Easy to Pass Traffic School Review

31st Jul,2020

In our years of experience with traffic schools, one thing we can tell you is that many of them can give you a hard time. However, we’ve also encountered some pretty easy ones, like the Easy to Pass Traffic School.

Read this Easy to Pass Traffic School review to know if it really does live up to its name.

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The website of Easy to Pass Traffic School looks old-fashioned despite its simple interface, which is unlike most modern traffic school sites. Their logo also isn’t very convincing of the school’s legitimacy. 

But we do like the ease that comes with signing up. You just have to choose your court in the drop-down menu and fill out the necessary fields with your ticket and personal information. 

Easy to Pass Traffic School will do some quick checks to verify your info once all your details are in. When there are no issues with that, you’re immediately registered for the course and you can start with the lessons right away.

The coursework itself is outlined clearly, with 11 chapters that each discuss an important aspect of traffic regulations. Similar to lessons in other traffic schools, some of the topics include road rules [1], maintenance basics, and traffic laws and their corresponding consequences.

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The lessons do have photos and videos to keep you engaged, but they could use some updates and improvements. The engagement factor isn’t quite there yet, and it’s actually pretty boring if you’re seeking a more interactive performance.

Each chapter ends with a short quiz, but you don’t have to worry too much about this because the questions are fairly easy to answer. You do have to review the course material though, because you can’t move on to the next chapter until you get the questions right. This should not be surprising considering how most traffic school courses are designed. 

The last thing that stands between you and your completion certificate after all the chapters and quizzes is the final exam. The final exam is easy to pass, just as you would expect from the school’s name. There are only 25 multiple-choice questions and all of them were discussed in the material.

The passing score is at least 70 percent. If, by any chance, you get less than this, you can still retake the exam for as many times as you want until you pass.

This is a really great feature that ensures your money doesn’t go to waste, as does any of these cheap but quality options for traffic schools

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To make the process painless, Easy to Pass Traffic School automatically saves your progress so you can just pick up where you left off. But this is how most traffic schools are designed, so you really don’t have to finish everything in one sitting. You can simply log out of your account after a study session and then go back in to move further along the course. 

However, take note of your court deadline, and make sure you don’t miss it. 

Overall, to address the main concern of this Easy to Pass Traffic School review, we can say that our whole experience with the school was very straightforward. There were no upsells and it goes straight to course once you’re registered. However, one thing we would have liked to see more of is information about the company and the courses they offer.

When you look at the website, there’s a significant lack of details on there about the company. This makes it harder to trust despite the positive reviews.

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How long is Easy to Pass Traffic School?

It takes an average of 2 to 8 hours to finish the course on Easy to Pass Traffic School. Because the lessons are easy to understand and the quizzes are simple to answer, you won’t have a hard time getting through the entire course quickly. 

In the end, it all depends on you. The exact time you would need to finish the course is dependent on how fast or slow your reading is, and how much time you allot per session.

Is Easy to Pass Traffic School Legit?

Yes, Easy to Pass Traffic School is legit. They’re approved by the California DMV with a registration number of E1894.

But while they’re licensed on paper, we find it a bit putting off that they don’t have a solid online presence. The Easy to Pass Traffic School website lacks company info and course descriptions, which makes it look a bit shady. 

We expected the site to at least have an “About Us” section to give a little bit of history. Knowing details about a company’s roots as well as their values helps to establish trust. Like most people say in sales, it’s not about what you sell, it’s about who you are. 

Luckily, Easy to Pass offers legit lessons so it’s still a good traffic school provider in our books.

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Easy to Pass Traffic School Review Conclusion

Easy to Pass Traffic School is one of the easiest schools we’ve gone through in our years of being in the industry. It offers a simple coursework, responsive customer support, and smooth completion so you can get rid of that traffic ticket fast.

While it has some drawbacks pertaining to the outdated website, Easy to Pass remains a satisfactory provider. We couldn’t shake off the fact that they don’t have an “About Us” section or any form of description for the course, so we hope they get this fixed soon.

But overall, it’s a legitimate and DMV-approved traffic school that provides an easy and quick experience for all its customers. It services many areas in California, regardless if you’re in Alameda, San Diego or Fresno.

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Easy to Pass Traffic School Review
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