Driver Ed To Go Traffic School Review

26th Sep,2020

When we talk of traffic schools, there’s always the chance you’ll end up with something subpar. That’s why we go through as many as we can⁠—to differentiate the legit ones from scams.

On this article, we present an in-depth Driver Ed To Go review, and we found out both positives and negatives every student should know.

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Driver Ed To Go works like all other traffic schools in the US—you sign up, complete the course, and get your certificate. However simple as the process may seem, there are a few points that must be touched to provide a clearer picture.

One thing to like about this traffic school is its availability in multiple formats. Whether you want a text-based or a video-based course, Driver Ed To Go can give you pretty much the same material in a more consumable format for you. Like Traffic School 4 Busy People, you can also access it on different devices.

If you choose the text-based course, you can also opt for an audio read-along feature to make things less boring. This is helpful because you get to treat the course as a podcast, and many of us know that that format isn’t going away any time soon.

In our experience with Driver Ed To Go, the course content is informative and it covers everything you need to learn. However, the images and graphics they use are outdated and could benefit from more current styles, which is the same observation we made for Easy To Pass

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There’s a possibility that they haven’t changed the material much since their founding in 1999. The videos look really old school, and while it’s nice to reminisce about the kind of visuals we had back then, it can give off a negative impression on their effectiveness among students eager to erase their tickets off their record.

However, the company does try to take steps into modernization. One example of this is their Prep Wizard proprietary software. This software works to simulate DMV tests, so it contributes a lot in preparing students for the written DMV exam [1].

But other than that, the content is still pretty much the same as other traffic schools so you don’t need to worry about safety or outdated information.

When we went through the course, we tried to take it on different devices just to see if it would work fine. Thankfully, it did, and you can always pick up where you left off if you don’t want to finish the course in one go. 

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Another thing we liked about Driver Ed To Go is they don’t charge you upfront before you take the course. What happens is that you’re allowed to take 20% of the course for free, so there’s no commitment if you don’t like it. 

Our payment info was only asked when we decided to push through it. Still, even if you got that locked in, the traffic school will only charge your card after you complete the course. As such, you’re able to “test-drive” it first to see if you like it, and if you don’t, you will not be charged any money at all. 

In our experience, taking the course itself is a smooth-sailing process. The lessons and exams were easy, and everything went well, but the problem came when it was time to deliver the completion certificate.

Ours got delayed for weeks, and even if we tried to connect with their customer service, they seem to be unable to do anything about it. 

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The best option they offered us was to pay for another copy to be sent out, which isn’t reasonable considering the inconvenience that’s already been inflicted. This is a really big issue that all Driver Ed To Go reviews should mention, and needs to be solved by the traffic school, especially since most of us have tight court deadlines.

When we did a quick search, that’s when we found out that we’re not the only ones experiencing delays. The fact is, most of the customers have a common complaint, which is the failed certificate deliveries. 

Looking at it now, that’s the main reason why the company’s rankings plummeted—but more on this later.

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How long is Driver Ed To Go?

Driver Ed to Go can take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours. Depending on the pace you’re comfortable with, the exact time will vary.

Is Driver Ed To Go legit?

Yes, Driver Ed to Go is legit. At one point, they had an A rating and BBB-certified business accreditation. While it used to have good standing, everything just sort of fell apart in the years that came.

In 2011, Driver Ed To Go was completely dropped from being a BBB certified business. Now, it has an F rating in BBB. They also only have 2 stars now, but it did have a 5-star rating in the past. 

That said, it’s quite upsetting to see a good company go downhill from its once great spot in the industry. Most of the criticism that this school has been receiving involved their slow customer response and delayed certificate deliveries.

Many people are complaining because they didn’t receive their certificate on time. We know this can be very important especially for people who have a deadline with the court. Plus, there are certain fees that must be paid as well. 

Driver Ed To Go is also one of the only traffic schools that provide the lowest price guarantee. As such, if you find another quality traffic school offered for a cheaper price, Driver Ed to Go will match and even beat that price.

Driver Ed To Go Traffic School Review Conclusion

To sum up this Driver Ed To Go review, it is a good traffic school for a few reasons—multiple lesson formats, easy-to-understand concepts, and a risk-free sign-up. They also have 2 million graduates that make them one of the most popular choices across states.

However, there are some pretty big trade-offs as well, most particularly the customer service. Responsiveness and ability to resolve conflicts are crucial to building great customer relations, and so far, Driver Ed To Go has failed many customers waiting for their certificates to be delivered.

At this time, we wouldn’t recommend going for this option due to their low ratings and outdated coursework.

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Choose the best online traffic school for you! We also checked out established schools such as the TrafficSchool, the generally well-reviewed Traffic School To Go and Safe2Drive so you can make a sound decision.

Driver Ed To Go Traffic School Review
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