5-Dollar Traffic School Review 2020

27th Sep,2023
5 dollar traffic school review

The 5-Dollar Traffic School in California claims it can help get rid of traffic tickets for a measly five bucks. A traffic school for 5 dollars seems too good to be true, so we had to check it out and experience it first-hand to see if it’s worth the deal.

Find out what we discovered about it in our 5 Dollar Traffic School below.

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The process is pretty simple. You sign up, read the course, complete the exam, and get your certificate of completion. Although it is straightforward, it’s too straightforward for our taste that it almost bored us to death.

The price is really as advertised – only $5. While there are upgrades you can pay for such as audio read-along, course printout, duplicate certificate of completion, and case status notification, we don’t recommend going for any of it.

We purchased the audio read-along just to give it a try but no sound came out from our speakers. Instead, what it does is just highlight the words in an attempt to help us ‘read along’ but the pace is just too fast for us. And of course, that’s not what it’s meant to do.

The course content is wordy and boring, to say the least. It’s not meant to engage and evoke the interest of the reader, which is a similar remark we made on Easy To Pass. Everything is written as if a grown-up is preaching to you about the things you ought to know. 

Plus, the layout is not exactly easy on the eyes, making it harder to focus on the lesson.

There is also the absence of videos, animations, and other forms of learning material like other online traffic schools provide [1]. It seems like they just copy-pasted content from different sources, compiled it into one big ‘course’, and called it a day.  

There was even repetitive information all throughout, which did not feel like it’s there for retention. We had a similar experience with Traffic School To Go. As we were reading the course, it felt like reading a rule book.

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Anyway, as we continued with the course for this 5 Dollar Traffic School review, there were four review quizzes you we had to go through before getting to the final exam. These review quizzes are relatively easy to answer and you only need to get 3 out of 4 answers right before you can move on to the next section.

While we had no problems with the review quizzes, it’s the final exam that got to us. The questions were totally different and much harder than what’s included in the review tests. 

Furthermore, some were quite confusing because the course presented contradicting information.

Although 5-Dollar Traffic School allows you to access your notes during tests, it’s not really a good sign if the driver still has to look up an answer for an important traffic question.

The course has no timer and is self-paced, which makes sense because California removed timer requirements. While this is a great way for drivers to finish the course fast, it’s not very helpful if the court ordered you to take an 8-hour course.

We also encountered technical difficulties in our 5-Dollar Traffic School experience. The website kept crashing and we had to keep reloading to continue the lessons. So, what was supposed to take an hour took two because of the website problems.

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We tried calling their 24/7 customer service about this issue, but we just remained on hold for 30 minutes and got disconnected without getting a chance to speak to a proper representative. 

It’s either this traffic school doesn’t have someone manning their lines, or we just caught them at a technical problem. Then again, things like this shouldn’t be an issue especially for customer service.

On the final stretch of our experience with the 5 Dollar Traffic School, we finally found out the shady aspect behind their Money-Back Guarantee. It says if you post a review for them on Yelp, you’ll get your money back.

That was an aha moment for us, because we did check Yelp for reviews and everything looked fine and dandy. That’s one of the reasons why we got so intrigued by this traffic school and decided to try it out. 

Looking back, all the positive reviews seemed questionable because it may be urged by the traffic school’s ‘Money-Back Guarantee’.

Nevertheless, we were able to finish the course and get our completion certificate in a timely manner.


How long is 5-Dollar Traffic School?

The 5-Dollar Traffic School course can take 30 minutes to an hour to complete, which is also the case for many top online traffic schools.

The exact time will vary per individual because the course is completely self-paced. There are no timers so it’s entirely up to you if you want to finish it in one sitting or break it up to fit your schedule.

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Is 5-Dollar Traffic School Legit?

Yes, 5-Dollar Traffic School is legit. This online traffic school is California state-approved and their course is really just $5 with no hidden fees but with optional upgrades. 

However, their course material is pretty dull and boring without much engagement involved. Customer support is also lacking and hard to reach.

Have more questions? You can also read our general traffic school FAQs.

5-Dollar Traffic School Review Conclusion

While many cheap traffic schools provide good value, the 5 Dollar Traffic School skips many important aspects when it comes to educating drivers. The course is dull and boring, which fits the very definition of a traditional traffic school. 

We hoped to see a variety of materials to pique our interest, but we were met with a very straightforward and monotonous course. As a concluding point for this 5 Dollar Traffic School review, if you’re tight on budget, there are many other cheap traffic schools you can choose from that are more credible and worthy of your money.

Find more options to choose from in our reviews of the Lowest Price Traffic School, GotoTrafficSchool, as well as the California-based Urban Traffic School.

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