere from 1 hour to 6 hours to complete. You can finish a course in an hour if no course timers are required in your state. In Florida, the fastest time you can complete a course is 4 hours. In Texas, the fastest course is 6 hours.

Is Aceable legit?

Yes, Aceable is a legit online traffic school. They offer defensive driving and driver’s ed courses for masking a ticket or getting a driver’s license.

After you pass, they will take care of the paperwork for you. Aceable has millions of graduates and thousands of 5-star reviews on their app.

Aceable Review Conclusion

Overall, Aceable is an excellent online traffic school. Their course takes a refreshingly modern approach with videos, VR capabilities, and gamified quizzes to ensure an engaging traffic school experience, making it an industry favorite in many places like Bay Area.

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